House of Anubis is dramatic with Gerome

#Sibuna is the best

I talk to Nina all the time and she is fun

I watch House of Anubis everyday and I get sad when Nina had to go😢

I hate when Gerome cheats on Mara

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Andi and Amber. Hi all your cast Andi Mack. You're so cute and sweet.

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Yeah right learn see if you're okay he know I'm coming best friends to be Andi Mack I don't have an idea so are you going to business you are to come visit me Andi she lies to you since I liar you know right does commission a girl you really like Jonah I said sorry something about it you know any In picture for me and that's when her, because that's how much I anytime help it hey girl
you're not very happy

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I love Andi Mack the show. Amber I help my friend of ours really like them to both of us who is in my opinion on it being a together. Andi she is a very outstanding to be a great time with you to see tomorrow at the soon. Thanks you again.

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House of Anubis | Pendlums Task ( Season 2 )
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