I have a question about outlining. I don't usually work with outlines. Up to now, I've been more of a start writing and see what happens kind of writer. Unfortunately, I now find myself with three or four decent story ideas and I haven't actually started writing any of them. I do have one with a significant amount started, but I've been working on it off and on for so long, I'm just kind of bored with it now. I'm thinking that trying my hand at outlining one of these potential stories will help me get started with the actual writing.

I feel stupid saying that I don't really know how to outline. I mean, I know what an outline is and how it's formatted, etc. But staring at a blank page, I'm not quite sure where to start.

Can anybody recommend an article, or an online class on outlining for fiction writing that may help me wrap my brain around this?

I'm writing about cyborgs.

In my web novel, the main setting is the interior of a bigger-on-the-inside weapon platform. It's the size of a city, yet a component in the lower levels contains an ocean of coolant, complete with a breeze and waves.

Infiltrating this weapon are my protagonists, a squad of cyborgs. They can communicate to each other at any time via a com link. They're currently separated due to a preemptive attack by the main antagonist on their transport.

The main protagonist is a rookie, we see everything through his eyes. I may have other chapters where we get a glimpse through others eyes.

Protags want to activate the weapon, turn it upwards, and shoot down an ancient defense system that's keeping them on the planet.

Two sets of Antags. One just wants a list of coordinates hidden somewhere inside the structure.
The other wants to use the weapons platform as intended, because it's more than just a massive gun.

I'm trying to make it so that it's not just "Protag walks through beautifully described voids, occasionally fights a horrible biomorph/defense system."

I've read up on various mission complications, stuff like the enemy knows where you are, they have access to your coms, etc, and will try to include that.

I've also thought of having spatial anomalies exist inside the weapon. Stuff like a corridor that makes three right-angle turns and doesn't take you back to where you started/ a hallway that would take months to sprint down, but there's a speedrun-esque trick to fling yourself through.


I am writing a 70k mystery novel.

I am just finishing my novel and I want some advice on publishing. It is a science fiction novel very futuristic. Clean but some violence and a little love and sex. can be read by late teens and adults. lots of fascinating possibilities for future developments. About 350 type-written pages. About 150, 000 words so far. I would be happy to hear from people who are writing and publishing!

I am writing a book and i am wondering whether to continue it like a romance novel or add something else.A little help please

I have written some very interesting books in business, entrepreneurship and empowerment I need some social/digital marketer to work with for my niche marketing

Hey peeps! I wanna write a cool novel aboit a cowboy, but I need some ideas.

I have a character that is going to be a wealthy merchant in 1800's England. Does anybody know where I can do some research to find an actual type of business that a non-nobleman would have and could become wealthy at? I'm thinking some sort of business that all the nobility use/need but don't really do themselves. I'm trying not to go for the obvious choice of owning a shipping company.

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Some advice about having fun with your writing

Hi all! Im writing a Fantasy-Romance novel and im really struggling with what the best tense and point of view to write it in is. I want it to really capture the emotions between the boy and the girl through their actions and i want the reader to feel emersed in the story. Any suggestions??
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