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Move'em to GPU!
I'm rewriting most of the shader code.

Hello. I just wanted to raise a couple of issues I've discovered on my devices using version 0.55 of Yaba Sanshiro and running Mystaria (USA DW0573)

On a non-OGL ES3 device (Asus TF701 / Amazon Kindle Fire 7 2013 = OGL 2), the settings automatically default to software rendering as expected, but the emulation does not work - it just stays on a black screen on the Asus and exits after a few seconds on the Kindle. The UI is still responsive. This is true for all emulation settings (interpreter, audio, etc.). Both are running Android OS 5.1.1, CyanogenMod

On a HTC One M7 (OGL ES3, ROM 6.0.1 Cyanogenmod), everything works fine except for loading state. The state will only load in Interpreter core, the others won't resume emulation, just stuck on the inital frame. UI is responsive

Many thanks for your great optimisation work!!

Can anyone here help me to understand what could be happening with this :

So earlier this year, I got uoyabause on my Galaxy S7 and it worked amazingly.

I was playing all kinds of games with hardly any problems; for months. It was fantastic.

Then one day, I turn on my phone to find out that my O.S. had somehow updated to Android 7.0 (Nougat) without my knowing.

Every since that very moment, uoYabause has never been the same.
No games have been playable since then.

They would all boot, but they would all just lag & skip both graphically & audibly, all in the exact same way, to where it's as close to being playable without being playable.

So recently I saw that uoyabause was out under a new name, Yaba Sanshiro, and had been updated.

So I got that, but for me, it's still exactly how ouYabause had been every since the Nougat update.

It's such a shame; and I've looked everywhere online, and can't find anybody else expressing this same problem that started with nougat.

In fact, I see all kinds of people out there playing Yaba Sanshiro no problem with both the same phone and the same O.S. that I have.

But for me, this definitely started when 7.0 came around.

What exactly could possibly be the problem?

Is there anything I can do?
(I've tried every possible setting within the emulator)

I've been avoiding any further updates since 7.0, but now I'm wondering if letting it update to 7.1 (or whatever it's at now) would help, or if I should actually just downgrade to marshmallow?

I have emulators for just about everything else, but none of them ever get affected by O.S. updates
(With the exception of Reicast when kitkat came around.. still doesn't work to this day).

If anyone can shed any amount of light on why this has happened to my phone, but not to so many others that continue to use uoyabause / Yaba Sanshiro with the same phone & O.S.

I would very greatly appreciate it.

Also - What are the absolute best android devices for running Yaba Sanshiro?


Cant even play!

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On Snapdragon 820

Yaba Sanshiro version 1.1.0 is out!
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