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A idea to place some concerns concerning the type of the Scaffolding that they
have accessible, and also to create definitely bitter that you simply have the good type.

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Greatest Construction Fails

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Construction Fail: The Paper-faced Assassin

Have you ever seen those really elegant venetian masks that are basically wearable works of art?

Yea well this isn’t one.

What we have here is a tool of the highest order. There is no level above this. Top class tomtoolery.

What I love most is just imagining this guy’s thought process:
“Hmm, no safety glasses or welding mask. Oh hey look, a sheet of highly flammable, wafer-thin newspaper. That’ll do the trick.”
I also love the fact that he’s quite clearly made holes for his eyes and nose. That means he’s had time to sit down and actually deliberate this action, pop on a pair of spectacles, yet STILL arrive at the conclusion that it’s a great idea.

Of course there could always be a reasonable explanation for this. He might just be holding a sparkler and … who are we kidding? There is no explanation for this at all.

On a side note, if you look at the image upside down, the red-tiled house for sale on the newspaper has lovely gable work …

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Construction Fail: Not the hero this city needs, or even the one it deserves …

When Batman gazes broodingly over the city of Gotham, he looks mega cool doesn’t he? I mean, his flowing black cape, that cowl silhouette, and the fact that he’s essentially a vigilante billionaire, it all makes a pretty potent cocktail of awesomeness.

But, when you get (let’s call him) Barry, 32 from Bradford, donning his hi-vis uniform and hard hat, it doesn’t quite have the same effect somehow. Couple this with the fact that he’s stood on scaffolding instead of next to a weathered gargoyle, and the entire appeal erodes faster than his brain cells.

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Construction Fail: a panefully small sea view

The operative words to take away here are ‘admit light’ and ‘allow people to see out’. This has got to be the smallest window I’ve ever seen. It can’t be much bigger than those set squares you used to get in the maths stationary sets at school.

I wonder at what point of construction the designer / fitter stepped back and thought “this window will offer panoramic views and bathe the room in sunlight.”?

My guess is never.

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Construction Fail: how is this even possible?!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. It’s a digger. On top of a high-rise.

I have so many questions (sooo many) about this image, but let’s take a moment to imagine what the insurance claim would’ve been like when this fell to the ground.

“Hi, erm, I’d like to make a claim for my broken digger please.”

“Sure, what would appear to be the problem? Is it salvageable?”

“It fell from a 25-storey set of flats. Most definitely not salvageable.”

“Wait what? I thought you said a ‘digger’ for a second. Do you mean a spade? Or trowel?”

“No. a 12 tonne CAT excavator.”


I imagine the call went something like that.

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Construction fail: you shall not pass!

We spend our lives going through gates don’t we? Just today I’ve passed through my front gate twice, the barrier at work twice, and another gate into the park … twice.

So when you encounter a gate that is locked and denying you access, you feel a little dejected don’t you? I know I do.

By their very nature, gates are meant to prevent people from entering private property on a whim. Yet what we have below isn’t quite fit for such purpose …

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Construction fail: the wheelchair ramp of doom

In a world that’s now much more accommodating for the wheelchair user, I was shocked to see this. The confusing part is that they clearly had the presence of mind to make a (supposedly) wheelchair-friendly section on the steps – but then made it nothing short of a 75-degree-angled death trap.

I assume wheelchairs have a braking system but, even so, descending this steep slope would be a daunting task for anyone. For the ballsy few who would take this on, there is little run-off at the bottom before you hit the grass.

Of course this wouldn’t be an issue if somebody is there to push you up and down, but this isn’t always possible. Just imagine trying to tackle this alone …

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Construction fail: snakes and ladders

Welcome to this edition of Tool of the Week. What’s wrong with this picture? Actually, what’s right with this picture? I’m racking my brains.
This would have been the ideal board game layout from my childhood because it’s a sure fire snakes and ladders victory; plenty of ladders to climb up and not a surly snake in sight to thwart me.

My red / blue / green / yellow counter doesn’t have to worry about the ladders staying in place though – a labourer will have that issue, unless they’re a free-running genius.

Have you ever seen Home Alone 2? If not, you really, really should. This takes my mind straight to that flick, when one half of the not-so-dynamic duo, Marv, constructs a makeshift climbing frame in order to get from one floor to another. Ironically, one of our ladders would suffice for the Wet Bandits.

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Construction Fail: the ‘workmate’ mate

Welcome to this week’s edition of Tool of the Week. We’ll get straight to it: have you ever used your work colleague as a sawing bench?
Well Steve has.

Not even sure if he’s called Steve, but it seems like a ‘Steve’ thing to do.
I wouldn’t mind, but the tool in question is an industrial circular saw – not something you want making its way through your central nervous system.

But there’s a twist folks. Steve isn’t actually the tool in this one. His mate (let’s call him Gary) is the real spanner for actually going along with it. Let’s have a look at this pair of danger seekers in their natural habitat …
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