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Welcome to the community!

If it's not obvious, this is an open roleplay community.

It's encouraged profiles are made as soon as possible when you plan to roleplay, but it's fine if you don't; it'll just be confusing. When making profiles, you should probably refer to the posts in the info category.

A crap ton of stuff here is slash (same-sex), so if you dislike this deal or leave. ;3

In terms of characters, doesn't really matter. There's just a majority. :3

The majority are probably Glowchu.

Glowchu are genetically modified Pikachu, as the name suggests, glow when certain conditions are met. Primarily, the colored markings on a Glowchu glow only at night. However, these markings may also glow in certain situations during the day. For example, when a Glowchu uses it's electrical attacks, it's markings will glow for the duration of the attack or if the Glowchu keeps an electrical charge stored up within its body. Some Glowchu may also glow when their abilities are in effect (e.g. a water Glowchu with the ability Water Absorb will glow while that ability is in use). A Glowchu's markings glow the brightest during phases of intense fury known as Archaic Rage. Additionally, a Glowchu's markings can fade as well. When a Glowchu has been wounded, his or her markings may flicker from their original color to gray, and back again. When a Glowchu is critically injured or extremely tired, the color and glow will fade from its markings entirely. It can be hazardous for Glowchu to allow themselves to fall into such conditions as they have the tendency to slip into comas when their markings fade completely.

Anyways, that's about it.
Have fun trying to tolerate community activities~!



Uses Yama Raja
Spams the same combo in every single PvP getting salty messages

Sees the first 15 minutes of Gladiolus's episode of ffxv again I KNEW HE WAS HOLDING BACK, THIS WHOLE TIME SERVING BY NOCTIS'S SIDE HE'D BE ACTING WEAK- SH*T.

W-whats happening?! WHY IS THERE A AIN- WTF I FELT LIKE I WAS GONE TO A WHOLE DECADE please explain


ffs ain's second class is so chris-

so like
chris and nico just wrecked both my shit and carlos' shit

eve's versatility in pvp is just disgusting

what is elsword
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