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Here is what I get running the game on my nexus 7.

I just testplayed your game, here are my thoughts:
(Disclaimer: I normally don't play games on my phone)

First impression: Lots of data (~40mb) to download, takes ages and I never download that big games
Runs at 31FPS on my Galaxy Nexus
Inconsistent naming: AgentID = Agent Name?
I don't feel like reading a lot (there are intro and explanation fields after first usage)
The fight-screen is confusing, since I don't know where to click. Buttons are hard to identify
The fight scene takes quite a long time and I keep wondering what my progress is and when it will be finished. It finished after 9 rounds.

All in all: I am overwhelmed by the complexity of the game while feeling a little bit lost (lots of text, don't understand events/screens, many different screens and animations) along the way.

But I am impressed by the advanced-looking graphics! Keep on going guys!

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So a new version is rolling out, and we had to do some major API changed, which is why we set up a new server for this version, so you are playing in a clean new world, sorry (as an excuse I added the Leafinator, fanart by JD ), but it is still Alpha and we are heavealy testing the game to mak it really cool. 

So what is new:
* Auto Login to Sectors
* Defense value decreases chance and attack value
* Alien Research and Weapon Research is bound to the user level
* New improved Asset Managment, but Loading Time is still pretty high (we are working on it)
* Plenty of UI and UX improvements.
*Support for Nexus 7, HTC One, and some other esotheric screen sizes - please let me know when it look somehow bad on those devices, because we could not test them. 

So start playing and give us some feedback! Thanks

We are currently working on a  major update, where we remove some game balancing problems. 1. We will bind the Weapon Research and the Cyborg Research to the user level, 2. we will introduce the basic weapons right from the beginning. 3. We will lock zou automatically to  your sector. But the biggest update has yet to come. We would like to change the sector tactial fight, so some kind of Shadow - Cities like, attacking enemies. Waht do you think, did you enjoy Shadow Cities?

Unable to install the app as it says it's  not compatible with my Nexus 7.  :-(

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Not compatible with my device D:

Is anyone playing on the new HTC One?

Thanks to all for participating in the game testing, session. We learned a lot from it. 

Hi, I have two beginner questions.
Can I use a cyborg only for one fight?
Actually I have the Problem that I have no ressources to build new cyborgs, where can I get some? No cyborg, no fight :-)

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Berlin in its beauty
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