Ost had a championship games this Sunday April 12,2015 against INT. TUOZ at 16th and Jackson Street at 1:30 . Please come and watch our games, we wants to come and cheer and support us to made a game wonderfull. We want to invite you please don't forgot to come
Venue: @ 16th and Jackson Street.
@ 1:30

We don't had practice on Friday April 3rd, 2015 because off the holiday (good Friday) gym and cities closed. We do had practice on Tuesday April 7,2015 at Furness. Every body had a great weekend and Enjoying your spring break.

Boys we had practice tomorrow at Furness, don't forgot to come. Just spreadibg the word. Have a great evening and see you all tomorrow.

Boys this week we do had practice twice a day
Practice will be on Thursday at Funress
Friday at Murphy rac
Boys be there time, don't forgot to come. See you there. Have a great day.

Ladies and gentlemen, All the O.s.t soccer club, and other soccer club who were playing winter classico tournamnet at funress tomorrow had been switch for next Saturday due to bad inclement weather. The Winter classico tournamnet were held on March 14,2015 at Furness High School.

Boys practice today at Murphy rac center at 3:30. Be there on time, Don't be late. Also lets prepare for the Tomorrow winter classico tournamnent at ur home

boys optional practice Thursday at Furness 12:30, and Friday regular practice at Murphy Rac at 3:30 .

Boys tomorrow we had practice, Don't forget to come practice. Tuesday practice make up. On Friday we have a practice at murphy rac . Everyone must be there and see you there tomorrow. Have a gret evening!

Boys from starting Friday we will have practice at Murphy rac. Make sure be on time and no late then 3:30, accept Tuesday because some of our player stay at after school at migrant education programs. Everybody had great day and see you on Friday.

boys don't forget to practice. we do had practice on Tuesday at 3 o'clock at Murphy Rack Center.Be on time , do not late. Every body had a great days and see you on Tuesday
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