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How do untitled students negatively effect the classroom.

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New version: A card game that increases your emotional intelligence

In early 2015 I was trying to think up ways to spread the use of empathy in a way that would be easy and even fun for people to use. So by July I created version one of a card game called Play To Evolve. I started by printing it on cardstock using my cheap home inkjet printer. A few months later professional looking decks were being shipped all over the world.

I gave quite a few decks to schools in hopes that children would start learning empathy using this method. Sadly, the game was too complex in some ways for younger kids. Even some adults struggled. So, after many play tests and iterations, as well as new ideas as to ways to use the cards, this latest version is the easiest yet to play and suitable for a younger and older audience.

I've also added a lower-priced "pre order" option for those who want to save money and are okay waiting 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Yes! Playing this card game will
- Level up your family's emotional intelligence.
- Deepen all your relationships.
- Increase responsibility and power.
- Decrease susceptibility to manipulation.
- Improve negotiation skills.
- Heighten awareness of other perspectives.
- Shift into having a more positive outlook.

Every deck purchased contributes to my ability to print more at a lower cost. This is causing a gradual lowering of price so that more people can afford the game. Increased resources also means I can spend more time working on the mobile app version of the game that I'm building, which will be far cheaper because of printing and shipping costs being zero.

If you want to order it online:

If you live in Austin, you can come to my free weekly "Emotional Intelligence Play Group" where I usually carry extra decks with me and we play the game. Details:

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#BYOD + Active learning + collaboration + #gamification!
Transform your classes from boring slides shows into an exciting race for knowledge!
Tablets and smartphones of your students can be useful and valuable on the lectures!
Engage your students into collaboration on the lectures and in practice.
Lecture Racing!
The application works fine even on an Android-powered #smartwatch.
Conducting quizzes became easy!

1)The teacher asks
a question about the
slide on a projector.
2)Students mark
their answers on the same
slide on their devices
3)The teacher encircles
the correct answers using
his tablet or smartphone
4)The result is presented
in a variety of forms

The Sticky Notes has taken technology integration in classroom to a new level!

#Sticky notes are wonderful teaching tools. They’re low-cost, easily adaptable, and can be used for just about every subject. From unique art projects to interactive math problems, sticky notes are great for spicing up lesson plans and keeping students engaged. "Lectureracing" app alllows you to organize sticky notes, customize the size of the note, change the “paper” color of the sticky note. #Android #iPad #windows #mac #active #collaborativelearning #elearning #teacher #kahoot #lecture #gamification #students #school #teachers #university #bored #motivation

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Finger Family Song with Rabbits - Daddy Finger Family Sing for Kids | Nursery Rhymes for Children

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The little seedlites much enjoyed the fascinating inventive world of puppetry, as the puppeteers entertained them with various puppets of animals & characters , depicting story & dance , which was accompanied by music & dialogue .
#SeedlingSchools #Udaipur #BestSchool #Schools #DigitalUdaipur #learning #Education #Learn #fun #Activties #Enjoy #Monsoon
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Apprendre aux enfants à Compter avec des Formes
Learn to count with color shapes

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Top 5 Things to Look For In An Organizational Development Program
Association for Experiential Education
Association for Experiential Education

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