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Hey guys how are you doing?..

I made over $86, 000 with Binary Options with my Signals hehe. Its good profit hey😉 ... If you want me to Trade for you, invest $250 through Skrill and ill make u a profit of $1,200 by the end of the week.. I'll take my cut of about 30% and the whole 70% you take to yourself, just like that...
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All that by the end of the week just imagine haha.. I actually don't need your money if u think you can't trust me coz I make my own.
I just thought maybe I just give a shout out to those who want to make real money instead of advertising day by day tryna get recruits. Just message me here in this group or on WhatsApp +2630785914202 or Email me at
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Giga Watt ICO. Nasce la mining farm di tua proprietà chiavi in mano

Giga Watt ICO. In principio era 'solo mining', poi cloud mining, quindi hosting mining. Adesso la mining farm di tua proprietà chiavi in mano.

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Approfondimento sul Whitepaper di Polybius Bank ICO

Un approfondimento sul Whitepaper di Polybius Bank, per gli investitori italiani interessati alla nuova ICO Made in Europe.

+HashFlare Russia

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Genesis Mining supporta Ethereum Classic e Augur. Nuovo prezzo per Monero

Genesis Mining si apre ad Ethereum Classic e ad Augur. Nuovo prezzo per Monero ed eliminate altre monete digitali.

#GenesisMining #EthereumClassic #Augur #monero

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Hello Guys,

👩👩👩👩 My Name is Kelly and I am from USA , we are Promoting TCC (The Champcoin) in USA on very Large scale. We are also working on Ground Level to Boost Our Cryptocurrency.

🤝🤝🤝 This is Our Responsibility to Promote TCC in millions of People and I Will Take charge to Promote TCC Here in USA....

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🎥🎥🎥 Sharing my video about TCC which will be helpfull for you guys to promote TCC on Facebook , Twitter and other social media websites.

🏁🏁🏁🏁 We are selling TCC in More than $5 USD in USA and till now have sold our more than 500,000 TCC in USA....

💰 TCC is your Future 💰

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Ethereum mining makes 120%, Dash mining 130% for HashFlare

Making the mining Ethereum makes 120% and mining Dash makes it 130%, it notifies HashFlare known European cloud mining.

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Ethereum. Passaggio dal Proof-of-Work al Proof-of-Stake: cosa faranno i miners?

Il team di sviluppo di Ethereum avanza con Casper per il passaggio da Proof-of-Work a Proof-of-Stake. Cosa faranno i miners dopo il cambiamento?

#Cryptocurrency #Ethereum #EthereumNetwork #PoS #PoW 

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Nice to short the S&P 500 and grow my bitcoin holdings - at the same time bitcoin prices are going up! #copymytrades

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