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Ashtanga Yoga is the eight-folded path of yoga. It is a specific yoga tradition, but at the same time Ashtanga Yoga can be seen as covering all aspects of yoga within any yoga tradition.

The ultimate purpose of the Ashtanga practice is purification of the body and mind. By moving so quickly and powerfully, you will get a lot of tapas and everything extra, physical and mental, will have to get out the way. This practice has a strong sense of purpose and you are forced to focus and grow.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means both union and concentration. Its practice aims our bodies, breath, nervous system and mind in a coherent direction to create a state of health, vitality, calmness, clarity and insight in the practitioner. This is accomplished through practicing yoga postures in conjunction with regulated breathing and concentration, in a technique called vinyasa.

Ashtanga Yoga is often called Patanjali Yoga, referring to Maharishi Patanjali, the ancient author of the famous Patanjali yoga sutras that describe Ashtanga Yoga. Historians place the writing of these scriptures at around 200 B.C., but the original is probably thousands of years older. These teachings belong to an oral tradition, passed on unchanged by memorisation of the verses in which their wisdom was captured. More recently (15th century) the term Raja Yoga is also often used instead of Ashtanga Yoga, meaning "royal yoga".

Arpit Yoga school one of them which offering quality classes and Yoga retreats in india. Yoga and Meditation combined with the practice of pranayama forms a comprehensive spiritual practice which opens a path to healing and peace. In Patanjali’s Yoga, meditation is the seventh limb which leads to Samadhi. In Vedanta and Buddhism, meditation also forms an important component of the path. Serious students of Yoga require a solid grounding in both the theory and practice of yoga poses, pranayama and meditation. This program is meant to deepen your understanding of yoga and meditation hence whether you are a beginner or an avid practitioner this program will help hone your understanding of the subject even and will enable you to teach complex combination to individual and groups in the near future.

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Yoga a science, an ancient health therapy, has been a useful holistic therapy for more than 1000 years. The root of this holistic science is hidden in the Indian past but the significance of yoga in current scenario is a credit to the modern society. This yogic art lays a strong prominence on the physical & mental balance which in return helps in purifying a human beings mind, body and soul and thereby and brings a calmness of life which is very beneficial to a human being’s well-being.
The techniques of yoga have been enlightening people about the deep rooted principles of health and well-being. It formulates a genuine serenity of nature. A human body has the capability to cure itself naturally. Practicing of correct yoga techniques helps in endowing a harmonizing substitute curing procedure to the usual medication. Yoga is a resourcefulness that can be expressed in each and every phase of life. In short, Yoga is an ancient science which is able to answer all the queries and also have solutions to every problem of life.
To speak out precisely yoga provides a precision in intellect, a stable state of mind and a good health. Apar Yoga academy is also offering yoga classes in the yoga city- Rishikesh. The yoga class comprise of all the theoretical and practical knowledge of Yoga, kriyas, meditation, pranayamas, etc. We are here with a platform that can help you get out of this stressful, busy, routine life,

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Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training programs are accredited through Yoga Alliance, under our designation as a Registered Yoga School in Rishikesh. When a student has successfully completed the program they will certified as a Yoga Teacher, qualify for liability insurance, and be ready to teach to the public. The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program encompasses all the elements for Full Certification as a Yoga Teacher in both Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, and is recognized world-wide. Absolutely, no further training is required

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Yoga is a process which helps you to eradicate all the toxics from the body and gift you in return a healthy body and a healthy body is home to beautiful you. Devoting min 20 minutes in a day can surely give you a dazzling skin, body and natural charms. Yoga has some special benefits on the human body; it’s a superb art of calming the body and cooling the mind.

Arpit Yoga School offering a comprehensive and unique 200 hour Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training Program in the holy city of Rishikesh on the banks of the sacred river Ganga, surrounded by the foothills of the Himalayas.

Welcome to spiritual life at Arpit Yoga place that situated at world capital Rishikesh, Rishikesh situated on the banks of Ganga has been attracting people from all over the Globe. It is a natural paradise with natural foliage, flowing water and mountain peaks. It has been a place to know the spirit which keeps us all alive. Rishikesh is a union territory that is one of the biggest Yoga destination in India. It is known for its spiritual and yogic environment and culture. There are many beautiful places in Rishikesh where you will get relax and free your mind that will help to find your inner soul. It is a perfect place for the practice of yoga as nature revives your soul here.

Yoga which developed in India thousands of years ago has now become a trend among everyone. Yoga creates awareness and harmony between mind and body and this is what makes Yoga popular among everyone. Many students as well as adults are now joining in for Yoga. There are many schools running in India which teach yoga.

Through the medium of this blog we aim at empowering individuals towards health and well-being. Our academy conducts its yoga classes under the blue roof, beside the free flowing Ganga River which helps us to get best of the nature and provides our enrollers a divine yoga experience which leaves them in a spell bound situation.
Our experienced yoga teachers and instructors provide a comprehensive theoretical as well as practical knowledge to the students. Apart from the yogic science our course also includes meditation classes, a wholesome pranayama session. Each day after the yoga practice session is over yogic chants are done so that students are able to induce their mind, body and soul with harmony, peace and spirituality. During the course interactive classes are also organized which facilitate strong and fearless bond amid the teachers and students. This interactive session also aids because the question and answers discussed here improves the knowledge of students regarding yoga and science.
The complete atmosphere of Apar yoga academy is filled with spirituality which enlightens the students and teachers as well. Guest yoga instructors & teachers are also introduced during the course and these teachers demonstrates yoga techniques, postures, conducts lectures, resolve queries, educate students and also provide some informative experiences which may help students in their professional life.
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