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In teamspeak I have created a Miners vs Indians chat room.

This will let you all communicate without Skype. Skype uses lots of bandwidth and causes lag. Teamspeak will not do this :D

The IP Address is:
The channel is under:  Minecraft -- Main -- Miners vs Indians

The password is: mvi

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Alright everyone, I know we've been inactive for a while. I was thinking we could start fresh with a new project. If anyone has any suggestions for any kind of build project we could do feel free to post it.

I look forward to this community flourishing once again.

Hey +Cannon Burton , do you think it would be possible to just update the build team creative map on the server to the latest snapshot? I had planned on 1.8 being out by now and made game workings compatible with the snapshots. I found out that very few commands and game mechanics that I incorporated into the game workings are also compatible with 1.7. The 1.8 snapshots introduced tons of commands and revamped the way commands work with players and other entities. Without having the 1.8 snapshots on the server there are serious limitations on what can be done.

If you do choose to update then I suggest you do so with caution. Snapshots can get pretty buggy and could harm the server so I would test out the snapshots on a LAN world or look at some bug reports. Just recently I found that the 14w25a snapshot had plenty of bugs. For example placing down any type of log while on a server would crash your game, and being set on fire covered the screen with a purple and black checkered pattern (404 texture).

Anyone who is watching G+ right now, I am currently on the server and working on the project, haven't gotten much done on my own. So anyone willing and able to come join me, please come.

This community has been slow, what happened people, just because I go on vacation doesn't mean this thing has stopped, please join me tomorrow, noon mnt time, as in Utah time. I will most likely be on to help start production. If not, continue on without me, just please start with the lobby. Hugan is the build team leader, they will be in charge of designing with help from me. Please come and join, we need to get started. I thank you all again for being patient and willing to help me with this project. Can't wait to see you guys in there.

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Is anyone good with computer drawing if so, I would like it if you could take this design and even it out, add color and redo the little stick figure men a little

Hello this is Cannon, your server host.
I had a few questions while setting up the permissions and world;

1. Do you want mobs and/or animals turned off in the world?
2. Creative world and you turn them to survival when needed or visa versa?
3. Do you want me to world edit all villages out?

Please respond when you can,
Cannon B.

ign: hirtal
Team: Server Host
skype: cannonlb3

(I like teamspeak better)

Hey Nathan Tabor, are you able to take the logo pic from Hugan as a hologram, if not, then just do the words please. I would really like a hologram for the logo, it would be really nice.
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