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Hey guys I have been around for a hot minute so I thought I'd pop by to show you what I've been working on and also I started an Instagram for my art @em_theartist
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Asking for all True Artists, to join us in a Anime Submission Challenge..please going us. Artwork will be featured for Harvey Hurricaine Victims.

Unusual Arts and any styles are always accepted.

We hope to see your work soon, feel free to pass this information along with your fellow Artsy friends on Facebook..

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newly Ordained

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I would like to say that while I commend all the their hard works...please be mindful and respectful to your fellow Artist...By not using or taking claims to someone else's hard work.
Please ask first...
Be respectful and friendly...never one another.
For you all have some power at making the world a little better.

Remember ask first if you are interested in using someone's art work, everyone all work really hard.

I really love all the effort, time & hard work that you all put in.
Unfortunately everyone isn't as talented as you!
Every piece of artistic work is special and has a place of its own.

Keep adding all of your lovely great will pay off in the end.
Dint be afraid to express your heart 💙 and feelings through your art!

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Hello Artists!!! Can you say $100 Visa Debit? Well,

This upcoming Spring / Summer, the ARTSY & GIFTED TEENS COMMUNITY!

Will be holding, a Show and Enter your best:
Art Work Contest!

Provided: by
Community Crisis of Hope Foundation, Inc.

One most voted on lucky winner, will receive a $100 Visa Debit card to purchase what ever you like.
So stay tuned for more information and rules.

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