It's been a while.
Time is a strange thing. There is no specific category for it, because it has so much to do with everything we interact with. Time is the ruin. It is also the healing. Say I get cut. That small wound with heal over time. But say I don't apply any medicine to it. That cut could develop into an infected scar. It is quite strange. It can change in less than a second, yet I never once thought of life as being unpredictable. More like 'adventurous' and 'mysterious'. Unpredictable is such a funny word as well. Nothing is truly unpredictable. You could guess and it may come true. That is, after all, the way of life as we know it.

My name's Bea. I live in Kauai (Hawaiian island). Since I was child, everything seemed so...magical. Like there was a whole world out there for me to discover and that I could unravel all my question. I could find the answer to so many different queries. Once I turned 17, about a year and I half ago, I've been traveling everywhere. At the moment, I've been resting at home. In two weeks, I'm off to Italy for the second time. I'll be going to Greece from there.
Most people think I'm flighty, that I can't handle being stuck up in one place for too long. That's not true. As I child, I lived in New Hampshire, and I was always having as much fun as possible. While I'm used to moving around a lot nowadays, I love the feeling of having family and living near all my friends.
Right now, I am researching the new outbreak out spiritual consciousness that surrounds everybody. I'm trying to see what everyone's talking about. When I discovered it, I was not disappointed. Everybody in that field knows what their saying. They are truly ascended masters. I am working extremely hard trying to see the brilliance behind all this. Since I've been to a lot of different places, my life has been very busy. But I will still find time to define my personal definition of 'awake'.

There are so many meditation videos out there. Guided, music, healing, removing negative energy, aligning chakras and all that. So how do you know which one to choose? That's easy. Read between the lines. You also have to listen to the person's voice who's doing it.Sometimes their voice isn't as relaxing as you thought, or maybe it's an automatic computer voice. But whatever you might find frustrating, there are some great ones. It's good to try a bunch of different ones so that you know whose channel you prefer and whose you don't. I'm going to try and post some videos that I enjoy doing on here. Maybe you'll agree with my choices. If you don't feel free to add your own videos. We're all in this together.

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These amazing beings were discovered in the 90s, when they began showing up on cameras everywhere. At first, they were dismissed as mere malfunctions of the camera. But after a few years, people admitted that it wasn't just the camera. These sometimes small beings were orb shaped things appearing across the globe in various places. The main places they were sighting were in the magical, beautiful places. Examples include Hawaii and other tropical places. Soon after they were "discovered" people began seeing them as a sign of good luck, which they undoubtedly were. When caught in photos, people would exclaim over how protected their home was. People have been seeing them everywhere, from ordinary photos of their family to gorgeous pics of the sunset. They seem to float in midair anywhere in the photo. We are hard pressed to find any in our bare vision. It is certainly a special case when you can see the spherical beings with your naked eye. I have seen them numerously, but as a world traveler it is relatively easy. As for those stay-at-home researchers, keep looking. They're out there. If you have any information on these beings, feel free to post anything you can to tell people how utterly amazing they are. If you are just learning about them right now, there are millions of websites that can explain them much better than I. The website below is a good resource if you want to get more information on them.
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