Make sure to check out the Latest Android release of Juicy Clouds! We added 40 new levels, the Funnelbries can now change direction, and after level 99 you will get to know some flying pigs...

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You could play them before, but after the latest update you can collect them as well. Secret levels. Now you have a dedicated shelf up in space where you can keep all the secret levels you find. One catch though. You have to beat them first.

Here's one:

(be sure to upgrade before you play it, if you want to keep it on the shelf)

Other news:
- A bunch of new in-game levels!
- You can log in with Facebook and compete with your friends (no we couldn't do it with g+, apple won't approve that on app store).
- New in-game objects: Funnelbries.
- First version of the Juicy Clouds tune (I composed it, so don't you dare complain ;)

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So, we're live on Google Play!

If you haven't tried it already, now is the time!

Thanks to all that helped us testing!

(We are still waiting for the App Store review on the iOS version)

And a final call for assistance: If you liked the game, please give us many stars on the Google Play page! And maybe even some nice words if you're in the mood. :)

And of course, telling friends, +1, likes etc is greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!

Grattis till releasen! Lycka till! Releaseparty!

Unfortunately we had to reset the user database in the last upgrade (0.42). This means you will have to signup again (if you want to save high scores etc).

The reason is that our backend provider (stackmob) is shutting down, so we are moving to instead. We were able to migrate the high score data but users with encrypted salted passwords were just too much fuzz. Sorry for this!

On the upside, you get four new flavors of clouds, and can now keep signed in on several devices at the same time.

Fick kämpa ohyggligt länge med bana 21. Spelade den ohälsosamt många gånger och den buggade flera gånger och la upp dubbla lager moln och jag fick oändligt antal drag. Fick döda appen för att få den att starta om.

Vet inte om jag är helt nöjd med lösningen på den banan. Tycker den bryter mot spelets fysik?

En restart level-knapp vill jag ha :-)

For you who have an iPhone and want to be a tester: Apple only allows for a limited number of testers. So if you want in, contact us and we will either give you a test account or put you on a waiting list.
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