I climb to the top of a building and I look around. Suddenly... (open to +Elsa Frost )

I am fighting a gang and am outnumbered These guys never learn to give up, do they? Suddenly...(open RP)

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Faction Name: Assassin Order
Current members: (comment if you want to join)
Rank: Novice (5 levels), Assassin (5 levels), Master Assassin, Mentor
All is welcome to join

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Batman was feeling down about himself that night.... He felt.... alone. More than he usually did. He knew that his life would be lonely. But this was different

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Name: Unknown
Alias: "The Ghost"
Ethnicity: Caucasian (United States citizen)
Gender: Male
Training: Hand to hand combat,Psychological Warfare, Mixed Martial Arts,
Stealth,Assassination,and Swordfighting.
Job: Assassin for Hire
Former Job: League of Shadows Assassin.
Bio: Unknown
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Are The League of Shadows considered Anti-Heroes or Villains?

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+Bruce Wayne​ You want to roleplay with me??

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I'm back

not that anyone noticed i was gone

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"Shame that you can't get up anymore."

Jason Wade



Genetically Enhanced Human

-DC or OC


5 feet and 10 inches

145 lb's

Black hair one Black eye and one Red eye

Dual Swords.


-Special ability
Jason can control shadows of other people and his shadows and turn them into solid objects.

•Fighting style
 Can copy fighting styles

Bio: Jason was a science project named Erebos failed and was put into cryogenic sleep. He was broken out by Deathstroke (Alternate universe). He was trained and given the name Jason Wilson, he changed his name to Jason Wade. He left Deathstroke and went to Gotham and started fighting crime, he left Gotham to travel around the world and train.
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