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Mission Talaash

Discussion  - 
Some important statistics -:
In April 2014, NCMEC assisted law enforcement with more than 2,000 cases of missing children. 
Case type:
• 84% endangered runaways.
• 12% family abductions.
• 2% lost, injured or otherwise missing children.
• 1% nonfamily abductions.
• 1% critically missing young adults, ages 18 to 20.
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About this community

This community is the official google plus community of our organisation - Mission Talaash which we are leading to help the emotional cause of finding and connecting missing and found people to their families. When a person gets lost from his family then this time is the most traumatic time for the family as well as the victims. And through this organisation we are trying to help the victims get connected to their families.

Mission Talaash

Discussion  - 
Our Mission
• Millions lose their loved ones every day in this country. In this ever-lasting crowd, finding that person becomes a daunting task – for this reason, we have created this platform.
• A platform that works to bridge and finish the gap between the number of lost and found people to bring loved ones together and reunite families.
• Each person can easily fill in the details asked for in the Found/Lost form in case of a sighting/ missing case.
• And the best part- it’s all for free!
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