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A multi-million dollar industry has millions of people supplementing with multi-vitamins and vitamin based supplements.

The science suggests this effort, and this money, could all be for nothing.

You may even be actively harming your health.

Take a look at why vitamin supplementation does not benefit the vast majority of people and is nothing more than a money spinner.

We live in a world increasingly dominated by pseudoscientific ideas.

A world in which a large percentage of people in some developed nations deny evolution, believe vaccinations do more harm than good and where rapid climate change is not a human-driven occurance.

A world in which charlatans and snake-oil sales men run amoke preying on peoples desires for a quick fix.

Looking to shed some fat? Drink this green tea

Feeling a bit off? Take these multivitamins

Have cancer? Flax seeds will cure it

Alzheimers? Eat peanut butter and feel this spirit stone

Stomach ulcers? Drink this homeopathic water (A.K.A water)

Other ailments? I got my doctorate in medicine online but trust me, it's legit

Why has this happened? How do we stop these false and sometimes dangerous ideas permeating into the public mindset.

By promoting real evidence based facts. Lets start the ball rolling together and fight against quackery and pseudoscience.

Any posts that aim to debunk pseudo-scientific garabage are more than welcome here.


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