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Theme Song ::::

Impressionable Quote ::::   She can't speak but she like the quote "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, but Today is a gift, that is why it is called the present" She uses it to keep the others in high spirits

Species ::::   Hybrid.  Cat-Human. Fight me

Name ::::  Kirigo Sotaki

 Age ::::   22

Gender ::::   Female

Hair Color ::::   Maroon

Eye Color ::::   Gold

Skin Tone ::::   Tanned

Facial Features ::::  full cheeks, sharp chin, small eyes, pointy and large nose.

Build ::::   Petite 

Personality ::::  Aggressive, straight to the point, soft on the inside, tsundere af, not good with interaction of any kinds, love animals but would never show it, dont forget if she could talk this is her vocab "Fuck, shit, no, Abby!, Eris!, bitch, help, I hate you, fuck, fuck, dammit, shit, this taste like shit, it smells like shit here, you are a fucker, FUCK"

Voice ::::   If she could talk, lets just say you would know its her voice,
Like is there any female character that has like a very deep assertive voice but still feminine

Skills/Magic/Powers ::::  She is very skilled in martial arts and fighting skills, a favorite of her own being bare knuckle boxing. 

Profession ::::   She used to work as a bartender if you would believe

Sexuality ::::   Asexual, gray aromantic

Blood Type ::::   o

Relationships ::::   2 siblings, 1 adoptive sibling, dead biological parents, 2 sets of adoptive parents. 1st set gave her back because of aggressive and mean attitude for such a young girl

Biography :::: Ahem this is a bit of a long one
At the age of 4 years old her parents died in a car accident, with her 2 siblings left, they had gotten separated for adoption. As she had gotten her first set of parents after her biological parents died. As she started up her bipolar and depression the parents noticed in it in the wrong way. They thought she was going insane and was rebelling. They didnt know about how she was orphaned and ripped away so they sent her back, not realizing that it impacted her more. With that she was re-adopted at the age of 6. As the family already had a son, she was quite surprised when he wanted her to talk. No one ever asked her to talk. Almost the second he asked she swat at him, leaving a small claw mark across his cheek. Her brother still has it to this day. Either way at the age of 17, a few days after her birthday, was what she called the worst day of her life. It was her siblings. They had come and found her. In fact she hardly keeps tabs on them but they visit daily. In which she just ignores them.
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Kirigo stretched in her bed, grumbling to hear the others in the house. Here let me explain, there are 7 girls (and 1 agender) in a household. None of them are related but a couple are more close than others and no one is more close and like sisters like Kiri and Abby. But back to angry Kirigo. She stood up, straightening her pajamas. Which were just a black cami and black sweat pants. She was quite short, only being 5'2 and 22 yrs old. So the others picked on her, even her supposed sister, Abigail. But in truth Abby was only 1 inch taller anyway. When getting on her black jeans, gray graphic tee, and put her hair in a tall pony tail andsweeping her bangs behind her ears she started her journey downstairs. She sighed looking at the kitchen, Abigail was cooking, while singing her stupid songs. "Now baby I'm a little scared. Now dont you quit!" She continued to stir a batter, ignoring Kirigo entering the room. "You'll never take us alive!~ " She continued her small rock session pouring the batter onto the skillet. Kirigo sighed, grabbing a water from the fridge, her frown deepening when she saw Eris walk in. The tallest of them all, trust me this is important info because.... well "Oh how is the mute short stack?" Eris, leaned on Kiri's head. Grinning at the fuming maroon haired girl. "Hey, chill. I am 6'3 and agender so who am I not gonna make fun of?" She chuckled, going over to Abby, giving her a small side hug then retreating to the fridge to grab bread for toast. For some reason Eris never eats anything beside toast for breakfast or ceral sometimes. Kirigo got sick of Eris' and Abby's stupid song talk and went into the living room, spotting Maddy laying on the couch, and Check sitting on the recliner watching some anime. I think it was called Hetalia and Check like usual was more muttering to herself about her sour candy. Her real name wasnt check but that nickname just grew over time. No one knows her real fucking name though. She grumbled to herself just wanting to talk to one normal person, though she couldn't speak and Abby was the only person able to understand her through her constant emotionless face.

But upstairs are 2 more of our story, the shy and scaredy pants Nina Alcove and Star Sichen. They were currently playing slap jack. In fact there is a small weird thing about this household, only a few of them are normal. Here lets explore the different "abilities" of the girls. Okay so back to our maroon head, Kirigo Sotaki. This girl is a 22 year old gold eyed, maroon haired 5'2 girl. She has a small black mark on the back of her neck. Her hair is in a constant pony tail, only taking it out to get dressed or to go to parties. (In which she hardly attends) Well also she is very good with wizardery. Yep wizards exsist infact we have another wizard in the house. Along with her abilities she has 2 siblings, being the middle child. Her younger yet taller sister Ciandrah Sotaki and her older and loud brother Fuyu Sotaki. Their appearances will be described later. Now to our next female, Abigail Newton. 

A simple 15 year old, who loves writing cooking and drawing, despite sucking at drawing. She always lets the other see her writing, always happy to see their opinions but being angry when someone gives her critisim, whether it being constructive or not. She is slightly bipolar and has mildly severe depression, b-t-dubs. She also says that instead of btw or by the way. She has short blonde hair, just enough to make a small ponytail, it just about touches her shoulders. Her eyes being a dark blue eyes, also I might as well say she is a total nerd, loving many different video games, cartoons, and anime. Infact her current back pack is from Hetalia and she has a small necklace with a pink Fairy Tail symbol. To our next female, Eris Shults, the tall weirdo.

The adnormal tall agender, Eris Shults is constantly getting mistaken for a male by strangers or people who arent good friends with them. Whenever a stanger makes a comment about them hanging out with so many females, they usually just pass it off and pretend like they are a male and wraps an arm around whatever friend they are hanging with. Plus they always wear jeans and sleeve shirts under skating tees, plus they are actually really good at skate boarding. Surprisingly Eris is not the other wizard but she can see ghost and other spirits.

Okay now to the other females, first Maddeline Smith. The ginger scottish girl who is very up beat and loud. As she is 16 years of age and enjoys many activities, including reading, fencing, and dancing. With her only ability to just have great teaching skills when coming to fencing and sword fighting. She has her own rapier, a nice white blade and purple hilt. As she smiled and looked over to Check, wondering what the seemingly quiet girl was thinking.

Next we have Check Mark who is sitting very near. With her quiet and mysterious attitude, no one knows much about Check beside her love for sour candies and will always wear dresses that are orange and yellow with hints of black lining. She goes out quite a bit at night and allows no one in her room, similar to Kirigo. As she has a few different masks around the home, no one truly questions it.

Now onto Nina and Star; Nina for one is a small 15 year old within one of the most high ranked wizardy academies. She is quite shy and will almost never speak unless to her brother. While Star, as she is the only person with a speacial kind of family she stays her ground quite simply. She doesnt have any siblings nor does she have divorced parents ,or any slight "defects" as someone would say, inside of her family. 

Now that you know about the weird girls, lets get to the actual rolepl- "...." I am not sneaking out if that is what you are asking. ".....?" Alright I will finish this properly just shut up Kirigo "..!" ALRIGHT IM UPSTAIRS.

The 8 continued on with their daily rountines, Eris is asleep for their later night job at a muesum (No not like Night at the Muesum) Kirigo cooking and cleaning while the rest are at school. Kirigo was already graduated and has a degree within physcology and art. Abigail at her new high school, Nina at her academy, Check at a surprisingly distant school, Crist currently at training. Kirigo sighed as she hung up her apron and put away the mop. She put the dinner inside of the oven, going to the living room and plopping down on the couch. 'Finally, relaxa-' She growled while sitting at as she stared at the door. It had seemingly just rang and she knew she wasn't expecting any package or visitors. Maybe some soliciters or girl scouts. This was going to be fun. She jumped over the back, walking over to the door. She tried looking through the door, taking another realization she was too short. Kirigo swung it open staring up at the.... stranger? They seemed familiar but Kirigo couldn't put her finger on it, she just knew the girls were coming home soon so might as well let them in to see if they were waiting for one of her roomates. 

+Thomas Laarhoven 
+Berg Electron 
+Moira Dreamcatcher 

+Moira Dreamcatcher 
I am going to give a more specific and fancy and sophisticated sounding answer
As most of you know, you do not have to make a role play post to join into with your character but as you know I will be making all 8 of the house along with some siblings. (But they arent in the house) So with that I just want to say that hopefully the 4 other people will respond to my starter once I get the others set up


Im gonna post the whole giant starter thing so... to anyone who hasnt, you better make your profiles


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Theme Song :::: "I recommend people to watch it, it's really good."

Impressionable Quote :::: "Soo, can anyone tell me what the power limit is here? Oh, and making my master a mod was probably not you're best idea Kirigo."

Species :::: "Human?"

Name :::: "Miraak Sarcastic. Thank Moira for that."

Age :::: "I always forget what year it is...."

Gender ::::  "Let's boobs, a beard, a d***, and a low sounding voice.....I'm batman!"

Hair Color :::: "Black, or brown when I'm a pirate."

Eye Color :::: "Emerald green. Why? F*** you that's why."

Skin Tone :::: "Either white, or something else, depending who I am cos playing as."

Facial Features :::: "I have vampire like teeth, and I may look like a serial killer.....I have a mask..."

Build :::: "Even though I don't look athletic, I can kick anyone's ass. OP much Thomas?"

Personality :::: "Have you met me? Meet me. JUST.....DO IT!"

Voice :::: "Test test, one two three. I think it's low, but one of my powers allows me to change it."

Skills/Magic/Powers :::: "Over powered, forth wall breaking sorcerer. My magic is mainly the manipulation and control over metal like objects and liquids. But, as Thomas is very found of me, I think he likes me, I am allowed by him to become someone else, to become something else." That's from Arrow. "Don't spoil it! Dammit. Fine. I know the kind of media I am in, like Deadpool, but unlike him, I can actually destroy the world if I want to. Not that I want to, whar would be the fun in that?"

Profession :::: "I'm Batman!" No, you're not, stop screwing around. "Fine. Overpowered, forth wall breaking sorcerer." .....You are hopeless. "Storyteller?" Better.

Sexuality :::: "Bisexual, just like" Sssst!

Blood Type :::: "Don't have one, too much iron."

Relationships :::: "I have one, in another world. But here, nope."

Biography :::: "This again? Common!" You have to. "Damn you Kirigo! Fine. I was born in the year 1861, in a miners family. My father passed away, and my brother and I had to take care of my mother. She eventually remarried to her childhood love, but died a few years later. It drove the man to suicide.....really sad. Oh well, too bad." That's a little harsh. "That's how live goes. I won't say more then that, you'll just have to talk to me." Fine.......for now.
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PG-13 Account


Theme Song ::::

Impressionable Quote ::::  _"Fight me, fight me right now."

Species ::::  "I am a human!"

Name ::::  "My name is Abigail Newton you mother clucker"

Age ::::  "I am 15"

Gender ::::  "I am a female, obviously DUH"

Hair Color ::::  "I am blonde, worship my golden locks"

Eye Color ::::  "They are as blue as sapphires"

Skin Tone ::::  "I am ... uh Looks at skin tone pallet I am Light"

Facial Features :::: "Hahah fuck  this one"

Build ::::  "Uh....Looks at DC universe PIXY LARGE"

Personality :::: _"As said by many of Abigail's friends

Voice ::::  "Like, imagine squidgirl's voice bruh"

Skills/Magic/Powers :::: "HAHAH NOTHING" cri

Profession ::::   "I help Kirigo with her works"

Sexuality ::::  "I am asexual, hetero romantic"

Blood Type ::::  "I dont fucking know!~"

Relationships ::::  "Well beside the 7, I have 2 siblings. Patrick and Issy"
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I am working on the description now
So +Berg Electron  shut up and..
I hate it
UGH i have my starter thing when everyone wants to make their accounts

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"Tick tock tick tock…every heart dies with the clock…yours and mine included. Tick tock tick tock…time’s a bomb that soon will drop. The dreams told me your fate...if you want to change it, it's too late...your time approaches..."

N A M E : ”My…full name? Fine then...Dareth Claudia-Tempestia Somnium…there's a reason everyone just uses 'Dare Somnium'..."

N I C K N A M E: "Most people Dare...and I use the...last name well. And I was once called Clockwork...because I tend to understand how...things work...and because I keeps so many clocks on me…not to mention my eye. My brothers and sisters call me Claudia...and my friends call me Dara..."

A G E: ”Fourteen years.”

G E N D E R/SEXUALITY: ”I’m…obviously a girl…though some people have mistaken me for a male…I don’t really understand why though. I…don’t really know my sexually, nor do I care.”

B I R T H D A Y: ”September 18th…zodiac sign, Virgo…though anyone who calls me a maiden is very mistaken…”

R A C E: ”My blood is elven…I suppose it's more commonly called Elfnymph here...though I know there to be bits of faerie…nymph…human and mermaid mixed into my bloodline.”

A P P E A R A NCE: Dare is short for her age, standing at only 5"3, with a very thin build, as well as light and agile rather than muscular and bulky. She slouches ever so slightly, which makes her look even smaller than she truly is. Her skin is very light, though she spends a good amount of time outside. She doesn't have any scars that haven't been healed, but she does have a small white rabbit tattoo on the left side of her stomach, and a blue celtic moon on her collarbone. She also has eight piercings in her left ear, two of which are a miniature chain which clips to the top and bottom of her ear with a tiny clock hanging from the chain. Two of the earrings near the bottom of her ear are small fangs, and one near the top is what appears to be an amethyst carved into the shape of a diamond. The other three are simple silver clips. As her elven heritage suggests, she also has pointed ears. Her eyes are a deep purple, with lighter shades of violet as one looks farther from her pupils, which are simply black. She wears light eyeliner, making her eyes look a bit narrower and angular. Her left eye is usually covered by her hair, but it is the same shade of dark violet with a clock-like design etched into the iris with a deep almost-lilac color. She usually keeps an illusion over this eye, as it begs too many questions for her comfort. The hands on the clock both point to a miniature Roman numeral twelve in her eye. This measures her lifespan, meaning that she is only at the beginning of her time, and that when she dies, the hands will have come full circle back to twelve again. Dare has a spiky texture to her hair, yet it looks almost fluffy. Her hair is black, and only falls about a half inch below the shoulder. Her hair sticks out slightly on the sides, just below her ears. It's long enough to tie into a ponytail, but she never does, and she often wears a pageboy cap over her hair, also covering her slightly pointed ears. Dare wears simple elven styles for the most part, though when in human inhabited areas she dresses differently. She usually wears a brown vest with blue and violet embroidery over a high collared violet shirt made of flowing material. Her sleeves flare out over her hands, and usually cover them and her black palm gloves. Her pants are simple brown trousers, coming about to her knees, where they meet with high laced leather boots. A sleeve of knifes is hidden in each sleeve, as well as a few in each boot. She sometimes substitutes her vest for one that cuts off at the stomach like a crop top, or wears a simple black cloak. Her neck is adorned with a black choker, from which hangs an hourglass with silver sand, which always seems to be unmoving. Yet another clock hangs from a silver chain around her neck, this one more decorative and made of tarnished gold. On her hip she wears a belt, which has a slit where she usually places her dagger, which has a black handle and a short silvery blade. She also carries a small pouch, in which she usually carries a vial or two, a quill or some extra food.

F E A R S: Dare's fear is losing those she loves, specifically the woman she knows as her mother, and her five siblings. She is also terrified of heights and loud noises, as well as losing control or not having the guidance of Matilda or her ancestors.

L I K E S: The sound of ticking clocks helps her to calm down, and she loves to sleep more than almost anything. She was always very close with her siblings, and she likes autumn weather, and has a strange passion for sweets. Stuffed animals surround her room, yet since no one knows where she lives, she’s able to keep her passion for stuffed animals a secret. Music helps her keep a calm attitude, and she likes to dance. Rabbits along with other animals are close to her heart, as are legends and stories from times of old.

D I S L I K E S: Crowds, loud noises and arrogant individuals are only a few of the things that make Dare angry. Rude people, mean people, overly excited people, suck ups, teachers’ pets, people who sugar coat everything, liars, people who think that their opinion has to be right with no opposition, lazy bums, most people who’re in power and most of all people who make fun of her stuttering and clock eye. She also dislikes bright light, extreme heat, beaches, swimming, and just socializing with others in general, especially when those individuals boast about their power.

P E R S O N A L I T Y:
Dare is a quiet person, usually keeping to herself and avoiding social interactions. Rarely speaking, it would be easy to mistake her for rather dim witted, while in fact she's always filing information away in her mind, analyzing even the smallest of occurrences. While she's kind to animals and most people, she can be rather manipulative, never lying out right, but stating the truth in such a way that a falsehood could be believed. Her calm demeanor only breaks when fear sweeps over her. She prefers to hide her fear rather than show it, which in her mind is the practical thing to do. She doesn't handle authority very well, preferring to aim for her own goals. Her imaginative mind is often overshadowed because of her practical way of thinking.

W E A P O N S: Dare uses a small dagger for the most part, as well as some small knives which are usually hidden up her sleeves. She does have the ability to wield a scythe, and she's pretty good with a bow.

A B I L I T I E S:
Eye of Nightmare
Dare’s left eye has the ability to see into the dreams, and interpret them to see what lies ahead, what a person might fear, and whatever other insights the dreams give her. Her eye also allows her to project dreams into reality, creating a sort of illusion which can be both auditory and visual. The most common use for this ability is using auditory illusions to make it sound as if she can speak, as Dare is mute. She can also eat nightmares, as well as give and take dreams. She can control her own dreams, and those of others, though she doesn't do so often, as she sees this as a huge invasion of a persons privacy.

Curse of the descendants
Dare has another strange ability, which she can only attempt to explain. Some of her ancestors, most of whom were elven mages live on in her own mind, allowing them to speak to her and even lend her their own abilities. The stronger the power she tries to use, the more of her energy it takes up. She cannot switch between strong spirits continually, or she’ll faint from the strain. Her ancestors often fight amongst themselves, meaning that there is usually utter chaos happening behind her eyes. As she grows older, her magic also grows, allowing her to contain more spirits in her head. So far she can only has nine of her ancestors in her head. She started out with three when she was about eight years old, having met them in one of her dreams. Not fully understanding her abilities, it took her a year to unlock a new spirit. As she grew older, her mental abilities grew, and she was able to obtain more and more spirits until she ended up with the ones she has today. Dare decided that she couldn’t handle another spirit, so she’s content with the ones she has…for now. She usually puts up a barrier around her mind so that she can mute her ancestors, and she can only tap into their abilities when she is especially afraid. Each of her ancestors represents a different fear, as well as a specific emotion. Having either that fear or that emotion take over can result in that particular spirit taking over.

Leah: A sweet young girl with short blonde hair and light yellow eyes who wouldn’t fight to save her own life. She is a complete pacifist, and never advanced her magical abilities, but she can turn invisible and can heal minor to moderate wounds with her nymph-like abilities. She grew up in a village of faeries in the forest, as her mother fell ill when she was young, and her father had gone off to war. She died rather young when a dark mage attacked her village, killing off most of her friends and family in search of the faeries secret books of magic. She is usually calm, and always advises Dare to stay out of the fighting. She represents innocence, as well as the fears of evil and being ignored.

Maddison Somnium: A shy nymph who loves plants and animals. Her magic allows her to communicate with animals and plants, which she usually uses to ask of the past events in a place. She also hates to fight, but won’t hesitate if the situation is dire. Another wise adviser, she often advises Dare to never jump to conclusions, and to be forgiving and kind. Maddison always insists that pain be avoided, and believes that others should always come before yourself. She died in childbirth after wedding an elven man, and birthing her twin daughters, half elf half nymph. Maddison represents kindness and compassion, while representing the fear of rejection.

Quinn Somnium: A skilled elven archer, trained by a great elven warrior, who took him in when Quinn was about fifteen. His parents sent him off to master a trade, as was common in that day. Quinn became a hunter and a mage who understood the ways of the forest, and could even transform into any animal which he had seen. He was always strong but silent, and prefers to keep quiet when Dare needs assistance, preferring to let her go her own way. Quinn represents peacefulness, as well as the fear of chaos.

Dover: A rather quiet, usually nervous young merman, who has the ability to turn his legs into a tail when he touches water. He can of course, breathe underwater, and even control it if it’s nearby. He was an only child who often roamed the seas, eventually becoming a father of five before being caught in a net by humans, and sacrificed to one of their gods. He represents the fear of failing, as well as hope.

Bryant: A tech genius who works with computers and machines of all sorts. He has the ability to speak to machines and ask them to do his bidding with his mind. He’s rather spunky, and often gets excited around machines of any kind, especially futuristic kinds of things. He was recruited to a tech team when he was nineteen, spending most of his life protecting government secrets from hackers, eventually enlisting in the CIA. He was put in prison when he went awall, and died escaping with some members from a group of conspiracy theorists who wanted to uncover the governments real secrets. He represents curiosity, as well as the fear of commitment.

Meme: A young woman who fights with her fists, having amazing physical strength and endurance. She usually wear punching gloves, which have steel hidden inside, and she’s usually very excited and cheerful. She was raised in a very tough household, two sisters and four older brothers, she had to learn to defend herself quick. She spent most of her time at the gym, where she eventually joined a MMA team and managed to become a professional wrestler, one of the first female ones. She eventually retired, but managed to pull a few strings and enlist in the army. She died in battle. She represents excitement and the fear of being alone.

Ariah (Oberon) Somnium:
A skilled swords man, an elven king with a faerie mother. Ariah’s father was the king of their small kingdom, but unable to wait until his time to take the throne, Ariah killed his father with his own sword. Needless to say that Ariah didn’t make a very good leader, focused only on gaining more power, he built up the army, killing off the families of any men who refused to join, and attacked the surrounding kingdoms. He ended up in a huge war, but he ended up in control of twice the amount of land he had before the war by the time it ended. He was killed when he challenged the leader of a tribe of desert elves to a duel, confident that he would win with his magic. Fortunately for everyone, he was defeated. He's usually triggered by Dare's anger, but he is her most used spirit, as he was one of the first of her ancestors she ever met. He represents anger, as well as the fear of loosing and not being the best.

Xena: A woman who dreamed of becoming a knight, but was denied from the royal army because of her gender. She has the ability to manipulate inanimate, material objects, including metal and air with her mind. She cannot control people or animals, and she can only control one thing at a time. She is very stoic, always trying to act like a knight. however, she actually has a passion for designing clothing, armor for the most part, though she is a fierce enemy, and an even fiercer ally. Though she lived through many battles, she was unable to bear it when the days of knights ended and the days of guns began, committing suicide. She represents determination, as well as the fear of change.

Ellias: A slightly demented young man who uses puppets and dolls as his weapons. He has the ability to make inanimate objects fight for him with his puppet strings, as well as trip people up with his strings. When he was alive, he would make dolls for his little sister. Brigands came and tried to kidnap his sister, but her doll came to life and murdered the man. After that, he dolls began coming to life more and more often. The people proclaimed that Ellias must be a witch, and burned him at the stake along with his dolls. Before his death, he began slowly loosing his mind with fear. He didn't know his power, so he was afraid that the dolls would kill him and his family, though truly they are simply an extension of himself.He represents protectiveness, and the fear of those one loves dying, as well as the fear of fire.

Amelia: A priest who uses light magic. She isn't much use in combat, but she is a terrific healer, and can use her staff as a weapon. She was raised in a poor household with her loving parents, both of which were very religious. She was also religious, but in a more peaceful way than her parents. She was the apprentice to a priest, but when she turned 19, she opened an orphanage. She performed miracles for the young and old, rich and poor. She had a bit of a hard time earning money, but she did her best to earn as much as she could by performing miracles for kings and queens. She died when war swept through the country, protecting her children with a light spell that would take her own life to ensure that each of them would live to be at least twenty years old. She represents faithfulness and the fear of fear itself.

Griffith: A very strong man who has the ability to make anything he touches into a monster of some kind. He's more of a hand to hand combat fighter than a stealthy fighter, which makes him slow, but strong. He is the newest of Dare’s spirits, so she doesn’t know much about him other than the fact that he is very prideful, almost a little too proud of his strength. She has yet to discover what happened in his past. He represents pride, as well as the fear of humiliation.

Demirah: An extremely hateful woman who considers herself a queen, and above all others. She uses dark flames which can emit poison, and master illusions to fight. She was the youngest daughter of Twili, but her hatred for her sisters and her greed for the throne drove her to study dark magic, becoming stronger than any of the others. On her eldest sister’s coronation day, she stormed in wielding black flames and challenged her sister to a duel, which she won. She spared her sister’s life, but demanded the crown for herself. Though Twili was not pleased at this, she recognized her daughter’s strength, and proclaimed that she was indeed the most worthy to rule. When Twili died, Demeriah was the first ever to receive her ancestor’s advice and abilities. She never planned on marrying, her hatred for all living things to great, but when she found out that she would literally be able to live on as long as her bloodline continued, she wed a dark mage with whom she had been trained in the arts of darkness with. They had only one daughter before Demeriah was killed. She was consumed by hatred her entire life, yet at the sight of her daughter she became kind and loving, all her hatred forgotten. This was part of her dark magic, the more she learned to love, the weaker her spells became. As she grew to love her daughter, her love for her husband also grew, then love for her subjects as well. Her eldest sister came to her, begging that Demeriah assist her in saving her own daughter, who had been kidnapped by brigands. She agreed, but right as Demerit struck down the last brigand, ensuring her niece’s safety, her sister stabbed her in the back. She was too shocked to strike back, and she knew no healing magic. Though she hates everything now, her husband and daughter loved her till the end. Her husband murdered her sister in revenge, training their daughter in dark magic until she could take over the throne. This was the first of many times when the kingdom would fall because of their leader. She represents distrust and the fear of betrayal.

Twili: The oldest and most powerful of Dare’s spirits. Dare never uses her abilities, simply listens to her advice. If she were to fight, she would give Dare the ability to make mirrors, which would reflect attacks back at their opponents, and the ability to fight with mirror shards, as well as turn into someones worst nightmare. She refuses to divulge her own past to her descendants, though all of them know that she was a powerful mage who was called the Goddess of Nightmares and Mirrors, or Bloody Mary. She represents wisdom and fear, as well as the fear of death.

STRENGTHS: ”Well I uh…fight better at night…more nightmares to feed off of. I…also fight better alone…unless it’s with one of my brothers or sisters. I…also fight better in places like cities…forests…places where I can hide easily. And uh…I feel safer around my siblings…when I’m around them I don’t loose control as easily…"

WEAKNESSES: ”I um…don’t like fire…or bright light…messes up my illusions. And…I’d do anything to protect my siblings…my little sister Shira…most of brother Ail is probably my closest friend. Also...I'm terrified of heights...unless I'm flying myself...and...I don't like to use my magic if I can help messes with my emotions…”

P E T S: "I don't think Matilda counts...but I have a pet bat...she usually stays her name…she was my voice when I had none...”

F A M I L Y: "Adoptive mother...deceased father...three brothers and two well as many friends...who are as good as brothers and sisters. The people who gave birth to me are somewhere out there…could be dead for all I know and care..."

D I S O R D E R S/ D I S A B I L I T I E S: "I can't see reality with my left eye...and I guess you could say I have multiple personality disorder. wings...people of my race are meant to have them. In...the household I grew up in...we were never taught to use the time I tried to use mine...I found out that they were too weak to be used..."
Dare is also mute, though she uses auditory illusions to hide her inability to speak.

FRIEND/S: "My brothers and sisters...especially my brother Ail...other than them I have Art...and Loki…and the other people from my ancestors might count I suppose...I have quite a few friends from Fairy Tail...though I rarely see most of them...."

RIVAL/S: "None...unless you count ancestor...we're always competing…Ail and I compete quite a bit as well…and a few of my other siblings…though I really wouldn’t call them…rivals…"

QUIRKS: "Well...I fall asleep a lot...and I like sweets...a well as rabbits. I also like clocks...obvious...since I always carry two with on my necklace and one in my earring...their ticking calms me down. And if you couldn't notice...I stutter as well…"

B I O: Dareth grew up with her five adoptive brothers and sisters, who were also elves, along with her adoptive parents, who were dwarves. They were taught magic, reading, writing, many different languages, and fighting with weapons, until their parents decided that they were ready to integrate into elven society. They moved into a large elven city, just around the time that the kind and benevolent elven queen was murdered. Her younger brother took the throne, but he was nothing like his sister. He hung her father under the false charge of killing the queen and her 12 guardians. They later found that the tyrant had actually killed the queen out of spite, and so that he could claim power. Dareth, enraged at her fathers murder, began gathering followers, others who had had family and friends killed by their horrid ruler. She and her siblings continued gaining allies, until they had an army strong enough to storm the castle. It was a fierce battle, but in the end, the rebels won out, Dareth crowning her eldest sister queen. Her sister brought a new era of peace to the elves, doing her best to rebuild the broken kingdom. Dareth didn’t want to have any hand in actually ruling the kingdom, as her specialties were magic and battle tactics. Now she just travels around, usually with some companions, discovering new kinds of magic and such.

A F F I L I A T I ON: "My clan for one...we call ourselves Neverland's Lost...or just the Lost ones...that's about it though."

EXTRAS: Dare has a rabbit doll that her brother and she accidentally trapped a wandering soul inside. This doll has teeth like needles, and can levitate, and give advice. When Dara puts a large amount of her power into this doll, it gains the ability to teleport.

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