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(can add more but not less it must meet every standard of the template)


Species: (human/monster/etc)

Age: (+15 only)


Sexual orientation: (what gender/other you are attracted to)

Personality: (summed up version of everything)

Likes: (normal things non sexual)

Dislikes: (normal things non sexual)

Turn ons: (what causes sexual arousel)

Turn offs: (what causes sexual arousel to stop)

Bio: (minimum is 2 sentences)

-picture needed-

..ugh...this failed

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Hey! I'm on Kik - my username is "Deadrath"

I'm NOT roleplaying on kik, but I am sharing high quality lewds for everyone. Where kinks and fetishes are plenty. Do give me a look.

I'm a guy so don't think you can sweet talk me into a roleplay.

Anyone wanna rp?

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I know I safe, because there no way I get so many likes

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Thanks for accepting me

Holy shit 100 members

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We are part of two different clans which have been at war for hundreds of years. We are the oldest and the most powerful angels in our clans. We also so happen to be the last two arch angels left from this war and in a peace agreement that set up for us to go to we almost killed one another outside but we were knocked out be for we were killed by one another. Then we came back to it someone has taken our weapons away and locked us in a cell together.
"Why are we here?" I ask
"You need to get along you two angels no matter what." The mysterious black figure says
I look at you "You are you? My name is Jacob the Arch Angel of ice."
<females only>
<one line minimum>
<ask to use or repost it>
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We were in the same school. This school was different than normal schools for kids our age. We would enter this school at the age of 14 and would be let out when most of us were 25. This school would teach people who are considered strange due to powers that we had. Students are given special rooms that change appearance based on what the people inside were thinking. Their appearance could be changed by anyone who was inside.

I was now almost 23, and you were already 23. I had the power to levitate, which could lead to flight but i hardly ever did what the teachers told. I had found a way to make what was in my room real, which i had used to sneak sweets into the school. Other students stayed away from me, thinking i was crazy for my strange way of talking and such.

I knew quite a bit about most students there, but one thing i didnt know was that you were quite interested in me. One night i was in my room like always, i was always really quiet at night so you couldnt tell if i was asleep or not by the sound. You snuck into my room to see me asleep, i seemed to be floating a little as my hair acted like i was hanging from the ceiling. You walked over to me, making sure to close the door as the room changed back to what it was before you entered which was a dark forest, if you looked up you could see the night sky. You decided to..

((Male needed, you can name your power and such))
((Pic is a basic idea of what my character looks like))
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