. I know that the god of Islam and Israel, have not produced from their knowledge by humans, than telepathy and possession of thoughts, from the priests at those that increase blood flow in the pineal gland. In my code it is something unknown to all. I want to participate and convert me to the most special performances, paranormal, and unknown. I found only one. S666N video code.

I do not know, how it was possible video code supernatural of telekinesis, conducted by an invisible creature from my body and outside my body. Secrets of Masonry from last level, it is not shared with society. I have nothing to hide. He did not answer any theology, government and military laboratory, of over 400 contacted. I not have still thoughts and ideas about what it is. I stopped to confirm, that it would be: body invisible alive infinite, and my soul NMEILIS NMEINIS ESGSEIS unique creator at time space intelligence existence.
My soul eternal invisible NMEILIS NMEINIS ESGSEIS creator unique at time space existence intelligence and body invisible alive infinite, is imposed much exaggerated, to allow him to love your souls, and to allow him to save your souls, of : the fire of the sun programmed automated for sinful souls, tyrants, oppressors, prayer, worship, humiliation, circumcision, ritual of murder and cannibalism, secret, censorship, disinformation, hundreds of prisons and expulsion of type religious alphabetical intellectual economic policy and any other type, robbery millennial of resources natural social profit banks and printing money, and wars between gods lies theories silly political economy and alphabets. Some governments and gods will want to destroy this love and respect offered by my soul, at all creatures from infinite past space and infinite future space, in exchange for the money, resources, benefits, compromises , etc. --- Mr. Barack Obama! There is nothing else to be defeated! All creatures, phenomena, theories, and gods from infinite past space and infinite future space have already been defeated, by my eternal soul invisible NMEILIS NMEINIS ESGSEIS creator unique at time space existence intelligence and body invisible alive infinite, through supernatural video codes of telekinesis. The war between: Allah, the god of Israel 666, English, Latin, Arabic, bible, intellectual walls, lies, secrecy, mafias rosuvastatin, Quran, isis, natural gas, petroleum, Europe, Russia, China, NATO, UNESCO, are just financial investment , disinformation and hallucinations. ---- Negotiation between governments and killers video online of infants and baby, and mafia rosuvastatin 666 and enslavement to work "only child of god pineal gland". Who wants to extort, to compromise, to deceive, to humiliate, to lying, to cheating and misinform all creatures from infinite past space and infinite future space? I do not want! You? ----- I want assistance for illegal employment unlawful abusive. It's incredible that after three thousand anuses of Justice, rights, politics, church, and ministry of work, my work "only child of god pineal gland", it is still secret and abusive, and paid only with mutilation, blackmail, extortion, poisoning descaling agent to split the cortex of the pineal gland, violation of private and desires through possession and telepathy, total ignorance on the part of all organizations. I have a right to justice, compensation as a victim of terrorism theological political, and work book. I want a lawyer to explain better at everyone, this situation. Thanks. 3284491333 Talin Cristian ---- You did not know until now, why you write this alphabet? Video code supernatural of telekinesis from 5 July 2011, country RomaNia, city RomaN, city Roma, SromaN Bethlehem, SeveN, S666N, 26662, devil dracula 666 Israel was arrested SisraelN, Satan Christ was arrested ScristoN, devil Maria was arrested SmariaN, street SanNio saint N I, market TreNto 3Nto NNN, city Milan, country Italy, the amount in Excel through significant books is 3816 816 707 700 777 181 26, my birth is 03.01.1975, 175cm height, are 13331 days from my birth, up to code from 5 July 2011, are 13331 days from code up to 03.01.2048, total 26662 days, I will have 73 years, the code has 3h30’48”. Code video supernatural of telekinesis Eternal Infinite Order from 14 November 2011.

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More reports of BEKs.  This time in #portlandoregon  

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Report of Black Eyed Kids #BEK demonstrating their psychic abilities, reading their victim's mind and answering his thoughts.

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Here is a first hand report of an encounter with Black Eyed Children that was submitted to our blog!
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