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...for those that want to mess around a little...

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these are some drawings i did and #PaintsChainer colored it! I am in love with this website 
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Finding new ways to be creative as a singer isn't always easy because you gotta reach outside of yourself.

I got a Vine this last summer and kept my weirdness to myself for a long time. But then once Vine said they were ending, I realized opportunity comes and goes so quickly.

So I decided to put my work in a single YouTube video so you could see all them in one shot! I've included my music in the compilation too. I hope you have a laugh and enjoy the music!

#VineCompilation #creation #newvids #creative #song

Unity of Music

The Character of Louise belongs to +Sidetrack. Time lapse( Belongs to the TheFatRat (

All rights belong to Nickelodeon, TheFatRat, and to The Loud House itself.

It was a Friday afternoon and we see Louise in her studio, trying to make dubstep music for tonight’s school dance at Lincoln’s school performance and we also see Lola and Lana just arriving home from school.

Louise: [Frustrated] Hugg!…..C'mon!

We see Louise mixing two types of music together, trying to get a good result.

Louise: [Still frustrated] Argg!…This will never work, it's all wrong…

We cut to the twins, over hearing their older frustrated sister.

Lola: [Over hearing Louise’s frustration then she pulls Lana aside.] Lana stop and listen.

Lana: [Stops and over hearing to their frustrated sister. Then looks to Lola with a worried face] Something's the matter, we got to go and see what.

They both went over to the studio and opened to see what was the commotion all about. Louise didn’t even notice that they both came in.

Lana: Hey big sis, are you ok?

Lola: Yeah, you seem frustrated.

We see Louise trying to find the perfect beat until she finds the twins looking at her with worried faces.

Louise: Argg… [Sees the twins ] Uh? [Takes off her headphones to hear them better] Oh, I didn’t see you there. Umm…How may I help you two? And how long were you standing there?

Lana: Umm…We were walking home until we passed your studio and we heard you in frustration.

Lola: Yeah, and we were just worried about you. And wanted to know how we can help out.

Louise: [Feeling touched] Aww…thank you, you guys. [Getting a grip] Well if you must know, I’m trying to find the right beats and music for Lincoln’s school dance for tonight. All week I’ve been trying to find the right beat, but I can’t find it.

Lana: I’m sorry to hear that. Wait! [Gets an idea] Hey, why not let us help you to find the perfect beat for Lincoln’s school.

Lola: [Agreeing] Yeah, I mean you helped me with my performance and Lana helped you out with your performance, why not Lana and I help you out with your performance for tonight?

Louise: [Speechless] I don’t know what to say. [Begins to get misty eyes, then hugs them] Thank you.

Twins: Aww…You’re welcome.

Louise: [Yawns] Oh, I’m sorry. Ever since I’ve been trying to find and make good music, I couldn’t get enough sleep.

Twins: WHAT?

Lola: That’s not healthy for you, you need to get some beauty sleep.

Lana: Yeah.

Louise: But I must continue [Yawns] my progress…

We see Louise fall fast asleep on the floor.

Lana: [Looks at her twin sister] Well, at least we got that taken care off.

Lola nods in agreement.

Lola: Alright then, [Looks at her twin with determination] let's go to work.

Lana: Right when you are, sis.

In a montage, we see the twins working in the studio, working hard and listening to every bit of music and dubstep, while Louise is asleep.

2 hours later

Lana: Aaaaaaaaand…DONE!

Lola: Yes!

They both high five each other as Louise wakes up from her 2 hour sleep.

Louise: Hu?...what happened?

Lola: We finished it, we found the music that you were looking for.

Lana: Yeah, I hope that you like it.

Louise: Ok, let's hear it.

She puts on her headphones and hears the music that they produced

Louise: WHOA! This is amazing! How did you guys do it?

Lola: We worked as a team…

Lana: And made it work.

Louise: [Feeling touched] Thank you, you guys. [Getting a grip] Now, let's go to Lincoln’s school. Wait, right before, we go, what do you call this?

Twins: Time lapse

Louise: Alright then, Let’s go to the party,

Lana: Wait, you’re inviting us?

Louise: It wouldn’t be proper if the ones who composed this song, didn’t show up.

Lola: It Would be an honor.

Louise: Well, C’mon Let's go!

Twins: Ok!

We see the twins and Louise at the DJ set over at the dance in Lincoln’s school. Inside we see Lincoln and Ronnie-Anne and Co. dancing to the beat. We cut over to them.

Ronnie-Anne: WOOO! This is amazing! Who knew that your sister could be this good.

Lincoln: I Know right.

They keep on dancing until we cut to Louise, Lana, and Lola.

Louise: Alright, it’s time for your song. [She turns to the mic.] Alright everyone, this is NGHTMRE and along with with me is Lana and Lola, or together known as TheFatRat, they have composed something that you’ll want to hear with grove.

We see the crowd giving them cheers and a round of applause. We cut to, Lincoln and Ronnie-Anne both gets surprised when they hear this.

Lincoln and Ronnie-Anne: WHAT!

Just as they were about to go to seen them, they were impressed to hear of what they had composed. We cut to Lincoln of what he is saying on the back of his head.

Lincoln: {Whoa! This is actually quite good, wait! Not good, but AMAZING!}

Ronnie-Anne: Lincoln, Your family is full of surprises. Who knew that the twins could make such incredible dubstep music.

Lincoln: [Agreeing] Yeah, I guess so.

They start to dance with each other until we see everyone else dancing to the music with glee and breaking down with some breakdancing.

Louise: [Covers the mic.] It’s a success! Well done you guys.

The twins hugged each other then high-fives Louise and each other.

They start to dance while Louise performs the DJ. We zoom out of the dance floor, then we zoom out of the school and into the moonlight sky. Fades to black with the white words spelling out “Fin”


That was my second Mini Fan-Fic. I hope you guys liked it. A huge shout-out to +Sidetrack for letting me use Louise. Please leave your opinion on the story in the comments.

Thank You for reading this. If you like of what I wrote, then please take a look of the works of +Matthew Walsh​​​, +Joe the Master of Voices /Kyle LotusThisle, +PurpleOJ, +Sidetrack​​​, and +Fresh Sans​​​ over at the The Loud House Community ( and at the Loud House Fanfic Club! ( It would mean a lot of them. Please go check it out. Also, please leave your opinion of the story in the comments and a give it a +1 as well. Until next time. 

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Hey, Ho, Hello! This is my first time that I posted my own Fan-Fic in this section. My Fan-Fics are going to be based on The Loud House. I hope that you like it. This episode can also be found on the The Loud House Community underneath fan-fics/Theories (

This episode is Dimensional Dream

All rights belong to Nickelodeon and to The Loud House itself.

Dimensional Dream, Chapter I

It was a summer afternoon in the Loud house, then we see a loud explosion from Lisa and Lily's room.

Lisa: eureka, it worked!

Lincoln: Finally! looks to the audience if you’re wondering of what Lisa and I are doing, we're testing out her newly dimensional portal machine, to explore different places in the multiverse, and I’m the first one to go in.

Lisa: Ok Lincoln, let's tie you up.

Lisa ties up Lincoln and he was about to go into the Dimensional Machine. It was going smoothly until the machine went out of control and tried to suck everything up in the room. Lisa got to a safe distance, but Lincoln didn’t. The suction got Lincoln and he got pulled in.

Lisa: NO!

We see her trying to turn off the machine, but didn’t want to get risked of getting sucked in. For Lincoln being speechless, he got nearer and nearer to the portal.

Lisa: Don’t worry bro, I got you with my metal claw.

Lisa tries to grab Lincoln, but was a second to late. Also, by accident, the metal claw hits Lincoln on the head and puts him unconscious.

Lisa: (devastated and sadden) NOOOOO!

Lisa in tears sees Lincoln go through the portal then the machines shuts down due to overheating.

Lisa: (crying) Don’t worry I will get you back, no matter what it takes.

Chapter II

As Lincoln, started to wake from his unconsciousness, he looked around to find himself in a hospital bed, he looked around some more and found himself sharing the same room with two other beds with him. He couldn’t recognize of who they were, but only to find out that they were asleep. Once he got up, he looked around to see where he was.

{Where am I? Last thing I knew is that I helped out Lisa with her dimensional Machine. Well I need to go find some help}

As he walked along, he saw a familiar figure.

{Wait, is that?, yes it is!}

Lincoln: Lori, Lori, I’m glad that I found you, what has happened, and why are you dressed as a doctor?

(dimensional Lori) Lori: What are you talking about child and how did you get out of bed? And of course that I’m a doctor, I’m the youngest doctor there is in Royal Woods, along with the youngest nurse in Royal Woods, Leni.

Lincoln: Wow, that’s amazing. But wait, how did you and Leni became the youngest doctors in Royal Woods? Did Lisa teach you?

The famous child prodigy? No. Leni became top student at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine and I became the top student at Wayne State University School of Medicine.

Lincoln: So mom and Dad had enough money to send you to the two different colleges, I thought you were going to marry Bobby and to have children of your own or be at least co-CEO of a major corporation and I thought that Leni would be a fashion designer or something like that, in fact, I wouldn’t think that Leni would be a top student at a top university or college.

Dr. Lori: Whoa, you must got hit in the head harder than we thought, we need you to send you back to your room for more analysis Nurse Leni, please send back Mr. Lincoln back to his room. And please, I’m don’t have time for any type of a relationship.

Nurse Leni: Will do Dr.

[Lincoln being confused and frustrated]

Lincoln: No, I’m telling the truth. Let me talk to you. (Yelling) You two are sisters!

Dr. Lori just ignores of what he says.

Nurse Leni: I’m sorry, but Dr. Lori is very busy, she can’t talk to you she has a lot in her hands and it is not possible that Dr. Lori and I are sisters, sure we look alike, but were not.

Nurse Leni sends escorts Lincoln back to his room.
As Leni walked along with Lincoln to his room, he heard of a newborn child being named

Unnamed father: How about we name her Lily?

Unnamed mother: Just like your grandmother?

(the noise slowly fades away)

Nurse Leni: Thank you for cooperating with me. If you excuse me, I need to see other patrons. Also I will notify your parents that you're ok from your month ocama. They been worried about you. You seriously have been knocked out when you rode your bike, might I recommend is to wear a bike helmet next time. Bye.

Lincoln: [being consumed by fear] This can’t be happening, no no no no.

???: What can’t be happening.

Lincoln looked at his left, seeing a dimensional Lana with two casts on her arms, looking across from him, with a confused face.

???: Would you quiet down, I’m still recovering from my accident from the Little Miss Cutie Pie Pageant Contest.

Lincoln looked to his right to see a dimensional Lola resting with two casts on her foots and legs.

Lincoln: I’m sorry Lana and Lola, I didn’t mean to wake you from your nap.

Dem. Lana: Hey [now suspicious] how did you know our names?

Dem. Lola: Yeah. [also getting suspicious]

Lincoln, thinking on his feet, looks at the nameplates from their beds.

Lincoln: Well, doesn't say that in your nameplates from your beds.

The twins look at Lincoln's nameplate

Dem. Twins: Ok, we believe you.

Dem. Lana: And you do have a point.

Dem. Lola feeling bored. and has an idea.

Dem. Lola: Hey why don’t we watch tv? I’m sure that it will pass the time.

Lincoln: Ok.

As Dem. Lola gets the remote control, she turns on the television, and they see a commercial of a Mick Swagger and along with him was Luna rocking out with him, but Lincoln notice that she was a bit depressed. Then another commercial came on and it showed that Luan was at a Junior comedian competition, she also looked a bit depressed as well while she told her jokes, but tried to hide it. Another come up, and it showed Lynn at the Junior Winter X Games doing some extreme ski stunts, she also seemed a bit sadden, one stunt after the next. The next commercial showed Lucy at a Junior Poetic Competition, but while she spoke, her voice seemed a bit more depressed than usual. The last commercial showed a quick commercial of Lisa, of she doing a documentary collaboration with Stephen Hawking and Neil deGrasse Tyson about space and the solar system. Now it finally showed Blarney the Dinosaur.

Dem. Twins: Yeah! Cartoons cartoons.

Lincoln: To the viewers Well, at least some people doesn't change. To be honest, I’m quite glad that these two haven't changed.

Chapter III

In this chapter, I got inspired to include Cristina (if that’s her name) from the drawing of +Antonya Pullen ( and ).

Moments later, Dr, Lori and Nurse Leni came back to do several tests to Lincoln, to make sure, if he hadn’t had any severe damage to his brain. To the Lori’s surprise, he hadn’t any severe damage.

Dr. Lori: Wow, you’re one tough kid. I don’t see any severe damage nor minor. Hmm….. I just have to wait until the results com-(gets interrupted by nurse Leni)

Nurse Leni: The results are here.

Dr. Lori grabs the results.

Dr. Lori: Hmm….. {It matches.} You’re good to go. Just wait in the man lobby for your parents. (Looks at the twins) Now for you two, we still need make a bit more tests to run.

Dem. Twins: Ok.

Dr. Lori: Nurse, would you please take Mr. Lincoln to the main Lobby?

Nurse Leni: Will do, Dr.

As they walked, Lincoln stayed quiet, until they reached the Main Lobby.

Nurse Leni: We contacted your parents, please stay here until they get he-( Rita and Lynn interrupts Leni)

Lynn: Were very glad that you're safe, sport.

Rita: Indeed.

Lincoln: thank you Nurse Leni:

Nurse Leni: You are most welcome, bye!

On the car, Lincoln is looking out the window and looks at the houses that go buy while Lynn and Rita talked. Then he sees his real home in the dimension of where he is, its windows were boarded up, graffiti was everywhere, and there was a notice of a demolition sign that said the it was going to be torn down next month.

Lincoln: {Sadden} no {his voice getting softer} no.

Lynn: What was that sport?

Lincoln: {acting very quickly} Nothing.

Lynn: Ok.

Rita: Oh Licion, I forgot to tell you, your friend, Cristina left you a video message on your cellphone.

{Umm…… ok}

Rita giving Lincoln his cellphone

Dem. Cristina: [beginning of the video, she wears a wearing a one-piece swimsuit, decorated with a purple color and with daisies around them.] Hello Lincoln, please come to my pool party this afternoon and wear a speedo. [Video ends]

Rita: Do you want to go son?

Lincoln: Ok

Lynn: Good, let's go home get your stuff and off you go.

Rita: Do you want me to drive you there?

Lincoln: Ok.

They arrive to their “home” and Lincoln goes to his room. His room is about the same size of Lisa and Lily's room. He look around to see all the Ace Savvy Posters, Smooch posters, Bun-Bun, and many others as well.

Rita: (Yelled across the hallway) We will be leaving in half an hour.

Lincoln: Ok. Well, better get on going.

Half-an hour later

Lincoln: Mom, I’m ready.

Rita: Ok, meet you in the car.

They drove for a short while until they reached a single story red house, Lincoln jumps off.

Rita: I hope that you have a great time sweety.

Lincoln: Ok mom, thank you. Bye.

Rita drives off in the distance and walks to the house in his Ace Savvy Speedo and while carrying his Ace Savvy Towel and bag. He walks along to the main gate that leads to the backyard pool of Cristina’s home.

Dem. Cristina: (sees Lincoln being dropped off and walks to the main back gate.) {Yes! This is my time to shine on how I can tell him on how much I like him}

Chapter IV

Also in this chapter, I got inspired to include Cristina (if that’s her name) from the drawing of +Antonya Pullen( (

Dem. Cristina: Hello Lincoln,(Starts to sounds a bit romantic) How are you?

Lincoln: Oh, hello Cristina.(looks at her in her swimsuit) I’m fine thank you. How are you doing?

Dem. Cristina: I’m good, thank you for asking.

Lincoln: Hey Cristina

Dem. Cristina: Yes? (Still sounds romantic)

Lincoln: Where are the others coming soon?

Dem. Cristina: Oh, don’t worry, they will show up. {Maybe}

Cristina opens the gate and lets Lincoln in.

Lincoln sees Cristina’s back pool empty

Lincoln: [Confused] {Am I the only one here? Where’s everyone else?}

Dem. Cristina: {I should do it now}

As Lincoln walks by, dem. Cristina grabs him by the left arm.

Lincoln: [Surprised by this] Cristina, what are you doing?

Dem. Cristina: I want to start the pool party now.

Lincoln: [Starting to get worried of Cristina’s actions] Are you sure about starting this party now? I’m the only one here.

Dem. Cristina: [Looks at him love-ishly] I wouldn’t want it any other way.

They get to the pool and Lincoln sets up his stuff in one of the pool chairs, while Cristina removes her clip-on bow and starts to swim in the pool then stops and looks at Lincoln while he is not looking.

Dem. Cristina: {Wow, he is so handsome. No, get a grip, I know I lov-like him. Get him to swim with you.} Lincoln, come on in, the waters grate.

Lincoln: [He turns around and looks at Cristina with an nervous-ish smile] Ok, I’m coming. [He runs to the pool] Cannonball!

Lincoln runs in the pool with a moderate splash

Dem. Cristina: That was beautiful!

Cristina goes out of the pool and makes a cannonball of her own.

Lincoln: Looks to the audience with a bit of delight Ok, you have to admit, that was good. I just wish that other people would come in and join in the fun.

They swam around the pool for 10 minutes until dem. Cristina noticed the time,

Dem. Cristina: {Oh, I only have 20 minutes left, better make my move fast} [Looks at Lincoln] Hey Lincoln, why don’t we go to the jacuzzi? I’m a bit cold

Lincoln: [A bit confused] Umm…ok.

Dem. Cristina: {Oh, this is my chance}

He got of the pool and went the circular jacuzzi were dem. Cristina was already at. He dip in and sat of the opposite side of where dem. Cristina is sitting.

Lincoln: {This is quite relaxing} [closes his eyes for a brief moment]

Dem. Cristina: {Yes!}

Dem. Cristina moves slowly towards Lincoln as he closes his eyes, Lincoln doesn't hear her move due to the bubble machine in the jacuzzi.

Dem. Cristina: {Ok, NOW}

She sits on Lincoln’s lap, with this, he opens up his eyes

Lincoln: Wha-{What is going on here? What is she doing?}

Dem. Cristina puts her finger over his lips and shushes him, puts her arms around him and kisses him right on the lips.

Lincoln: [In a shy voice] W-why?

Dem. Cristina: I did this because I love you Lincoln Loud! I was just too shy to tell you at school. Every time when you looked at me, I looked at you and I knew that we were meant to be. This happened every time when we're together at school. So, do you love me as well?

Lincoln: {Darn it, I have Ronnie-Anne, I must tell her tha- Wait! I’m in another dimension and the other me must be in my own real dimension and he must like Cristina, I can’t mess this up for the other me or else he will be devastated and will probably hate me for life. I know what must be done}

Lincoln: [Thinking quickly on his feet] {I got it!} Does this answer your question? [kisses Cristina on her lips for the return answer]

Dem. Cristina: Thank you! [kisses him on the lips for the third time] Well it's time to get the party started

Lincoln: [Confused] Wha? So there is people coming.

Dem. Cristina: Indeed, I invited you an half-hour early so I can confess my love to you.

Lincoln: Thank you

Dem. Cristina: [Blushes] Ok.

The second person that came through was a dimensional Clyde,

Dem. Clyde: [looks through the gate] Hello anyone here? [looks at Lincoln and dem. Cristina] Oh, you must be Cristina and Lincoln, how's it going.

Lincoln: {I hope that he the same Clyde like in my dimension} How is it going buddy? [Gives him a high-five]

Clyde: How is it going? Oh, can I talk to you for a moment?

Lincoln; [looks to dem. Cristina] Can I Cristina?

Dem. Cristina: Ok, Linki-Winki

Dem. Clyde: {Linki-Winki? It must have worked!}

Dem. Cristina leaves to the pool

Dem. Clyde: Dude, you have done it my friend. I’m happy for you. Now you got yours, will you help me with mine? You know, to get with Ronnie-Anne?

Lincoln: Faces to the audience in a worry-ish kind of way I Knew that there was a catch to this dimension, on way or another,but at least I’m happy that he is the same friend that I have back in my dimension. [faces Clyde] Sure thing buddy, will do.

Dem. Clyde: {Yes!} Thank you.

Lincoln: No problem, my friend.

High-fives each other again.

The two of them hears more people come in

Dem. Clyde: We should go before they come in

Lincoln: [nods in agreement]

2 hours later

Lincoln: That was amazing.

Dem. Clyde: I know. Also, can you help me out next week, you know, with Ronnie-Anne?

Lincoln: Of course, anything to help you out my buddy. [sees his mother comes up the driveway] Ah, my folks are here, bye Clyde.

Dem. Clyde: Later man, have a good night

Lincoln was about to leave until Dem. Cristina gave him a goodbye kiss on the cheek.

Dem. Cristina: Have a safe evening my Linki

Lincoln: You to [Returns the favor]

Lincoln: To the audience Even Though you think I may have a good time, like a dimension like this, I’m not. I still miss my real family, my real friends, and my real girlfriend. When I saw my dimensional sisters, I bet that they must be feeling the same way. Anyways, I must go and investigate my real home in this dimension right in the morning. Goodnight and wish me luck.

I added this photo ( that was uploaded by +Antonya Pullen(

Chapter V

In the morning, we see Lincoln getting ready to take a shower.

Lincoln: [Open his door and sees an illusion of all his sisters waiting in line to take a shower] {Aw man, come on!}
[accidentally trips on his towel and falls on Lynn]
Whups, sorry Lynn. I didn’t mean to. It was jus- hu?
[He sees all of his sisters still in line and Lynn still standing up straight, like a hologram]
[Rubs his eyes, then they all clear away like fog. Now a feeling sadden and depressed]
Oh yeah, I forgot.

Rita: [Comes rushing through] What is the matter Lincoln? [All worried] Are you alright?

Lincoln: [Acting quickly] I’m alright, just tripped by accident.

Rita: Ok, just be carefull. Well I’m off to work and your father just left, do you need anything?

Lincoln: No, I will be just fine.

Rita: [Feeling a bit relieved] Ok son. Also, be back by dinner ok?

Lincoln: Ok, I will.

Rita: Ok, bye sweety.

Lincoln: Bye.

When he was done showering, we see him making breakfast for himself until he sees another illusion of his sisters smiling at him and holding out their plates, Lily in her high-chair, waiting in line for him to serve them breakfast.

Lincoln: [To his amazement] Whoa, how did you ge-[blinks his eyes, they're gone like air. Depressed once more] Of course.

He finishes his breakfast and goes to his room to get his phone, as he walks along the hallway, he sees her sisters rooms appear one-by-one. 1st appeared Lori and Leni’s room door to his left of where it showed Lori walking out of her room and walked passed Lincoln and down the stairs, texting Bobby.

Lincoln: Lori wait [all confused], how did you [sees Lori goes passed through a wall] [depressed] Right. [sees Leni]

Illusional Leni: [Walks up to Lincoln] Lincoln, do you want to be my manikin for today?

Lincoln; [Finally realizes of what’s going on] {Don’t fall for it Lincoln, it's just an illusion, but corporate.} No thank you Leni, I just need to go to my room to grab my phone.

Illu. Lori: Ok, mom I’m going to the mall.

Illusional Leni disappears. Lincoln starts to fast-walk to his room to grab his phone.

To his right appears Luan and Luna’s room while Lori and Leni’s door to their room disappears while Luan and Luna’s door to their room appears to his right. He stops and looks at his two older illusional sisters standing in front of him.

Illu. Luan: Hey bro, who goes running around in the dark, but never gets found?

Lincoln: [all worried and starting to get scared] Who?

Illu. Lucy: [Appears out of nowhere] Me.

Lincoln: [screams] AHAHAHAH!

Illu. Luan: [laughing] HAHAHAHA Get it?

Illu. Luna: Hey bro, do you want to hear a new song that I wrote for J-[Lincoln interrupts her]

Lincoln:[Still scared] Yes I would, but I have to get something at my room.

Illu. Luna: Umm…ok

Illusional Lucy still appears to Lincoln while Luan and Luna disappears and so does their door to their room, while an illusional Lynn holding a football appeared to him and the door of Lucy and Lynn’s room appeared to his left.

Illu. Lynn: Hey Linc, think fast.

Lincoln tries to grab the football but disappears like fog.

Lincoln: [still scared and worried] Whoa!

Illu. Lynn: Ha, nice catch. [gives him a thumbs up. Her phone lights up.] Oh, it’s Clyde. Please excuse me Lincoln

Lincoln: Ok. Oh, please tell Clyde that I said hello.

Illu. Lynn: Will do [gives him a thumbs up and disappears to her illusional room]

Illusional Lynn goes the wall while illusional Lucy comes up to him like a shadow.

Illu. Lucy: Lincoln?

Lincoln: [screams with fright] Yes?

Illu. Lucy: Would you like to hear the poem that I made to D-[Lincoln interrupts her]

Lincoln: [smiles nervously and is still scared] I would, but I need to get to my room to get my phone

Illu. Lucy: Are you sure?

Lincoln: Yes, I’m sure.

Illu. Lucy: Sigh, ok. [goes through the illusional stairs]

Lincoln sees Illusional Lucy disappears through the wall and Lynn and Lucy’s illusional door to their door closes and disappears and forms back to a wall. To his right, he sees an illusional door to the Twins form and open. The twins, as usual, fight and scream. They keep doing this until they bring the fight outside.

Illu. Lana: [looking at illusional Lola] I don’t want to play tea party with you!

Illu. Lola: [looking straight back at illusional Lana] But you promised!

Illu. Lana: No, I want to play in the mud.

Illu. Lola: But I hate playing in the mud. Wait! [Looks at Lincoln] Lincoln, what do you recommend of what we do?

Illu. Lola: [agrees with illusional Lana] Yeah, what do you recommend big brother?

Lincoln: [Thinking on feet. Gets an idea] I got it, why don’t you play in the tea party mud? Just for once, please?

Illu. Twins: [Thinking about it] Ok

Illu. Lola: [looks at Lana] Ok, but only this once. Deal?

Illu. Lana: [look at Lola in agreement] Ok, deal.

Shakes on it.

Illu. Twins: [Both look at Lincoln happily] Thank you Lincoln

Lincoln: You are most welcome. To the audience At least these two doesn't [begins to cry] change.

Sees the twins runs down the illusional stairs disappears along with the door to their room

Lincoln: [sniffles, then realizes his mission] {Get a grip Lincoln, you have a job todo. Wait, I’m missing something, what is it?}

An illusional door of Lisa and Lily’s door to their room appeared to his left.

Lincoln: {Oh, right. If i’m correct, Lisa should be coming out in 3,2,1…}

Illusional Lisa comes out, with ear plugs

Illu. Lisa: Stand back, she's going to blow.

Lincoln sees the explosion, but doesn't hear anything. At the aftermath, Lincoln sees illusional Lisa disappears like mist, along with the explosion and the door to her room.

Lincoln: [Sort of gives in of his illusional reality, sadden] I sort of can't take this anymore. [He begins to cry once more]

Lincoln keeps on crying until he hears the voice of illusional Lori comforting him.

Illu. Lori: What’s the matter Linc? Whatever it is, we can solve it together.

Lincoln: [looks at dimensional Lori with tears in his eyes, starting to smile a bit]

Then he sees all of his sisters appears in order of age already seeing Lori, next appeared Leni

Illu. Leni: [She appears in next to Lincoln] Don’t worry I’m here for you as well.

Illu. Luna: [She appears next to Leni] Like what Leni said, we can drop the bass together.

Illu. Luan: [She appears next to Lori] I hope that we weren't too LOUD for you Lincoln. AHAHAHAHAH, get it? Get it?

Lincoln smiles at her joke, trying to get better from his sadness.

Illu. Lynn: [She appears next to Luna] Don’t worry, we won’t leave you sidelined, you come in the field to play it out together.

Lincoln, feeling better from his sadness

Illu. Lucy: [appears next to Lynn] I can be your guide to your darkness.

Illu. Twins: [covered in mud and appears next to Lincoln, Lola on his right and Lana on his left] Yeah what she said. [comes over to hugs Lincoln]

Lincoln hugs the Twins back.

Illu. Lisa: [appears next to the Twins and Lily with her] Technically, we are in your figment of your imagination, but yes, we will help you get back to your own dimension.

Illu. Lily: [walks over Lincoln and also gives him a hug] Goo goo ga.

Lincoln: [Feeling happy as ever] Thanks. [Getting a grip] Now if you excuse me, I need to find a portal.

He walks 3 steps and looks back at his illusional sisters

Lincoln: [feeling confident] Thank you

All the illusional Louds (except for Lily): You're welcome.

Illu. Lisa: If I were you, I should hurry. [Points to the hallway clock, it reads 10:00 A.M She also smiles at Lincoln] and yes, good luck big brother and don’t forget your cellphone.

They all fade together like mist.

Lincoln: [closes his eyes and then opens them] Looks at the audience with determination Well wish me luck.

Chapter VI

We see Lincoln already at his real home, all boarded up, graffiti everywhere, broken windows and the sign of the demolition for next week.

Lincoln: Faces the audience Well, you may be thinking, “Lincoln, it’s dangerous up there, are you sure that it is even stable?” Well you do have a point, but if I know my house, I know that it is stable, and trust me, I know.

He sees a broken window to the living room.

Lincoln: Bingo was his name-o. Better be careful though.

He jumps and lands through carefully and safely.

Lincoln: Nice! Now here comes the hard part. He goes to the stairway, seeing that there is no stairs to climb on.

Lincoln: RATS!

In the distance, he hears a faded voice, he couldn’t recognize the voice but can make it out of what he is saying.

???: I hear something. [Pauses] I don’t know, Let me check it out. [pauses] Ok, will do. [pauses] And if it's not him? [Pauses] Ok, will do. [shouting] WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT IS YOUR NAME?

Lincoln: [being a bit frighten, but shouting back] Lincoln Loud.

???: [still shouting] BE RIGHT BACK. [faded once more] It’s him [pauses] One way to find out. [shouting] WHO DID I LOVE AT SECOND SIGHT?

Lincoln: [having a good feeling of who it is] Lynn Loud Jr., my sister. I was the one who told you that you and Lynn were not meant to be until you confessed your love to her and she confessed her love to you at the karaoke. I’m still sorry about that Clyde.

Clyde: [In joyful tears] Thanks bud.

???: You got that right Lame-o

Lincoln; [filled with hope] Ronnie-Anne? Is that you.

Ronnie-Anne: Yes it’s me, can’t the girl rescue the boy for once?

They both walk over to the top of the stairway, both with strong ropes around their bodies like backpacks, smiling at Lincoln

Lincoln: [Smiling at them with awe and wonder] How did you find me?

Ronnie-Anne: It’s a really long story but, once you get back, Lisa can tell you how we found you.

Lincoln: [understanding also noticing Clyde gone] Hey? Where’s Clyde?

Ronnie-Anne: Oh, he just went to get an extra pair of climbing rope from Lisa.

Clyde; [in distress. threw the climbing rope to Lincoln] Quick Lincoln, climb.

Lincoln: [Without hesitation and a bit worried] Ok

Lincoln climbed until he reached the top. To his left, he saw the exact portal of where he went into.

Clyde: Quickly go through, but first put this on.

It was the same backpack like rope that Ronnie-Anne and Clyde had. Lincoln just put it on.

Ronnie-Anne: Ok lame-o, on the count of 3.

Lincoln ready to jump

Ronnie-Anne: 1..2..and...3!

Lincoln jumped through the portal with his eyes open. What he saw was another portal on the other end, but at the same time, he saw his dimensional self. Going through the portal.

Dem. Lincoln: Hey, you're me

Lincoln: and you're me.

Together: Cool

All of a sudden, a beam of light got out of the dimensional Lincoln and a beam of light also got out of Lincoln as well at the same time. The beam of light transferred from the dimensional Lincoln to the real Lincoln. The other beam of light that came from the real Lincoln transferred to the dimensional Lincoln. Once that was complete, they saw each other's memories from the beams of light.

Dem. Lincoln: [Speechless] I can’t believe that you would do that for me with Cristina.

Lincoln: Hey, I knew that you would do the same thing for Ronnie-Anne as well.

Dem. Lincoln: Also, I respect you having to live with these sisters. I couldn't handle it for the past 3 days

Lincoln: I know, I couldn’t handle living without my sisters for 3 days. Also, I’m happy for you to not have Lola mad at you.

Dem. Lincoln: [Confused] Why?

Lincoln; You don’t want to know.

Dem. Lincoln: [agreeing] Ok, whatever you say.

They passed each other, nearing to their proper portals to their own home in a fast pace.

Lincoln: Well, good bye

Dem. Lincoln: Not a goodbye, but farewell.

They went into the portals at the same time. Lincoln feel with a thud onto the floor. As he got up, he saw his sisters (except for Lily, Lisa, and Lana.) pulling on a two ropes.

Lori: [serious, looks at Lincoln] We can catch up on things later, for now help us pull.

Without hesitation, Lincoln went over where Lori, Leni, and Luna was pulling

Luna: Ok, on 3. 1,2,..3!

They pulled and came out Ronnie-Anne.

Luna: [ She is taking care of Lily and looks at her] Ronnie-Anne, help us to pull out Clyde. [looks at Lincoln] You to Lincoln.

Knowing how serious this is, she went over where Lana, Lola, Lucy, Lynn, and Lincoln were at.

Lynn: Ok, on 3, 3!

Out came Clyde. Then a split-second later, the portal machine turned off due to overheating.

Lisa: We did it!

All of the Loud children sighed in relief then, looked at Lincoln.

Leni: Do you know how worried we were for you?

Lynn: Yeah and by the way, [starting to get a bit angry] your dimensional self has the worst sportsmanship ever, [Starts to smile] Like you. [starts to sound joyful] Glad to have you back.

Playfully punches Lincoln, he flinches.

Lincoln: [surprisingly reacts]

Lynn: That’s two for flinching.

Lincoln: Good to have you back as well. [Looks at his sisters and at Ronnie-Anne and at Clyde with glee] All of you.

Everyone: Aww thank you Lincoln:

They form a giant group hug around him, making feel Lincoln feel right at home as ever.

Lincoln: [Confused] One thing that I don’t get, how did you guys find me and realize that my dimensional self wasn’t the real me?

Everyone looks at Lisa.

Lisa: Oh Lincoln, that is another story to tell for another day. For now you should rest.

Lincoln obliges and goes to his room to rest. He notices that his room is the same way as he left it. Except that it's a bit dusty. Lori sees him go into his room.

Lincoln: [To his amazement] {It’s like I’ve never left}

Lori: [comes up to him] I was the one that make sure that no one goes in your room until you returned.

Lincoln: [feeling touched] Thanks [goes over and hugs her. In his eyes misty eyes beings to develop] I have missed you so much and everyone else as well and I thought that I may never see you or anyone else again. Thank you for not giving up on me.

Lori: [Also getting misty eyes] We would never give up on you, little bro. We also missed you as well, even though that we had your dimensional self, we missed the real you all of us.

They hug again.

Lori: Well [getting a grip] get some rest, we will take things from here and a good thing as well, mom and dad are getting back from their month business trip and are coming in tomorrow.

Lincoln: Ok and thank you for everything.

Lori: You are welcome.

Lincoln: [Confused once more] Also, how did my dimensional self react with you guys?

Lori: Like what Lisa said, that’s a story for another day. Now please, get some rest.

She walks to her room, with a smile knowing that her brother is safe and sound.

Lincoln: Looks to the audience while sitting on his bed It's good to know that you have family and friends looking after you, even when you're gone and knowing that you can count on them, they can count on you. [yawns] Well, good night.

Later that night

We see the Ronnie-Anne, Clyde, and the Loud children, except Lily, demolishing the portal machine.

Lisa: And done, it’s history!

Lynn: At last [yawns] Ok, good night. [falls asleep on the floor]

Clyde: Same [falls asleep next to Lynn, shoulder by shoulder]

Everyone else falls asleep in the floor except for Ronnie-Anne

Ronnie-Anne: [half-asleep] If Clyde can sleep with Lynn, then I can sleep with Lincoln.

She walked over to his room carefully opened the room to his door and sided over to Lincoln, happily and feel asleep.

Lori was still awake and walked over to check everyone else in Lisa and Lily's Room. She walked in to see the machine demolished and everyone else asleep. She also noticed that Ronnie-Anne was gone from the group.

Lori: {I have a pretty good idea of where she might be}

She walked over to see Ronnie-Anne sleeping happily next to Lincoln next to his bed. She sat on Lincoln’s bed, knowing that their relationship will grow stronger.

Lori: [Smiling] Goodnight you two.

Leaves and goes to her room and close the door behind her.


That was Dimensional Dreams. I hope you like it! Please give it a +1, rate, and comment. The Next episode that I'm going to up load soon is The Pageant of Science. Anyways that's all for today, have a good day and please be safe out there, all of you. Thank You.

For the ending, I used this photo. I don't know who made it though. Sorry.

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