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I'm bored what to do walks around looking for someone who would like to do anything ah I think I'm lost looks around yup I'm lost .....

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Hair: Long/short black hair
Eyes: Dark-colored
Skin: Fair complexion
Height: 158cm

Favorite phrase/slogan: "I don't know everything, I just know what I know." (何でもは知らないわよ。知ってることだけ。, Nandemo wa shiranaiwa yo. Shitteru koto dake.)

She styles her hair into two braids and ties them with a hair ribbon that has a cat design. She is always seen dressed in the uniform of Naoetsu Private High School, even outside of school days, and is rarely seen on any other type of clothing, except for a set of sleepwear which she wore during Tsubasa Cat Arc.

Hanekawa Tsubasa is Araragi's classmate and the class president. Araragi describes her as "the class president of all class presidents." The reason Tsubasa and Hitagi cut their hair short is because they learned Araragi likes it short.

Hanekawa currently lives with her stepfather and stepmother.
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Yo shinigami's how is everything going

"Jump out of uniform and put pj's on" nyt everyone nyt taoko"take taoko off his back and put her by the coner of his bed"

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I'm so bored what to do......

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Update of my account
Nickname:hichigo shirosaki
Body age:15
Dob:04 july 1748
Dod:25 December 1763
Horoscope: cancer
Blood type:b+
Eye colour:silver (in good mood) black (in bad mood) and gold (final mode)
likes:fluffy animal, friends, anime, manga, games
Dislikes:lag, filler, spoiler dubbed idiots and rumours
Spiece: saiyan, shinigami, hollow, arrancar
Abilities: holliw faction, cero, kindo, saiyan at any level

Name:taoko no shanoko
Shikai realise: taoko copy for me
Shikai power:clones wielder and copies any shikai power
Bankai realise:taoko destroy them one last time
Bankai power: clones wielder 20-100x and copies any bankai power
Final realise: taoko despose of them now taoko no shanoko
Final power:she show her self and clone both herself and wielder 10000x and while they both chant each clone uses a different zanpakuto power but it destroy everyone and everything around them
Final chant:two soul become one together we shale terminate you


Bio:as a young saiyan with high spiritual pressure he train to become a shinigami and when he qualified he was place in to azain squid and followed him everywhere and anywhere and when they protrade the other he was the first successful test of an arrancar but his hollow is uncontrollable for now so he train to with stand it everyday
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sits down in the chair doing paperwork hmm thinks while doing paper work their got to be somthing to do

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"Neko you have grown and grew wise. I'm proud to be your zanpakuto though all these years."
Name: meigetsu ankoku
Gender: male
Height 170cm
Weight: 61kg
Age: 17
Birthday: -
Wielder: +Neko Kaname Kurosaki
Race: zanpakuto
Master Swordsman: During his short battle against neko, ankoku demonstrated highly proficient skill in swordsmanship, enough to fight most of the battles with only a single hand. With well-timed maneuvers, ankoku was repeatedly able to land critical hits on neko.

Enhanced Strength: ankoku possesses a large degree of physical strength. During neko's Bankai Training to get her bankai, he sent neko flying away and into a building with a single strike to the face.

Enhanced Speed: During his battles, ankoku was shown to be highly fast, able to outmaneuver a number of relentless assaults from neko in fights. He is able to move faster than the eye can follow, as shown he successfully avoided neko shunpo.

Clones: In battle, ankoku is able to produce multiple solid clones of himself, allowing him to outnumber his enemy and attack from multiple directions simultaneously. However, doing so appears to reduce his sheer attack strength.

Broadsword: ankoku can manifest a broadsword with a cross-guard shaped like wings. The sword is completely engulfed in Reishi flames.

Ankoku is a calm, level-headed individual sometimes aggressive, in stark contrast to his hot-tempered master. He often acts as a mentor to neko and always tries to push his master to become stronger.
The zanpakuto whom neko acknowledges as ankoku is her zanpakuto spirit that can be found inside neko's inner world most of the times. 

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nickname: andy Thompson
body age:11
power:fire dragonslayer
wepeons mega stone
zanpakuto:ben abilities healing shikai realise ben aid me
attack heal kirto from enimeys
bankai realise ben one last time
bankai atack is heal everyone who is fighting on his side from the enimey
spiece:pokemon trainer shinigami mage
pokemon:pikachu know volt tackle thunder iron tail and electro ball
Bio as a young trainer who studied mage and shinigami powers
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