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Hi Guy's!!
Apparently, I'm a Moderator for this group!??
NOT sure why Toms not keeping up w things!??
ANYONE that needs support, PLEASE join me on FB!

PLEASE message me for any info or support!

Is this group active, Tom? I see posts from 2015-
Anyone needing/wanting support, look on FB for

My Name ist Patric and i am a Chronik Cluster Head from Germany.
I got Every Day Attacks between 2-8.
The only way to make holidays from My Pain.
Is high Dose Cortison ( 4 Weaks )?or an Blockade of My Main Head Nerve.!
I take 960 mg of Verapamil Every Day.
My Klinik set me on a Operation List for The SPG
Implantat. Which is very successfull in Hamburg.
Now i Fond something New which is called NSM.
Neuro Stimulation Therapie foundet By Prof. Dr Molsberger in Düsseldorf.
I Do 4 Treatments in 2 Weaks and My Cluster Pain is reduced about 80% The deystroible of The Pain is away.
Since 2 Month No Triptane.
I Can sleep. Can u Imagine?
Iam able to Work again.
In The next Weaks i will get 2 more Treatments and i am relativ shure that The Cluster will go away totally.!

For me its like getting My Live back.

Pain free Time for all of u and a nice weakend

Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 40 years old and was diagnosed with cluster headaches about two months ago. I started having them about two years ago. At first it was "tired eyes" causing my what I called my "lightning headache". It wasn't until I went to the neurologist that they finally diagnosed me.
I typically get them every couple of weeks for a few solid days. They always start the same way, and I can tell my wife when an attack is coming. It starts with this odd feeling in the back of my neck (on the right side), then up to the base of my skull, then finally the next couple of days is the repeated stabbing ice pick through the top of the head into my right eye. I started taking 800mg of ibuprofen only to find that while it easily handled a regular headache, when the stab would come, it was like I didn't take anything. We tried vicodin next, same deal. We've had some luck with sumitriptan so that's what we've stuck with. It causes terrible burning in my neck but the vicodin eases that pretty well. I'm glad I found out what it is, if nothing else, and am glad I found this group. Looking forward to sharing some good information with the group.

Just a heads up people. Please read this may or may not apply to you.

I am a Christian, I am a realist and try to be kind. i go about my faith in private or will discuss without trying to be overbearing or (jamb it down ones throat) so to speak. I am open minded to other religions, and non religious people.
I personally could care or less if you are atheist,agnostic,christian,budah, muslim,a tree huger, window licker,or whatever. Just be kind and respectful to others who do profess a faith.

I do not post things to convince anyone. I dont post things to convince Jesus is in my heart and that others are wrong. That is your journey. not mine, im cool with that. I wish you well.

What I AM NOT COOL with is people posting malicious hateful photos or comments to those who do have faith mocking Christianity, or any other religion or non religion. Its hate. I dont tolerate it from anyone.
I also do not tolerate anyone who makes fun at harm to women, children or pets. Not cool with me.

I just wish others would be respectful of ones belief or non belief and keep it to themself if you disagree instead of posting things.

I am sick to my stomach and recently "Unfriended" a PILE of people and will continue to unfriend more if this continues.

Please if you are like this.....remove yourself from my life,here,faceboo or anywhere I write. I only want peace, harmony, respect for oneself. Respect for others beliefs.

Furthermore anyone promoting negativity to race,creed,color,sexual orientation,financial status,possessions, religion,sex,age etc can take a hike. I want no part of that in my life.

Live and let live. Be kind to others.

This is NOT up for debate, or discussion.
blessings and well wishes

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I wanted to update you all on a previous blog post I wrote. since posting that I have had several clusters but have managed to abort 99% of the headaches within each cluster. The only ones I was not able to abort were those that I had at work or while traveling, where I could not exercise and do what I wrote about here. For 15 years prior I dreaded these clusters and now they are only a mild annoyance. I would really like a few of you to try this out and commit to it for 4 weeks and let me know if you have the same or different results.

Hello all, kind of new here, I didn't want to just lurk. The holidays were nice, mostly. On New Years was cool, all the folks in my neighborhood seem to know where to buy all the really good, kinda illegal fireworks 

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