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For those who missed the PortraitStudio sale, there will be another sale come December, starting the 1st of December and into the new year. There will also be a PortraitStudio update soon which includes on screen buttons to rotate, zoom and pan as well as tablet accessibility, added save prompts and a histogram. The Mac release for PortraitStudio is also imminent, keep an eye out! Thank you!

Welcome to this month’s design challenges!

Creepy Creature Design

Design a creature in their natural habitat, the kicker here is to keep it creepy while designing the creature to reflect their natural habitat. Be it a swamp, cave or forest habitat, design your wicked creature to reflect the needs, climate and evolution of their habitat with their anatomy and design. Try connecting your creature to an already existing anatomy group and branching out from there, with added magical elements, such as a magical bio-luminescence or an added fog element, as we see in the Dementors design. The due date for this challenge will be the 30th of October.

Character/Environment Integration

The winner of the Character/Environment integration challenge will be offered my brush sets, a free copy of PortraitStudio, private-tutoring sessions and art supplies and much more!

The design theme will be centered on integrating an environment with it's character. The theme is “pole-vaulting”.

The assignment is to design an environment for a character wherein the only form of transportation is a form of pole-vaulting.

This assignment is aimed more as an environment illustration than a character design, so 70% or more of your illustration should be environment content—foliage, rocks, sky, climate, altitude, geological landscape, etc. However, the character must still reflect cultural, religious and environmental queues with the surrounding environment, as well as the characters athletic build and chosen climate-gear.

Because the character will be taking up a smaller amount of space in the illustration, gestural significance will take center stage as no portraiture or fine detail can carry the reigns of the character’s read in-canvas.

Because so many aspects of the illustration are integrating into each other in synergy, experimental work is expected, such as mood boards, gesture studies, environment and rock-formation studies, costume and light environment planning and more. Please also include at least three grey-scale environment thumbnails experimenting with different ideas or ‘floor-plans’ for the environment, as well as different camera angles.

Aim for a completely rendered illustration, corner to corner. Please also provide a full collection of inspirational and reference images, handed in along with your final illustration. Attached to this post you will find some inspirational screenshots that may help you envision the goal for this challenge.

Other moving references may help you develop a better idea of the kind of gestures expected for this challenge, such as:

*The characters can be humanoids, no animal/alien anatomy please! There is no resource pack for this challenge, so you have free reign over the age/culture/history of the concepts.*

And that’s it! Have fun, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me through Facebook or the G+ Community.

The challenge is due Thursday, October 25th, after which we will have our "Creepy Creature" design challenge critique hour.

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I'm looking for some general critiques on this piece I have been working on. It was inspired by the 'Conversation with a Dragon' challenge a while back. As of now I'm kind of stuck. I would like to push it farther but I don't know how. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Please point out anything that looks off or out of place or if something doesn't really work at all. Thanks!

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Aloha o/ I am trying the 14 day challenge with generic white males. Any critique is highly appreciated. Have a good day :)

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How can I make these better? I don't think they're intense enough, but I'm worried I'm going to accidentally add more color than I should because it's my first gray to color pictures.
Thanks! =)
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Day one then day two, Please critique

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Form study where I really tried to represent how objects with different values have different cast and core shadow values.

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nothing quite like it, if not for the music i highly suggest checking out their outfits, its seriously impressive. Definitely worth checking out if you're planning on drawing tribal/primitive characters

00:00 - Opening Ceremony <not actually music aka skip
03:15 - In Maidjan
15:46 - Alfadhirhaiti
23:10 - Carpathian Forest <not actually music aka skip
27:08 - Krigsgaldr
37:04 - Hakkerskaldyr
40:19 - Fylgija Ear / Futhorck (best one, might want to skip the dude "talking")
52:43 - Othan
1:03:09 - Hamrer Hippyer

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Hi! I tried to apply all the previous critiques, finished the piece and applied color. Please critique away! (I wanted a girl with fierce eyes, head slightly pointed down light from top left)

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Working on this commission painting, this is my first time doing a full-scale painting with so many elements and details. (I've attached the design of the character and my reference) I'm really struggling with the lighting, and her face especially. She is meant to be a 50-60 year old sorcerous. I'm looking for feedback on just the painting, and mostly the face. Thank you!
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A few days ago I upload this assignment I got for class.
I got really good critiques and even if I change he piece a lot, I like it more how it is now. (it was a bad anatomy fairy)
This assignment for class is for tomorrow evening so any comment or critique are totally welcome.
More details about it: Teacher told us to choose a sentence from a book to illustrate it. Mine is in Spanish, the translate would be "One day your heart will exploit and they will come out a bunch of angry butterflies from you"
Thanks to everyone
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