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Oh I am!

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Hi... .3.

rarity and fluttershy in hoovepengagen part 1 

rarity goes running to the mailbox and found an invitation to a fashion show

rarity: oh an invitation to a fashion show in hoovepengagen where that is not so will call girls

twili: hoovepengagen is one of the islands of Equestria is not well known but are taken very seriously fashion

rarity: you have to come with me

twili: I can not have real busyness overtakes

pinkie: I do not have to deal with the corner cup sugar

Apple Jack: I have to ocuparnme farm

rainbow: I have training with Wonderbolts

rarity: and you fluttershy

fulttershy: oh emm I have nothing on my agenda as I go with you but I have to find someone to take care of my animals

derepente comes discord

Discord: I can take care of your animals

fluttershy: thanks discord. When we go out?

rarity: tomorrow at 12:00


 lise  pony cutie mark history  

not long ago was a teenager ponywho had no cuite  mark.
this pony named lise.
Everyone laughed and the poor lise towards anything for cutie mark
a day that is sick of all this and told everyone
'I know I'm insgnificante for you but I'm pretty as I am, I am a pearl vosostros you lose yourself
then he went his cutie mark were three pearls. l
Lise was so happy that he said will be a presenter and nobody will deny me

It was long after fashion presenter and met many famous.

one you see went on vacation to ponyville and three fllys approached him dijieron

like you got your cutie mark


well here comes the first delivery
Courier: By me lol
The sound of sizzling rope burning towards the black sphere, the courier awoke by the noise, a flash of light and metal flying from the shell of the object blows a hole into the inn, the courier is blinded and cannot see what for a few seconds. people die from flames, innocent. the courier had no choice, he would be engulfed by flames or break his legs
he clung onto bare life. he jumped.

It suddenly all made sense, he was being held up, he was the delivery, he wasn't meant to have died, the heroes tale comes to an end from a single gunshot, after 15 years he was only recognised as the courier, he thought and died in a war of countries,  and won in the end
-Marcus 2015
(hope you enjoyed, if your confused it's a twisted up novel, so you'll get the start of it, then you'll get the middle, then the end etc)

i have a nobel idea  but is so long     

MP this is for people who want others to add onto their story

Diary is for people who want to express their life
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