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••| •°○° Welcome! °○°• |••
Welcome to the clique! We are a huge family here and welcome you to join us as being the skeleton clique. We support twenty øne piløts a lot (as you can see) and hope you do the same. But before you start posting and interacting I ask that you as least read the rules listed below.
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• None atm
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••| Rules |••
We all must respect everyone here no matter how much you may dislike it. We are all the same and have different views/opinions. Remember, we are all united here. This also means that moderators are not at all higher up than members and members aren't lower. We are all the same here.

Sometimes we make mistakes and must take action for them. If you make a mistake here please take responsibility for your actions and don't cause a scene.

Spam and anything related to this is not accepted here and you will most likely be removed if it occurs more than once. The mods have other things to do than always making sure there's no spam. Yes, we love keeping the community organized but it becomes a hassle.
• Things such as, "Sorry this isn't related to TØP" is no excuse unless it is emergency important.

Inappropriate Content
We should all know that this is not all allowed anywhere at all. Anything related to this or just this topic will get you banned, permanatly.

Art(Credit, Gore, ect)
Gore > The art here is just fantastic but we need to keep it to a reasonable limit. Of course you may post/draw art but if it has trigger warnings, loads of gore, and more it will not be accepted and will have to be tooken down.
Credit > When posting art that is not yours, please try to give credit and list the artist in your post. Now, if you cannot find the artist, it's fine to put, "Credit to the artist" or something along the lines of that.

For those of you who don't know what a ship is, it is putting two people together who would look cute together or as a couple.
Now, I know that some of you ship "Joshler(Tyler and Josh) but it needs to be kept at a limit. This ship is just for fun and should not be taken seriously since Tyler is married. Art, posts, comments, and more that cross the line with this ship will be took down.

This goes a long with the rule above. There will absolutely not be ang hating on something you don't like (related to TØP).
An example of this would be someone liking the ship Joshler and hating on Jenna for being with Tyler. This is not allowed.

Now, fights and arguments can happen from someone simply posting a meme that goes along the topic of, "When someone writes 21pilots." Just remember these are just jokes(unless the person takes it too far) and are just meant for laughs. But, if an argument breaks out, do not engage and tag one of the moderators! Engaging will only make it worse.
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Thank you for taking your time to read this and we all hope you have a great time here!
Stay Alive!
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(My version "I wanna be a vampire so fucking bad")

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