I've been doin' some thinkin'. With everyone's schedules as crunched as they are, but interest in gaming remaining high, we need some way of keeping things going when we can't hook up.

What would you say we convert our game to a PBP (play by post) format? It's slower, but can be richer in detail. I've played a few this way and it works pretty well. All we need is a decent platform for that.

Also, I realized after our most recent adventure that I prepared that dungeon all wrong. We're going to make a new assumption - one of the guards you killed had a map of the dungeon's first level on him. So I'll provide that to you here.

So for those that aren't familiar, a PBP game works like this. Imagine we had a private Facebook page where we take turns commenting. I give some narrative, then I ask "What do you do?" I'll prompt someone to begin, and then everyone else has to go off of that. It'll be pretty obvious how to play. If you take action that requires a roll, you'll roll with a dice roller mechanic within our platform so I can see what was rolled. Then I'll give you options.

My next post will be instructions for how to access our PBP forum.

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Test /roll 2d6

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Aric Grimborn, now known only as the Black Knight.
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Ok, I think we have enough to work with with my recap and Kevin's addition. There were a few details we skipped but we can move on.

Here's what I'd like to do.

I need to get us from where we are now to the next "scene" in this movie. I think you chose to go after the missing virgin princess, assuming that if you do so, you earn favor with King Dondarrion (and Kormos for that matter), and the ability to move freely on the island and the Dragon Isles in general. You'd be heroes. Of course, you'd also be dooming a young princess to death-by-dragon, but you're no strangers to death - what's one more? Aric and Damon's boss could use a few new souls.

Fast forwarding a couple days, you come across a guide who is going to take you to the Castle of Vath, a long-abandoned stronghold that once was the seat of power on Kormos, at least a hundred years ago. Some scary stuff has happened (you don't have any details) so that no one goes near the castle anymore. Dragons, however, can be seen circling the castle sometimes - not the Great Wyrms, of course, but some of the larger adult dragons that live on the mainland and some of the islands in the Wyrmshadow sea.

Because the king assumes that Vath is involved, the castle where you choose to start. Many in the town think King Dondarrion is nuts, or at least mad with grief - Vath was an old king of the Dragon Isles from history, nothing to worry about now.

The big worry on the island is: What happens if the Great Wyrm Akesni shows up for the annual festival on Kormos and there's no virgin sacrifice of royal ancestry? The princess is the last daughter of the King (though he's trying for more, but the Queen keeps popping out sons). The Kormosians fear that the legends of the wrath of Akesni will destroy them all. The legend has it that if the sacrifice isn't successful, Akesni will rain fire down and burn up the island. The island's whole culture is centered on sacrifices to the Great Wyrms - there has always been enough virgin princesses to have one ready for Akesni at the festival.

Tensions are high - there are groups doing searches all over the Dragon Isles. Some are blaming the Scalefins, a mostly peaceful people, but always at war with the Dragon Isles (you don't know why yet - it just seems that it's always been this way). Some are blaming the Kormosian pirates who terrorize the seas. The ransom for returning the princess to Kormos alive would be astronomical due to her value. Without her, everyone dies. Still others believe that she escaped for her life, or fell in love and was sprung from the royal compound by a Dragon Knight lover.

The Castle of Vath is the source of many myths and legends to scare children into good behavior, but recently there have been sightings of terrible beings coming from the castle area - mostly undead monsters but also strange never-before-seen creatures that look like ungodly combinations of animal and man. People who live near the Castle have gone missing or have been found dead in the the woods surrounding the Castle.

Your guide is a sickly vampire named Sonja. You'll meet her when we play.

Knowing the vampires NEVER come to Kormos, here are a few questions. Please have fun with this.

+Devin Riggins: how did Aric and Damon get from the main city to the area surrounding the Castle?

Where on the island is the Castle?

How did you find Sonja? (She looks like she's been through some things - not the picture of rich elegance you are used to from your dealings with other vampires from Ravenspire)

+Kevin Truong: what do you and Aric think of the Undead? Are you comfortable around vampires?

How did you hook up with Tomye the Barbarian?

+Kevin Truong, your character Damon is missing something...your servant. We should get one from Kormos.

Let's come up with a story here in Google+ that gets you an undead servant that with the burglar trait. Perhaps this will occur outside of the city, when you come across a corpse, when you kill something and steal it's soul, or after Aric takes a life. You have some creative license have fun with it but the idea isn't to give you an OP character, it's to follow your playsheet and give you a servant.


*Burglars are skilled in a variety of areas, most of them illicit or dangerous. They are good with devices and traps, but not too helpful in the field of battle.

*Experimental Trap Disarming—When a burglar leads the way they can detect traps almost in time. If a trap would be sprung while a burglar is leading the way the burglar suffers the full effects but the players get +skill against the trap and add the burglar’s skill to their armor against the trap. Most traps leave a burglar in need of immediate healing. If the players Make Camp near the trap, the burglar can disarm it by the time camp is broken.

For the purposes of our game, your hireling will simply allow you to carry more stuff, act as trap fodder, and possibly be used as bait for monsters. It's an undead servant, so pick a relatively inert undead servant, such as a zombie, skeleton, wight, etc. It will avoid its normal instincts and do what you tell it to do, wthout fear of consequences (unlike most hirelings).

After looking closer at my notes, I can cobble together a quick recap! Please help me by correcting any mistakes or adding anything I forgot to mention in the comments!

The three of you traveled to Kormos in search of the Wyrmraiders who slaughtered the people from Aric and Damon's village, when they were young. There is a bond of shared experience with Tomye, who suffered a similar fate when he was also a very young. Death, the master of both of the brothers, has tasked them with befriending or at least standing with Tomye, as he has been chosen by Death for a future purpose.

Your cover story is that you have traveled to Kormos to acquire dragonmake goods in trade to take back to your homeland markets, where you are merchants. You traveled to the major port in Goltheria, and booked passage to Kormos via a small trade ship. Your ship was accompanied by a gallant Dragonrider, due to rumors that the dreaded Kormosian pirates have been more active and traveling outside their normal waters.

Accompanying you on the ship were a few Goltherian elf merchants, a couple dwarf traders on their way home to the Stonefist Cliffs, a government official from Kormos, and some fishmongers from the Udrian Lonelands. You learned a little about Kormos beyond the legends, rumors, and common knowledge you had beforehand. You learned that fishing doesn't occur in the Dragon Isles - all seafood comes via trade with other nations.

As your ferry brought you into the Port of Kormos, you observed the island to be a rich city-state. Almost all the available land was developed, there was a startling lack of green. The finely crafted houses and buildings were densely packed along clean but narrow streets. The markets were busy and flooded with customers from all over the world. Kormos was a very cosmopolitan city.

The harbor on the north tip of the island was busy, but the boats were mostly trading vessels and warships (you know about the historic and ancient battles with neighboring Scalefinland).

You also heard about (but didn't see) the massive bridges that connect the island to the mainland, which is sparsely populated and mostly rural. Small farming villages and tiny communities dot the coastal parts of the country, but 99% of the population of the Dragon Isles lives upon its massive island.

As you dock, you decide to make for the nearest inn. It's getting late in the day and the ride has been long and quite boring. Aric and Tomye are hungry (Damon doesn't really require food), but all of you are in need of some rest.

The inn, nearby the docks, is posh. Almost a martini bar, and full of well-to-do travelers and locals. The stuffy bartender is put off by Tomye's request for "beer" (they don't serve it) but offers the most common drinks in Kormos: Tears of the Dragon (an orange ale-like drink), Venla's Wash (a greenish martini), and the ink-black Kataatchi, which looks like an espresso shot. Tomye offers to buy one of each, but he's only carrying coins from his homeland. In Kormos, they only accept Dracos, the local currency.

The barbarian offers to arm wrestle anyone the bartender wants to put up for the challenge - a win would get him the round of drinks. The bartender calls over the tallest of the guards who keep an eye on the tourists in the bar. His is called Ben - or Big Ben - by the locals, due to his height and size. Tomye fools with the guard for a few minutes and then uses his superior technique and experience to easily beat the stronger captain. Embarrassed and insulted, the captain gives an angry look to the barbarian and whispers to his other guards, one of whom leaves the bar in a hurry.

When it becomes obvious that you would not be able to pay for a night's lodgings, it becomes clear you need to exchange your coin for Dracos. Luckily a tour guide from the bar named Rubrick approaches your group and offers to take you to a moneylender who performs exchanges (the banks are closed).

In the dying light, you are followedand watched closely by some of the city guards, but as you are accompanied by Rubrick, you are unaccosted. Inside the little stall in the market, Grunder peers at your coinage and then offers a 10:1 exchange rate. Through some intimidation techniques applied by Aric (?), Grunder drops his price to 7:1. Not wanting to take this further, you agree to the exchange rate and get some Dracos.

You head back to the inn to finally pay for a room...

To be continued...

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This is what the dragonrider who accompanies you from Goltheria to Kormos looks like.
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