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Submissions to book publication.

Dear Friends and Fellow Photographers,
I am in the early production stages of a rather different book to be released as a nonprofit sale to the public. The primary objective of this book is to put Street and Social Documentary photographs into the hands of the public.
In today's day and age with so much chatter and titles and explanations etc attached to photographs flying past our screens it is apparent that so many great images go so very unappreciated by the viewer. Distracting stories and comments stumble to inform the viewers and often lead the viewer away from their own personal experience with the image .

This publication is to contain 128 photographs Color/Black and White. There shall be no titles, dates, stories, comments or indeed authors names. While this might have you asking " what's in it for me ?" I can confirm that your place as a photographic artist putting the exposure of these genres and actual images in the hands of the public without looking to market your own name is exactly what is in it for you. This is called "giving something to the art of " While this will not make you rich and this will not make you famous and this will certainly do neither of these for myself either.
In short this will be a book full of stunning photographs for the viewer to enjoy within the privacy of their own imagination and understanding.

1 Image submission per photographer
full resolution (min 1800 pixels on the shortest edge)
.JPG format
1:1 3:2 or 4:3 formats only
BW or Color (no sepia , no color touched)
No extreme editing (crop/tilt/levels)
No images by super wide or fisheye lenses
Successful image authors shall be notified by email upon selection for this publication.

Photograph to be added as an attachment, not embedded in the email.

This publication shall be called ART OVER EGO for obvious reasons.
Thank you and I am very excited to do this for photography. Best of luck.

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conceptual work
Just posting photos online is not very satisfying. Theses things have to be set in context. I do think.

#conceptual #tryptichon
Actually I´m sorting and reviewing my work over the past 4 years. There are some patterns I`ve followed over the years. According to recent weather this makes sense. ;)

#urbanthursday +Urban Thursday
#streetphotography #streettogs #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhite
#monochrome #umbrellas +Monochrome World +Magnificent Monochrome

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Kavala | 2018

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Finland Lappeenranta.11/2017

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