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We just published a new beta update of BC 2 (2.24.0 beta 1).

Changes in the new version:
- voice input improved (in English, German, French and new: Japanese)
- add emoticons to tasks (activate in Settings > Appearance > Emoticons)
- holidays for India and Columbia added
- better compatibility with Android 8
- Greek translation added
- bug fixes

Things you may consider useful in general:

- if you're looking for a manual, please visit our Knowledge Base:

- for all new feature requests, please use our forum:

One implementation detail I'm not too happy about: The recurrence for the tasks seems to be stored somewhere outside the tasks themselves, in a separate database on the device.
This means that, when the tasks are replicated to another device, the recurrence information is lost!
The same happens if the app is reinstalled.
My suggestion would be, in line to what some other apps do, to store the recurrence information in the notes field of the task, in a separate tag. The app itself could hide this information and store it at the beginning or at the end of the task notes.
This way, the recurrence information would be saved together with the task and could be reused on another device or after reinstall.
Thanks for a great app!

Was wondering if you guys have any information on whether Google will release some sort of API into their reminders, and if they do, would you incorporate them into your app? It is so frustrating that the only place you can see them is Google Calendar or Inbox.

Moin moin,

1.) wie und wo kann ich google-einstellungen in den BC integrieren?
.....würden dann auch die bereits vorhandenen integrationen übernommen werden? ich hab nämlich eine aufgabenapp (wunderlist) mit google kalender synchronisiert.....

2.) gibt es irgendwo eine modifizierte version von BC mit voreingestellten Optionen (z.B. zu mehreren Kalendern/Ansicht), mir gefällt die App optisch noch nicht so richtig :)


Hi I just got a Samsung Galaxy S8.
Now I experience a Problem I didn't have with my old Nexus phone:

When I open a new appointment and try to get to my templates (or change calendars) I press the little arrow to open the calendar list. Just at that moment the App stops working, closes and I have to restart it. There is noch chance for me to get to my templates or all calenders.

Any hints? Is this a known bug?

It's very strange to not have yet the attachment available in Business Calendar. When will you implement this ?? Google Calendar has it for a long time now...
It's important for business usage !!

Anyone else use multiple calendars and only want reminders from certain ones? If so, did you find a way to do that in BC2?

I am getting sick and tired of the lag between the sync with Google Calendar and Business Calendar. Can anyone recomend an online calendar that does actually carry out a contemporaneous sync with BC so I can kick GCal into toucvh?

Just found this app after years of using Calengoo. I really like how the widgets look and how simple the interface is. My questions are:

For the widgets, is it possible to add re-ordering of items? For example, using the Today widget, overdue tasks are showed above the all day events. All the tasks should be groups together.

For all day events and tasks, I dont think there should be the time indicator in the color box but the time for actual timed events is helpful.

Frequently I find my Calendar Colors on a device are not what I'd prefer.

Recently I migrated to a new phone. On the old phone, I exported/imported both the BC2 App Settings and the Widget settings. Most all info transferred great, however I had to go to each calendar property, tap the pencil button and manually enter a custom color that matched my old phone. Wasn't fun.

Just checking that that I'm not overlooking something.

PS: BC2 Pro, 2.23 on Oreo 8.0.0
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