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When it comes to disposable gloves it can be difficult to choose between the two heavy hitters - Nitrile and Latex. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of each and which one will suit you best for the job you have in mind. We took a look at each and have drawn up the main points you need to consider when trying to choose between latex and nitrile.

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Leading UK supermarket Asda has today announced that they are knocking 2p off the price of a litre of petrol, and 1p off a litre of diesel. This surprise move comes at a time when a sharp increase in costs has been observed following the devastation of hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Following the devastation that has recently been witnessed in the Caribbean and the US - fuel prices have risen sharply due to a fall in supply. Todays announement comes as a welcome relief to UK motorists in light of recent developments.
With Asda now taking the lead and making a significant cut to their fuel prices - the question is - will other leading supermarket chains follow their lead and slash prices. We could be on the cusp of a price war between the other 'Big Four' members - Sainsbury's, Morrisons and Tesco.

Interestingly, spokespersons for all of the above chains have announced today that they too will be introducing price reductions as of tomorrow. It's going to be a good weekend for British motorists. Maybe it's time to plan a weekend road trip!

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What are key Advantages of Fingerless Mechanics Gloves?
With the latest advances in the technology of both natural and synthetic materials in the manufacturing of work gloves, fingerless work gloves are sometimes used less now than in the past. However, fingerless gloves do provide important advantages compared to conventional gloves.

Advantages of Fingerless:

Dexterity – with your fingers totally exposed you have the manual dexterity required to perform many tasks that are more difficult while wearing a full hand glove. The movement of your fingers is not restricted by being covered by tight or loose fitted gloves.
Sensitivity - with open top fingers on the gloves you can feel exactly what you are doing and your sense of touch is not hindered by glove material. This has many key advantages when performing delicate jobs on an automobile.
Aeration – when working in warm conditions, full safety work gloves can quickly make your hands feel very uncomfortable and sweaty. With exposed fingers, your hands are cooler, aerated and can be easily wiped dry even if they build up sweat.
Lighter Weight – with your hand covered by less material, fingerless work gloves often weigh less giving you less hand fatigue than with other heavier work gloves.
Fingerless Mechanics Gloves
Fingerless Mechanics Gloves

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Why Use a Diesel Treatment and Injector Cleaner?
Diesel engines are very popular today, partly because of their fuel efficiency/ MPG and because they have greater torque. Also, turbocharged diesel engines can have similar or even better performances than their petrol rivals.
Although diesel and petrol are made from the same crude raw material they have different characteristics which makes diesel and petrol powered engines operate very differently.

*Problems with the deposits *
Diesel engines have deposits that occur inside of the engine. The most common type of deposits are those around the fuel injectors. Every diesel engine experiences this problem and it occurs in parallel with engine use - so basically the diesel older vehicles with lots of use will experience this problem. As the deposits begin to develop and accumulate around the injectors fuel consumption will increase and the engine will lose power. The vehicle will become more expensive to drive as it becomes less economical and it will be slower.
Diesel deposits occur regardless of the quality of the fuel, however, in some countries where fuel has lower quality these deposits are a very prominent issue. Your diesel and should be treated and fuel injectors cleaned to eliminate this problem and ensure that your car is operating efficiently and not losing power. This means that you should clean the injectors from these deposits more often.
Solutions to clean the deposits

Cleaning Options -
There are a number of ways you can clean your fuel injectors. One is to take your car to a professional garage and have ultrasonic waves clean away the debris. This is a good option but it is expensive. As well as being costly, it may not remove the deposits successfully.
Another way is to dis-assemble the fuel injectors and clean them manually. This is a technical job, and should only be done by a qualified professional that knows exactly what they are doing. It is a thorough approach but again it is expensive and time consuming. The best and most practical method to clean the fuel injectors is to use injector cleaners. These chemicals are added to the fuel and while the engine is running they circulate, clean the engine and will remove the debris that has deposited in the fuel injectors.

This GREASE MONKEY DIRECT diesel treatment is specially designed to clean and remove debris from around the fuel injectors. It has no side effects and is designed for use in all diesel engines. It is very easy to apply, simply follow the instructions on the back of the bottle. After use the additive is burned in the engine and eliminated. Its cleaning action will impart greater power and reduced fuel consumption. This is a very cost effective method of improving the performance of your car and gaining MPG.

Additional Benefits:
This diesel treatment additive will not just clean the fuel injectors but the whole fuel system. This delivers the following benefits:

Protection for Entire Fuel System - it will clean the hoses, pipes and fuel pump. This will help protect the fuel system giving it increased resistance to corrosion and deposit formation.
Eliminate Black Smoke - it can help eliminate black exhaust smoke. Black smoke is usually caused by bad fuel or problematic fuel system. This diesel additive can eliminate this issue as it cleans the whole fuel system.
Reduce Noise - it can help reduce engine noise.
Increase Engine Life - as it provides an added amount of lubrication to the fuel the engine can last longer.

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This is a really great little trick and so easy to do. You could save yourself a fortune in minutes. Detect if you have a running leak in your toilet. All you need is a little bit of food colouring.

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