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Episode 79 of +Discussing Who is now available. I talk with Nicole Mazza of Terminus, A Doctor Who Podcast, as we discuss Doctor Who, WHOLanta 2018, and more!

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We discuss the reveal of the Series 11 cast with +Dave Cooper of the Cultdom Collective and Doctor Who Podshock in Episode 78 of +Discussing Who. Hosted by me and +Clarence Brown.

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We review the classic Doctor Who story, The Brain of Morbius in Episode 73 of +Discussing Who. Hosted by +Lee Shackleford, +Clarence Brown, and me.

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The latest episode of +Discussing Who (Ep 71) covers a review of Parts 1 and 2 of Titan Comics' latest #DoctorWho multi-Doctor comic, The Lost Dimension. Check it out and be sure to check out the issues available now from Titan Comics. This episode is hosted by me and +Clarence Brown. #DoctorWho #TitanComics #TheLostDimension

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A few months ago, I staged a very unique cosplay project, one that can never be repeated. I went through a lot between when I came up with the idea and the performance and this video is the end result.

Feel free to ask questions.

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Lion's Den Audiobook and Drama Podcast presents it's FIRST EVER AUDIO DRAMA!

Doctor Who: Final Doctor
Loneliness and HARMONY
Written by Nathan Caldwell
Starring Nathan Caldwell and Angela Johnson
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