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Sugar free, natural, homeopathy.

Himalayan salt lamps and their 'benefits', besides looking absolutely beautiful of course.

I have serious doubts as to the construction of these lamps.

Does the standard 25 watt bulb have the strength to break the bonds between sodium and chlorine? I highly doubt it.
I'm no physicist, but I think you would need something a bit more powerful to disperse negative ions, yes? 

Also, I see no difference between Himalayan salt and your average salt. Sounds too similar to the marketing scheme regarding Egyptian cotton & plain ol' cotton. 
I want some hard dirt info on this market.

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Based on this, I have a few more experiments for my book :0)

~ Homeopathic medicines ‘proved to work’, if repeatedly diluted in codeine ~ [NewsBiscuit] :: A new study from The University of Penge has shown that over-the-counter homeopathic medicines are proving surprisingly effective at treating pain relief when diluted to homeopathic levels using mainstream medicine. In double-blind studies, 300 students were hit with a rubber mallet and then given either a control sample of the pure homeopathic pain reliever or the solution that had been homeopathically enhanced with codeine solution. 78% of those who took the enhanced solution claimed to perceive an improvement in their pain within 20 minutes of taking the solution compared to only 45% of the control group. However it must be noted that 83% of the total group expressed feelings of anger and rage after being struck with the mallet and needed additional strikes to subdue. :: #health #medicine

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Despite properly following homeopathic principals, this was still funny to a skeptic. This is proof that the placeb(j)oke effect operates at a subconscious level. Perhaps it is visceral or even skeletal in its effect–that's right,  placeb(j)okes effect the funny bone!

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"The Bible tells us how to go to heaven, not how the heavens go."


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Discovered this after hearing about Kevin Trudeau's latest trouble in court.

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This is a great video on the brain and belief. My favorite part is the theory of psychological reactance.

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Is it worthwhile to try to debunk this thread?
"I love and appreciate you" - power of words?
Dr. Masaru Emoto, a visionary from Japan discovered that WATER responds not only to musical vibrations but to human thoughts, feelings and intentions.
Water that is mistreated by negative intentions or words (he labled each glass with various words during experiments) becomes disordered and loses its magnifiscent patterning when frozen.
After many experiments he concluded that "love" and "gratitude" are the most powerful vibrations to turn frozen water into beautiful crystals!

So what does this research prove?
The human body is 3 parts water. Your "environment" is very important for your psycological state. Violence, negatiity, depression effect your inner crystal! And think about how do you impact others every day, every minute?

I labled each picture for you to compare and see how being kind, friendly, thinking love and care, praying and saying (and doing!) kind actually influences you as an organism as well as influences people who you interact with.

Please tell me what do you think and let's discuss this.
To me this is an incredible discovery and I am hoping that more people will be able to know about it and become kinder and start appreciating and blessing everyone around them right now!

More information:
and here: :o)
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27 February 2013
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