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Awards & rewards to our beloved Kids!
You learn, enjoy, exercise, meditate and perform various activities with passion and masti!!!
Here comes an award-winning moment... Happy faces of our little stars!!!

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Dear Parents,

👼 Let's create next generation Children together... Enrol your Child for our 'Mid Brain Activation' Workshop NOW! Last chance... 🏃

Dates: 8th-9th Aug (Sat-Sun)
Age group: 4 to 14 years
Location: Hiranandani, Powai

Register 📲 9987428438 or 9167184618.

🎀 Celebrating 1 Year of Success 🎀

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❇ The Brain is wider than the sky ✨
🎉 Bring the BEST to your Child's brain Now 🎉

👼 Join our 'Mid Brain Activation' Workshop filled with fun & whole brain development activities like never before (Rubik's Cube, Memory Techniques & much more) 😇

Dates: 8th-9th Aug (Sat-Sun)
Location: Hiranandani, Powai

Register now 📲 9987428438 or 9167184618.

🎀 Celebrating 1 Year of Success 🎀

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"Few Relations In Earth Never Die"...
We Wish you all a very Happy Friendship Day...!!!

🎵 We all are music lovers, aren't we?
🎶 MUSIC truly is the superfood for body and brain
🎼 Do you know how music helps our BRAIN? Here are some interesting facts 👇

👉 Music helps a Child to bond with parents, share special moments & cuddles!

👉 Music, one of the only activities, simulates and uses the entire brain

👉 Music makes our mind grow

👉 Affects emotion, involves a deep level of our brain and helps us heal

👉 Helps us relax

👉 Sharpens our focus

👉 Improves studies, memory, speech and language skills... & much more!!!

Dear Parents, let's start your Child's musical journey that never ends... NOW!
Join our 'Mid Brain Activation' Workshop dated 8th-9th August @ Hiranandani, Powai.
Enrol NOW 📲 9987428438 or 9167184618.

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✨🎉 Yuppie!!! We are ONE Today 🎈🎀 It's time for a grand celebration ✌

❇ Our journey started in July,2014 and with all your love, support and motivation TODAY we are extremely glad to complete ONE year into our venture... You keep us going and give us constant energy to bring innovative concepts... 😇

Today we take this opportunity to thank each one of you - our amazing audience, likers and well-wishers! Our special thanks go to our beloved Kids! Keep pouring your love and support as always... 🙏


2 days MasterMind Workshop for Children @ Hiranandani, Powai

❇ Date: 4-5th July

❇ Coverage
👉 Subconscious Mind Activation
👉 Meditation
👉 Rubik's cube
👉 Memory techniques 💬
👉 Activities with closed eyes 🙈
👉 Complete tuning between left and right brain with mediation commands and brain & eye activity 👀

❇ Advantages
👉 Imagination 💭
👉 Memory 💬
👉 Speed 📝
👉 Concentration 😇
👉 Confidence 💁

❇ Age group: 4 to 14 years

📲 Register NoW... Call / whatsapp @ 9987428438 / 9167184618.

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📣 Last chance to join 🎯 '#VEDIC #MATHS WORKSHOP' on 20th June (Sat) @ Hiranandani, Powai ✨

📝 Extremely useful for Entrance and Competitive Exams 📟

👉 Workshop Coverage:
Shortcuts of MATHS, Multiplication 15 Techniques, Addition, Vinculum, Squares, Cubes and much more... with practice!

👉 Time: 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM 🕘

👉 Age group: 14 years onwards

🎀 Inclusions: Kit & Lunch 🎀

📲 Register NOW @ 9987428438 / 9167184618.

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We are currently learning about animals. As a baby, Moksh listened to a story of "Wide Mouthed Frog" and Panchtantra story of Fish and frogs a lot. He not only enjoyed these but also developed a keen of interest in Frogs. During our excursions in Botanical Graden in São Paulo, Brazil...he would try locating a frog sitting on lily pads:)) Even in Sao Paulo auarium, he missed watching frogs because they used hide and almost be invisible. When we were in Goa, more than 2 years ago, at a science park near Miramar, he spotted a frog for the first time in life and was amazed at such a small size!!

So it was obvious that he wanted to read and learn about the parts of frog. I presented Moksh to Bits of intelligence flash cards and then graduated to Matching and labeling activity.

Here's the video of Moksh learning and matching the parts of frog. He also goes on to label each part. I find these hands on activities so effective in early learning years!

How do you teach your kids about animals apart from reading to them? Puzzles, pretend play?

Thanks and have a wonderful day!!

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Small Wonders!!! Don't go by the age, go by the potential...

Really amazed to see confident, logical, intuitive, focused, smart, energetic Children... Ready for their next class school journey! 🎓🎀

And we are enjoying with the GOD's best creation! Here is a glimpse of activities during our 'Advance Level Sessions'...

Your Child(ren) can do it, too... ✌😇
📲 Enrol NOW @ 9987428438 / 9167184618.
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