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Hello there! Thank you for joining the commmunity. Below you will find a list of rules and a profile template. Please do your best to follow the rules. Inability to do so will lead to consequences.

~Profile Template:~



1. No nudes or explicit photographs
2. Please no spamming
3. No arguing and getting into fights, no bullying.
4. Swearing is allowed but keep it to a minimum.
5. Please post in the correct catagory
6. Be kind and welcoming to each and every member
7. Make 1 profile of yourself. Must be approved by myself or a moderator before roleplaying.
8. Hentai is allowed but make a warning first. Ex: 15+ RP
9. Do not steal others post without their permission
10. No god-modding or overpowering your OC
11. Please have fun! Respect every member

Consequences: Violating this rules will twice will get you a warning. A third time will result in a ban. Please obey the rules

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Quote: "I fight...for who I care."
"My eyes see darkness...but I follow the light."
"There's no way you can fight this genjutsu."
"We all got hearts of a warrior."
"I hope you come back someday."
Name: Khiry
Last: Cleveland
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: August 24, 1994
Eyes: Black
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 186 lbs
Build: Thin
Sexuality: Straight
Typical Clothing: Just like the picture
Family: Mother(alive) Father(dead)
Weapon: Element sword: A sword that has control over 5 elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Lighting, Air
Powers: Sharingun: Sasuke's old eyes. These eyes made me use Susano'o & Amaterasu, A black flame I can control, & a trap genjutsu where I control everything.
Abilities: Ninjutsu: A hand sign jutsu that involved either elements style or ninja arts. Mine based on Fire style, Lighting style, & inferno style. So many I can't name them all.
Genjutsu: A visual jutsu that trick people into what they are seeing. I can use Tsukuyomi & Kotoamatsukami: Kobo. Once you stare at my eyes, that's where I trap you. However, these are different.
Tsukuyomi: You were get suck to your knee by the floor as a meteor that shape like an eye head at you.
Kotoamatsukami: Kobo: You will be in a dark & light skies. Once the eye shines behind me, the light shine down hard, break the ground & burn you in it.
Personality: Protective, Caring, anxiety, a little timid, quiet, honest
Likes: Beach, Fun, Sleep, music
Dislikes: Bullies, Someone pull his ears, being made fun of
Bio: He was born from his Furry mother, which is a neko & his human father. During his childhood, He has made a lot of friends despite his appearance, but not be able to control his powers. In his middle school years, He has been picked on & have his ears pull. He been getting into fights because of that. During summer vacation, His dad gone ill for 5 straight days, then he died. During his high school, he kept to himself & passed all his class with A's & B's. After school, he clean & take care of the house while his mom work. He is hoping to find love for him & his mom. One day, he was collecting some lemons until he saw a magical tree. He went to see it & it show a mirror somehow. He see my reflection, then He somehow see Sasuke. A few seconds later, He somehow gain the knowledge, the powers, & the eyes of Sasuke. After feeling it, He feels the darkness.
Extra: Steam comes out of my ears.
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Full name- Experiment 81
Usual name- Mina
Age- 19
Species- Elemental experiment
Personality- Shy, caring, protective, and very timid
Gender- Female
Sexuality- Pansexual (love is love)
Description on looks- Short, white hair, big green eyes, skinny form, 5ft 2in, Yellow pikachu hoodie, and black jeans with black converse. She has stitches running up her arms, legs and neck from the experiments they did on her in the lab.
Abilities- She has control over the water element, so she's terrified of fire.
Likes- Water, and swimming
Dislikes- Heat, fire and being picked on cause of the stitches
Other- She has never had a boyfriend or been in love, in fact, she's been hated and picked on all her life.
Bio- Mina was kidnapped at the age of 3 from her parents. She was taken to a top secret laboratory in Japan, and was experimented on to see if she could hold at least one of the four elements. They started with fire, and ended up burning her, then air which almost killed her, earth that caused her to go into a year long coma and finally water, which healed all her other wounds from the other three elements. She escaped at the age of 16 and has been running ever since.
Rank: B

Will some mod copy and past the profile thing in the comments?

Hello guys hi but does anybody want to Rp

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You were walking down in the park and I was walking by and passed by you when I did I ran from you and you ran to me when I ran and I tripped on a rock leaving you to arrest me (female needed)
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//Hey guys long time no see. i just wanted to make a new profile i hope that is Okay.//

Name - Misty 

Age - 16

Gender - Female 

Weight - 127 lb

Height - 5'1/2"

Birthday - May 6th 

Skills - Can hear from a far, Shoots her Gun or she usually has a sword, Plays her guitar, Can hear peoples thoughts.

Powers - Blood Fist, Poison Kiss, Swords or Guns, Poison darts or Knifes, Original darts.

Species - Human/Demon/Fallen Angel.

Orientation - Straight

Likes - Soothing music, Fruits, Her pet Meazuki, Knifes, Guns, swords.

Dislikes - Loud noises, People who stick there noses in her Business,Stuck up people.

Rank - SS

Grade - High school.

Appearance - (Photos down below.)

Bio - Misty was a 5 year old child when her mother had nothing to do with her. she then began to hate a lot of things until her mother did come back into her life. when misty turned  10 to 11 her mom told her she couldn't stay with her anymore that's when misty grew to understand that it was her fault because of what was inside of her. Misty then left her mom. Know she is on her own.

[First picture - Misty's Demon form]
[second picture - Misty's Fallen Angel form.]
[third picture - Misty's Human form.]

//Hope u didn't mind me adding another profile.//
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YO LISTEN UPP EVERYONE!!! TELL ME WHAT MUSIC YOU GUYS WOULD WANNA HAVE ON THIS COMMUNITY, I will find updates about it. List down everything in the comments. ^~^ //I personnaly like K and J-POP, don't judge me...\\

You guys should watch Ponyo. I think thats how you spell it...

walks around and sits down in a desk with a book covering my face you: umm you okay. me: turns to you and nods my head with the book covering my face still and you took the book down and put it down and looked at me and as you do you find a handsome man behind the book 
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