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We want to help the world to understand the need to eat or grow healthy food. How does disease or cancers come about in our human body? It is through the food which we eat, not knowingly where does the food comes from , and our human bodies cannot understand what chemicals or ingredients it contain, it remain stuck in our body system until we die.
And we want to make this sustainable and capable of generating it own energy to support the farm and deli.
Come read more about it and please do share .

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Launching on Kickstarter in 72 hours! ⏰

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Absolute Sani, World's First LED UV Sanitizing Wand, Eliminates 99.99% of germs within seconds with no chemical residue, no mercury component, and no toxic emission. Support our crowdfunding at

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Two mini method display on your desk.
More reward for every backers!
Click the cover image to explore more.

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This smart lid for medicine bottles and controlled substances is designed to address growing trends of abuse of medicines and controlled substances by patient and non-patients alike. The smart lid project is trying to raise $92,000 to fund the project and is currently welcoming support from the public.

Picture this - the smart lid acts as an alarm, alert, and notification system in real-time. It reminds users when to take medication, but also alerts them when a medication is opened by someone it was not prescribed to. In addition to medications, it can also be used to safeguard liquor bottles and other substances against undesired usage.

Forgetting to take medications can have harmful effects and medication theft is a growing problem worldwide. With this smart lid, you can tackle both issues and receive electronic notification reminders via Bluetooth whenever you are due to take your medications, but also alerts whenever the bottle is opened – perhaps by someone who should not.

The Kickstarter campaign is located on the web at:

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Sign up on our website for early bird rewards and special offers. Black Ink Coffee Company is a veteran owned, small batch coffee roastery located in Maine, US. We offer a coffee subscription service, cryptocurrency payment and the best fair trade coffee beans! Our Kickstarter will be launched soon, so sign up now if you wish to be notified when we go live for the best possible rewards.

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Hello everyone! I would love to share a dear friend and maker's passion project THE SVOLTA BAG. It's the first high-performance backpack that also transforms into a handlebar bag. perfect for all your needs - daily commute or adventure cycling.

It's USPs include:

✔ No tools or fixtures needed for transformation

✔ Fully water resistant as a handlebar bag

✔ Fully waterproof when in backpack mode

✔ Includes padded protection for your back

....and it's priced super reasonably. Please let me know what you think of it :)

I've tried the bag myself and would highly reccoemend it.
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