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Hey guys, the mod now has a subreddit, we are hoping to grow this bigger then what the skype chat used to be, and what this currently is, it will grow the community alot better then this. so please join us.

Hello... I'm just wondering why the Official weebly HTTYMD website doesn't load in... it just says ERROR 404 Page not found.

Can you make the dragons to catch mobs and players and make them with more health? (make the night fury and other dragons a little bit slower)
Blasts will be cool too if they will be added.
(your mod is amazing <3)

Hi, I was just wondering, how many of the dragons are tameable at the moment, and what foodstuff do you use with them?

I want to tell you about a bug I have found:

I tried to install the mod on a server but after a while it keeps crashing. If you need further information please contact me.

Does anyone know where to find dragons or dragon eggs and how I can hatch them?

One question to the community: How can I let my dragon sit?

Hey Guys Just To say I really good at moddeling And i not bad At Codin aswell

So let me know if I Can Goin! pls

I loved the mod, just too ...

But I wonder if I'm doing something wrong, because I can not ride the dragons.

i am not a coder but i can model models
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