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This is just the explanation about the AU or World Dan and Phil were born on/in btw

Dan and Phil were twins, not from the same parents, but they were born on the same day, at the same time. They were both angels, literally but something happened when Dan's mother was in labor, she accidentally took the wrong pill to help soothe the pain, but that just caused the pain to get worse and cause the baby Dan to have a birth defect and be born a fallen-angel

See, where Dan and Phil are from, having a fallen-angel as a child or even being one is a SIN
So, Dan's parents disowned and treated him like literal shit, they got rid of him when he was the right age by law, which was sixteen, though he spent most of his days wandering around, he tried to hide his wings the best he could

Let me explain something--
Dan's parents were the owners/embodiments of the Moon, when they died, they would give that responsibility to Dan
Phil's parents were the owners/embodiments of the Sun, the same went to Phil when they died

Phil's parents treated him like he was a King, they gave him everything he wanted, though sometimes, his dad would get drunk and his parents would start fighting, sometimes it got physical, but not a lot
This caused Phil to run away and live on his own

This is how Dan and Phil met

Evil laugh

I can barely contain myself so ima just start this phanfiction

Dan's P.O.V

I was walking down the street, trying to hold back on soaring through the air. I sat down by a Cafe' and thought about how bad my parents treated me they wanted me gone.
I was turning seventeen in a few weeks, I wanted to give myself a treat and go to a concealed place and soar as long as my heart wished, but another part of me told me otherwise.
I got up and started walking again, I walked into the forest and started humming a small tune to myself as I walked.

Phil's P.O.V

I was soaring through the air, my white, fuzzy wings flapping as I looked down at the forest below me, I smiled as I saw a treehouse and landed there, folding my wings onto my back. I walked in, the door creaking as it tapped lightly on the wall, it was extremely dirty and messy, I started to clean everything up, washing away any dirt and grime on the walls and floors, rearanging everything. When I was done, it looked like a freshly-built treehouse.

Dan's P.O.V

I climbed up the ladder to the treehouse, I heard a small gasp and something fly off, some white feathers floating down onto the deck of the treehouse, I scowled and looked back up to see what it was and it was gone, I shrugged it off and picked the feathers up, walking into my House, I was shocked to see that it was freshly cleaned and rearanged for me.
Did that thing, what ever it was, do this for me? I thought, closing the door behind me as I set the feathers down on the table.

Phil's P.O.V

I gasped, landing below the treehouse, folding my wings onto my back, I looked up and smiled, slowly climbing up the ladder and stepping onto the deck, I opened the door to see a sixteen year old with brown hair and dark brown eyes, looking at me in awe, my wings some-what unfolded.

Dan's P.O.V

My black, fuzzy wings suddenly bursted out from my back, sending black feathers everywhere, the guy instantly started to pick them up for me, I just stared at his wings, they were white and sparkly, they were extremely soft aswell
"Who're you?" I demanded, crossing my arms as I glared at the guy
"Phil Lester" The guy said, I chuckled, my glare softening That's I cute name-- I thought
"I'm Dan" I said, folding my black wings onto my back, holding out my hands for a handshake
We both shook hands
Damnit, I just met Phil and he's adorable-- I thought, then instantly shoved the thought away.


Sorry if it's too long, i'll try to shorten it next time if you want

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