Hi folks, I am running a D6xD6 game on Roll20.net and recently got a player request from a Swedish player, asking to join my game. I spoke to my other players and we figured he got his info here. I replied we have no room but I would like to give him a tryout, see if he would fit in. I lost the message though, and not sure how to contact him. So I am asking here- Mr. Swedish player, if you read this and are still wanting to play, please inbox my Roll20 account again and we can arrange for a tryout. Thanks!

I've been asked about convention sales.

From my experience, people ask about buying a copy at the end of demos. If you'd like to sell copies that way, send me an email via les@d6xd6.com, and we can talk consignment or Popcorn Press' retailer discount.


Got the "Chambers 'n' Chimaeras" setting posted to the Patreon site early this morning. Stan! did a great job with the illos, and I had a lot of fun finishing out the chapter. :-)

Sadly, I've been remiss on posting to the Tavern Keeper adventure group. I wish my brain were more dependable. :-(

Anyway, happy Sunday. I hope you've had a great weekend, and wish you a great week.

Announcement: A high fantasy D6xD6 sourcebook is in the works!

Matt Helms' recent question about running classic fantasy with D6xD6 got me thinking. For high fantasy, the "World of Esfah" setting is perfect. I've run adventures with that D6xD6 chapter at Gen Con and elsewhere, always with great success, and usually for players with no prior knowledge. It's a world near and dear to me, a setting I created as home to the Dragon Dice game while on staff at TSR.

When TSR folded, several Dragon Dice aficionados created SFR, Inc., bought the game rights, and have been publishing and expanding upon it ever since. They've done masterful work, and I'm grateful to call them friends.

I'm excited to say that they've agreed for me to develop a full treatment of the Esfah setting, as a standalone high fantasy sourcebook. w00t!

My first goal is to translate the Dragon Dice battlefield spells to D6xD6 adventure scale. With those and the current D6xD6 adventure chapter, fantasy campaigns can easily be launched. More setting material, Esfah-specific equipment, denizens, etc. will follow--likely even more magic.

More news to come as it develops!


The group I normally play with got together last night. Most of us are now able to commit to regular RPG sessions. They are willing to play anything, but one of the new players wants to play "D&D." Now, she doesn't literally mean D&D, but she is looking for role playing heavily centered on story and characters. She is also a fan of fantasy and modern supernatural adventure. Time for me to introduce them all to D6xD6, right? Big plan is to run the DLB QS today or next weekend and then start a campaign after everyone's role-playing skills move from unfocused back to focused. Likely, I will run a classic fantasy campaign because those are the tropes most are familiar with.

This brings me to you - any tips for a smooth classic fantasy game, such as occupations or magic systems? Are there any system pitfalls to avoid? Which settings have good juicy bits to use?



Finally got a chance to fully read through the Don't Look Back Quick-Start; love it! Looks great. :)

I'm tempted to see if anyone is available for an online run-through of it tonight (say, 6:00 PM CST?), but I know that is short notice.

One of the unusual strengths of the D6xD6 rules, I believe, is its use of Occupation as something to roll against. One of its weaknesses is that experience with other RPGs leads Game Hosts to call for Attribute rolls too often.

From play experience, I've noticed that rolls vs. Attributes too often frustrates players. Let's say rolls against Grace to dodge some sort of trap. Statistically 1 in 4 PCs will have that Focused, 2 in 4 will have it Unfocused, and 1 in 4 will have it Unfamiliar. That means 1 in 4 will pretty much always succeed, 2 in 4 will generally fail, and 1 in 4 is pretty much guaranteed to fail. Rolls against

Attributes suck pretty much all feeling of uniqueness out of PCs.

If I do a 2nd edition (God I hate 2nd ed.s), this is a point to be emphasized. In the meantime, it's here as a tip to you guys.


Woo hoo! The Don't Look Back kickstarter hit its funding goal in the first week!

Got an idea, would like your reaction.

PC Biz Cards have been successful for D6xD6, especially at conventions, because (1) they communicate a point about the game's ease, and (2) they don't get thrown away after a demo, so that URL isn't forgotten.

But I realize they're cramped for notes about gear & stuff.

I'm thinking of adding PC sheet bookmarks to our catalog. Book cover and some game tables on the front. Blank PC sheet with Drama Points and a check box damage table on the back.


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I'm really excited that the Don't Look Back D6xD6 Kickstarter has been taking off. Just since Friday we've met 89% of the funding goal. http://kck.st/2ymdijl

I'm working with Lester on some ideas to integrate some of the feel of the DLB mechanics with D6xD6 and will need to do some playtesting soon. Most likely I'll be doing that online. What platforms or technologies do you all recommend for playing online?

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