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Second Galaxy is now on GalaxyGrid

Whats new in this version?

Physics Engine

Second Galaxy now has PhysX physics. This is a major improvement over the last release. After a lot of testing, it is running really smooth with impressive results for vehicles.

Script Engine

We have improved our scripting engine and it now has a stable means of providing fast and stable handling of scripts including moving them between servers where necessary.


We have closed many back doors that would otherwise cause all kinds of security issues. To date, we are even more secure than before with all kinds of new security measures coming down the road.


Now our main website is able to manage your account on Second Galaxy. This includes registering an account, updating your account info, ability to purchase In-Galaxy currency (not yet fully ready), and soon the ability to order regions. While there is still much for us to do with the design and look and feel of the website it is functional and working. You can reach our site at In order to log into Second Galaxy with your viewer, you will still need to add the loginurl to your viewer's grid manager. The loginurl is The main website now replaces the built-in web user interface which now no longer exists in the GalaxyGrid architecture.

What are the new features coming to Second Galaxy?


We are in the very beginning phases of changing the way rendering is handled. We will be changing this to a point cloud system of rendering in which will improve the rendering of objects, textures, and graphics in Second Galaxy. This will also help us combat against copybotting which has become a problem for many grids. We do not have an estimated time of deployment onto Second Galaxy for this feature yet. It is in the planning/ early development phase at the moment.

Var and Infinite Regions

Yes, Var and Infinite regions are returning to Second Galaxy. We are currently in the final testing phases to make sure everything works perfectly with the scripting and physics engine. Upon the approval of our Core Developers, it will be re-deployed back to Second Galaxy.

And many more features are making their way through the development pipeline. Check out what Second Galaxy can do for you.

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Second Galaxy is now at server version

This server deploy begins the addition of new things to the grid such as:

- Adds missing parameters for avatar physics
- Implements UserTypes for our staff in user profiles
- Security updates for UserAccounts
- Security updates for Inventory services including the Galaxy Library
- General code cleanup

The Second Galaxy Development Team will do monthly server version deploys on Second Galaxy to introduce new features and fixes.

To join the grid you can register an account at

In your viewer's grid manager simply add the following url

Singularity Viewer:

Firestorm Viewer:

Hi ;D How I can join your Grid ?

Our team is hard at work updating, upgrading, and adding new features to our grid architecture. We expect some really awesome things on our grid for everyone very soon when we reopen.
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