Created a subdomain and forwarded it to my google plus page.

Changed the community picture.

Site Maintenance

Created template pages for each belt

Put together pages for the belts of the Black Belt Project for later content. I am using these to by the hubs for each belt rather than a category page. In case you are interested, I no index my category pages.

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Site Maintenance

Cleaned up my comments section

Today I went through the comments at the Black Belt Project and removed all links to outside sites. I also went into all of the comments that I had made and made sure they were all the same. Same name, same email and same url. Since I use and initially used a couple of profiles on the site, some had different pictures, etc. I also made the url that my name links to the google plus page for the Virtual Sensei.

From this point forward if I comment on my site or others, I will use the same procedure which is to link to my google plus page instead of the URL of my site. 

For others that are interested in commenting on my site, I'm going to establish a few rules in order for those comments to be accepted.

I'm not sure I've seen anyone take the approach I will be outlining. I'm bringing my comment policy in line with the Dojo Kun of my site which you can find here.

The guidelines
1. Comments must positive in nature.
2. Comments must not talk about what you are GOING to do, only what you HAVE done.
3. There will be no discussions about why you didn't reach goals only actions that we take to reach them.
4. Comments must come from "known" people. A known person is someone who has name and an avatar representing them..
5. Links will be allowed but only to google plus profiles that match the name of the of the poster.
6. Obviously, comments offensive in nature won't be approved or any kind of spam related comments.

I'll probably write a page on my site that outlines my comment policy in greater detail.

I launched the Black Belt Project Community to provide a place where people who want to master their lives can come together and share their success.
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