Hey all,

Trying to gauge the interest in speakers, if we can get some folks in line I'll gladly organize meetings. Respond to this if you have a talk you'd consider doing or email me personally at mwball@gmail.com


Well, our speaker for this month fell through. We'll continue to try and get thing organized for future meetings.

If anyone has considered doing a talk I'd love to hear from you.


Some folks talked to me about speaking and asked for topic suggestions. This is my current list:

Angular2 Forms
Angular2 Pipes
Angular2 Observables
Angular2 HTTP
Angular2 Routing
Converting an Angular 1 App to Angular 2
Angular2 Testing
Ionic2 (based on Angular2)
Angular2 Universal (Server Side Rendering)

C'mon people!

Mornin All, Good news and bad news.

Bad news is that we don't have a speaker for June, so we're going to hold off on a meeting.

Good news is that we do have some speakers that have volunteered to speak, so we DO have a July meeting and I'll add the details about that soon. We also got some other speakers to queue up and we should have a few months of material starting next month as folks begin ramping up on Angular 2.



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Hey, if you're considering presenting some cool ideas would be:

Angular CLI
Angular2 NativeScript
Ionic 2
Angular2 Styleguide
Angular Universal
Angular2 Material

Here's a nice sum up of ng-confs announcements:


Similarly to last month we are looking for speakers for May.

So if you've got an idea for a presentation and some gumption, please let me know.

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Hey All, We're still looking for a presenter for next Wednesday, I won't schedule a meeting till I'm sure we have someone to speak.

Please let me know if you're interested.  Also Angular 2 is not a requirement, so many of us have 1.x apps in production so it is still quite topical.

Let me know!

- Mike

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