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A quick visual guide to Washington DC historic espionage landmarks and tradecraft failures. Of course, what's missing is the [REDACTED] site where [REDACTED] happened back in [REDACTED].

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I ordered all the new adventures from DriveThruRPG, and I'm getting them printed into book form. Sweet.

im getting ready to run my first "Delta Green" scenario tonight for my normal group as half our group wont be there so it will only be 4 or 5 of us. What is a good scenario to introduce them to the world of Delta Green. of the ones showing up tonight i have the high body count equals fun player, the intellectual problem solving player, the social player that loves to interact with any and every npc and the other one or two are usually followers that follow the group. so what will be a good one shot scenario of 4 to 5 hours run time that has props, puzzles, lots of killing and interacting with npcs involved in it. thanks in advance for the help.

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About to run my first DG scenario tonight! Excited to see how it goes, and hoping I can make it fun for the players! Any last minute advice or tips would be appreciated. Thx.

I'm wondering, has anybody 'converted' anything from Delta Green: PX Poker Night from d20 CoC to the new system? It looks like it wouldn't be very difficult to do so.

Yesterday I ran my second DG game (first one was on Friday). Both time we used "Need To Know", as for most of us it is a new system.

I think, all players in a Friday's group had no previous experience with Mythos-related RPGs. As was suggested to me in this community, I've tried to warn them (through the agents' briefing) about dangers of DG operations, and I think, they took advise a little too seriously. After investigating Baughman's appartments (with almost no guidance on "detective work" from me, they're fast learners) they've found out about cabin in the woods, and decided to drive there... but in the morning (I've tried to lure them in with promises of easily obtainable flashlights and no exhaustion penalties, but failed)... Baughman's letter left them scratching their heads and little unnerved. In fact, they stopped examining locker and discussed a situation. Remembering the briefing, they've opted for a cautious course of actions. I think, I made a mistake when asked them to roll Alertness to hear anything coming from the tank... everyone failed, of course :) They still lost some SAN after setting gasoline on fire because of those screams, and when FBI patologist (long after operation's end, in a lab) examined what was left in a tank, she found out that it was human remains... And that was the end of a session.

Yesterday's players are more experienced (one is a Handler himself, two others are new to DG, but not to investigative horror genre), so "investigative" part went smoother with some surprises for me (critical success on SIGINT roll to search "darknet" for info on Baughman? Let me think a little...). I was amused to hear their initial impressions on cabin's surroundings. Their thoughts on the letter were similar to those of the first group. They were planning to use gasoline as was suggested, without looking inside the tank. This time I didn't ask for Alertness rolls, though. That resulted in some arguing between agents, some careful planning... but in the end they've opened a tank. Chaos ensued, we had shooting, chase through the forest, death of an agent from the shotgun blast (you don't want to fumble Firearms check shooting from a close distance, when one of your partners is close to your target), SAN losses because of all of that and because of cleanup "work"... A little shaken, with some new face scars two surviving agents flew to Vegas to drown their memories in booze and mindless gambling.

So, the main result of these two games is that I now have 6 players who want to play in a regular DG game (yeah, I'll roll SAN check vs Helplessness, thank you... yep, it's a fail :)). And, despite my words that they don't need an Agent's Handbook to play, one of them already ordered a hardcover, and two others are on the verge of buying PDF version.

I guess, those were good games :)

Hey guys. Where did the DG forums on Yog Sothoth go? I can't seem to find them anymore, and I can't find any new forum either...

I've been devouring Delta Green, or has it been devouring me? Currently playing the new edition and loving it. Just finished Through a Glass Darkly, currently reading Extraordinary Renditions. I was not thrilled with CoC7, but this, this is something else, I can't recommend the new edition enough. 
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