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Introducing: Ask a Biologist About Your Pond or Lake
Post any question you have about fish, bugs, birds, frogs, slugs, snails or other adorable creepy crawlers and we will lend our thoughts. You may also ask about waterfront real estate and fishing.
Note: Be sure to post your question in the Ask a Biologist category.
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Guys i am going to build a new huge pond . And i want to be like an aquarium . I am going to put fancy guppies , tetras , weather loach , danios and some local fish . Please cane you suggest me some fish for cold water , plants and shrimps .


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I'm trying to figure out the best way to hep my mom prevent spring time flooding. These are in flood state photos, but the pond's all dried up and ready for some help, any suggestions? We have access to a backhoe also.
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hey guys do you know any koi breaders in Greece , can you suggest me one ? thanks

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Looking for some new fun on those ponds, lakes and river beaches this summer? Take a look at and on G+ at +WindPaddle Sitting back and sailing beats paddling "hands down" ... literally!

We want to try this in a float tube, too.

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If you want to build a pond / lake in a gorgeous setting, make sure the water supply is clean . This is a beautiful view of Mt Hood Oregon, but the dirty water supply has produced a pond with cloudy water. lakes and ponds are too valuable to ruin with poor water quality. The good news is this can be fixed with a bit of thoughtful guidance. #fishing #ponds #mountain #lakes #view. Mountains and country recreation property and real estate as it should be!

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I think you can remove the stakes. It looks like it was left by the contractor in a hurry. There are a few things to consider. 1. the edge area of the pond should be sloping away from the water so runoff and debris would not go into the pond (water quality). 2. The liner should be should be anchored down by stone and rocks and partially bury in the soil. 3. there should be no visible exposed liner anywhere . It should be just be water, rocks and landscape (aesthetics). Good luck!

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Sorry I accidentally deleted my previous post but thank you for the info and here's the pics again. Please help me identify this plant
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I always love seeing trout
I would rather be fishing.
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