Hey: anyone interested in the Balticon Crab lunch, I think I found a place a couple of blocks away:


So who's planning on heading to Balticon 50 on Thursday?

Would anyone be interested in playing some Lumpley games Friday during the day? I'm thinking either Wicked Age or Afraid.

So… bucket of crabs lunch for Friday?

Who's in?

So who is arriving on Thursday (Or earlier) this year?

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Hey guys I have created an event on facebook for this years Balticon Meat & Greet. It right now will be the 22nd of May, 5pm I will warm up the grill and set up 6pm I will start throwing meat down and we shall go from there. I know of several folks staying at the residence along with myself and my lovely cohort in Crime Jen so getting the grill won't be a problem. You guys can post here about what you want to bring or if you can make it or on the event on facebook I hope to see you guys there.

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I'm getting to the hotel early Thursday. Can't wait to see everyone again. I can't believe I only missed ONE Balticon!

::kicks mostly quiet group::

Anyone awake in here?

I'm thinking of running a one-shot RPG session at Balticon, probably on Thursday evening. If I can get my hands on it early enough, it will be Ministry Initiative, with Numenera as a backup.

Chesapeake Crabs, Part 3

I'm figuring Thursday dinner or Friday lunch makes the most sense. I already got some names on the list, but I forgot who (and we may need to get more folks into this group).

I have reserved a room at the Hunt Valley Inn and am actively looking for people to share the room and the cost. Email me at tim@timdodgestories.com if you're interested.
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