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Quotes: none

Name : Mike Zeb

Age: 29

Species: human

Gender: male

Family: parents: N/A

Rank: captain

Children: a sangelie hybrid but sent but he away to the rest of sangelie during his sim trooper days

Homeworld: Chronus

Occupation: smuggler/ scavenger

Faction: red team ( not the red team just one in some random canyon)

Weapon: sniper rifle and a shotgun

Mod : cloak

Ai: none

Armor: pics below

Personality: secretive,quite, occasionally hot heahed

Likes: keeping uniqe items that catches his interest, dubstep

Bio: before the shut down of project freelancer Mike zeb was the sniper for a red team that has a high victory rate and eventually he went threw scenario 2 but it happen differently for him. When he birthed his hybrid child he sent it away with the sangelie that impregnated him and gave his sword as a gift for his child. When his team stopped receiving orders from red command he decided to leave the canyon and live a life of both a smuggler and scavenger, when he's not getting chased by authorities or killing his pursuing bounty hunts he searches recks for supplies or value

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Well, this place is dead. Sorry to our newcomer.

You can talk... and maybe give me a reason to stay active on here.

So you know how me +Xenopath and +Nigerian Venom have been gone for awhile. Well it because we've been doing our own little long term ongoing rp multiverse. It is both confusing to any newcomers and kinda stupid if you think about it in relation to the og rvb universe. But it follows Antoine Bitters (me), Dexter Grif( +Xenopath ) and alot of other ocs from +Nigerian Venom as they go through: becomeing gods, fighting entire religons at once, some infighting, comic relief, and realizing the meaning of life (we started this before season 16). So why am i making this post? Its pretty dead at the time. We cant always do rps because theres 3 people doing it. Now you have to have a bit of an imagination to take this rp seriously. Comment if your interested.

Rp anyone m

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Working on a new oc and i have the reach, 3 and working on 5 but the final touch is either the Mp helm , mkv delta or the defender
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Mp helm
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Mkv delta

I kinda wonder why the prefect armor didn't make it to halo 5?

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Alright listen fellas, we know Google+ is going to shut down on August 2019.
So, instead of mourning the loss of our favorite social media,
Why not go out on a bang?
Let’s make that last moment special.

That’s why I’m taking the initiative of making a video about all the silly/stupid/funny/dank/shitty moments we’ve had on here.

And, if you’re interested you can comment or 1+ this post to be included in a “Special Thanks” kind of way. A whole bunch of people grouped up together, veterans of Google+ or even newcomers. Anyone is welcome!!

Spread the word everyone, let’s make this last moment special!!

here’s an image of a doggo for attention

Rp anyone ?

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For the memories
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