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“SEO (Search engine Optimization) for Beginners”
Do you want to boost your sales? Gain more views at your ads and likes at your page, have a new valuable skill to help you learn and earn more to achieve your dreams? 
We are here to help you achieve all of it in just one day. Yes, in just one day. Sounds good and interesting right? Want to know more?
Enroll now and avail of our summer promo!
Registration is now open. Limited seats available.
Classes will start on April 5, 2014 (saturday) 9AM-5PM
Summer Promo1499 pesos only 50% OFF!!! from the Old Price 2999 pesos (Promo Price is inclusive of food)
Register now so we could reserve a seat for you.
See you there! :)
For questions or clarifications,Register Now at : or
Text Your Name to Mobile # 0927-5223862
Promocode: remiegoogle280314
1. Deposit to BPI 
2. CASH on site
3. Paypal
What’s the next steps?
1.Apply now at:
2. We will email you the Bank Details.
The workshop is located at City and Land Mega Plaza ADB Ave. corner Garnet Rd. Ortigas Pasig City (Behind Holiday Inn and Robinsons Galleria)---exact room number will be emailed to you prior the workshop schedule.
Thank you very much!
What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization is a way to improve the visibility and ranking of a website in Search Engine. If you are top 1 in the results page, your website will receive a lot of traffic, visits, clicks and bottom line, more revenues and more profit.
What makes our training different?
A lot. This is not a seminar but a workshop. We make sure that the student will learn SEO and use it to earn extra money. We have graduates of the program that are actually earning now.
Who are your target audience?
We cater to the following:
- those person who wants to have extra income
- students who wants to have a part time job
- young professional who wants to add a new skill to their resume
- employee who wants to have a new career because they are bored to their current job
- those entrepreneur who wants to boost their sales and have a high TRAFFIC to their website
- Business owners who wants to INCREASE ROI 

- If you are 18 – 50 year old individual living in Metro manila, this workshop will be just right for you
What are the benefits of joining the workshop?
- This is a program where you will “really” learn SEO and its applications. Other seminars will just give you a lot of highfalutin words and you go home feeling ‘empty’
With the SEO tutorial, you will learn the following:
- Introduction to SEO
- Importance of SEO to your business
- How to create a simple blog site
- How to do keyword research?
- How to do link building?
I. Why study SEO?
II.Introduction to SEO
III. Background of Internet
IV. How Search Engine Behaves
V. Introduction to Link Building
VI. Closer look at Google
VII. Where to get link?
VIII.Social Media
 solve poverty
Ten (10) % of the proceeds goes to the projects of to help underprivilege poor orphan student.
 SEO tutorial Philippines
 ABOUT US:  We are an IT company with the following core tecnologies: SEO, digital marketing, web dev, mobile dev and content marketing. We are experienced SEO specialists who use web development techniques to make your Web site navigation search engine friendly, to build your backlinks and overall link popularity, and to block pages that do not add value to your page’s content. We also help your page attract customers and have them promote it to a wider audience via social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. We also help you advertise your Web page by using advertising tools such as banners and posts to make your page more accessible to people. Moreover, if your Web site offers products and services, we can help you advertise them via banners, posts, blogs, and emails.
This is what our Graduates say about our program:
1. Pao: awesome  
2. Nympha: seo is new in the Philippines so they can use it as a good source of income 
3. Jenny: Everyone is very friendly, and will also be invited to join/attend countless events, seminars, conference, gatherings for free! Too bad, I didn’t had the chance to attend all the events because I was busy at school at that time.
4. Marc: The program is excellent!
5. Christine: I can use this SEO tricks that I learned when I get to create my own website.
6. Althea: It’s easy to learn, understand and to do. You just need perseverance, patience and enough time.
7. Candy: I believe SEO Companies in the Philippines is starting to be well known in the Business World. It would be their advantage to learn everything about SEO because this is going to be a very useful tool for them in the near future.
8. Michelle: To share a good things with others? a lot have to do with mindset and how you do the business. a lot of network marketers do it wrongly that they think they have to convince people to join and that why their prospect will think how to convince people to join network marketing business. you have to enroll people into the business to make business. but not to the extend of convincing people into the business.
9. Shiela: As early as now try to enroll in this program to learn more about social media, SEO and webmaster and how to ranked up your website.
10. Fatima: It was fun especially when you are with your friends. It don’t needs extra effort.
11. Julius: Just do what makes you interested
12. Patrick: Joining an SEO program will help you build your thinking skills, to create more strategic plans, consume spare time.
13. Ronald: This program was fun in a way that you can read so many articles about everything by visiting some websites and know people that at first you don’t think can be your your friends like foreigners.
14 Shane: Just keep pushing, don’t hesitate
15. Francis: What is there not to like about SEO? NONE. SEO must be a standard in our generation.
16. Lester: Join now so you could learn more about the internet, search engines, links etc. and to make it a profitable business using only a computer and internet connection.
17 Mildred: Try it,,, You will learn everything about SEO from the expert, ^_^
18. Luz: Well, if you want to have at least a part time job, SEO fits you. as long as you how it really works.
19. Marisol: Join now, think later. because It’s not bad to try something new, if you doubt to try it. Don’t be. Especially if you have the heart of an publisher then you are the one of the applicants who are deserving to be a part of this
20. Edwin: It is a great decision if they enroll into this program. They surely learn a lot here. They will also expose in different communities and can attend different seminars.
21. Christopher: a very good program. .so JOIN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22. Bryan: Enjoy and your opportunity to learn SEO and it can help you a lot
23. Mary Anne: Pls Enroll because because SEO is a easy and good skill
24.  Lourdes: Don’t hesitate to join now, It’s your time to Shine!
25 Elmer: SEO can give them opportunity to work on the comfort of their own house… without the need of having yourself stuck in a traffic jam every morning..
26. Romeo: If your planning to enroll don’t hesitate to enroll it is not a waste of time it really helps and useful especially to your company
27. John:  To those who want to know more about the SEO Tutorial Program come and join .
28. Richard: They are curious about this maybe and we should take advantage of it by exposing them to proper way and techniques so that instead of being disappointed we stimulate their curiosity in the next level to become more effective and productive SEO agents 
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The video seo tutorials inbound marketing and SEO blog provides tips, tricks, and advice for improving websites and doing better search, social, content, and brand marketing. Video seo tutorials.

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An important aspect if #search_engine_marketing is making your website easy for both users and search engine #robots in order to understand. Although, a search engine has become increasingly sophisticated in many ways and they still can’t see and understand a webpage the same way a human more here:

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Best way to start writing content for your articles, blogs and press releases, in order to make then unique and genuine. Read to know!!

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Want to share a personal experience of an experiment performed on a content riched page and a blank page...the results were trending
!! can be very helpful article for the beginners.

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