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To the Wolf Packs Roleplay! If you want a pack and rank, go to the "Packs & Ranks" section. Ask before you make a profile for a major role (Alpha, beta, etc) unless your a moderator. Please have fun! Below are the packs:

The Mystic Pack

The Shadow Pack

The River Pack

The Mountain Pack

The Burn Pack

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My new Werewolf pack irl!

I already have a Beta so that's not an open rank.

The sign up form is down below

Why is this community not as active when i first joined?

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Anyone wanna group rp?

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Name: Nightwish
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Like: Sleeping and being lazy
Dislike: being bothered
Persona: quiet, a little harsh, have a soft spot, mostly blunt, chill and layback
Mate: None
Crush: Luna
Pups: none
Mother: rose thorn
Father: Nightmare
Pack: Shadow Pack
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Name: Luna
Age: 2
Gender: Female
Like: Running and hunting
Dislikes: other packs who starts fights for nothing
Persona: nice but quite, she can be a little blunt but says sorry after, she's strong spirited yet clumsy she can be a little goof ball but takes her job seriously
Mate: None
Crush: Nightwish
Pups: none
Mother: Lilly
Father: storm
Pack: Mountain pack
Rank: Huntress
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Name: Sarenity
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Pack: SnowFall
Rank: (Lives)Lone (Born)Alpha
Species: Timber Wolf(Werewolf)
Traveled from: Her Home Island (Telduria)
Mate: Open
Pups: None
Powers: Unlimited
Personalty: Wise, Loyal, Caring, and Kind
Likes: Running, Hunting, and climbing
Dislikes: Being challenged, Hunters, and being forced as a mate
Bio: She left her island and pack for a new temporary adventure :3
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River Pack Tryout Profile

Name: Ray
Age: 5
Gender: Female
Pack: None {Kick out}
Rank: (Born)Alpha Female
Species: Arctic Wolf (Werewolf:If allowed)
Traveled from: Snowy Mountains
Mate: Jake
Pups: None
Personalty: Social, Brave, Loyal, Understanding
Likes: Howling, Singing, Meeting new wolves and people or both, Drawing.
Dislikes: Being the center of attention, big group conversations, large crowds unless hunting, and Bad wolves.
Bio: Sky was Kicked from her pack along time ago when her beta grew stronger than her and took over her pack. Now she lives off of the Snowy Mountains and whatever she can find.
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Join to hunt, fight, explore, have a mate, and more on the dark river pack role play!!!! Updates every day!
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