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Been a long time since my last post.. im kinda a lazy guy when coming to social networking..

Anyways.. I've been working hard on the app, and after these past few days of sleepless nights and codeful mornings, I have finally put up the second version of the beta.

There are many improvements and I hope you love it !

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Doesent the app just look beautiful ? :D
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The beta version is out !!!!

Download the app via this link

Hope to get some awesome feedback from you guys! :)

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Screenshots.. as promised :D

What you see here are the two main screens.. the first screen - the map view lets you tap on the map area to add locations and the second screen where you can see details about more of those locations, the total and individual distance and times and even the elevation!
Isn't that cool?!!

I know the UI looks crappy, but I'm working on it..

I'm sorry though, I'm going to be day late on the beta release and going to release it on Saturday rather than tomorrow.. (Friday)..
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Hows my cute workstation?... its got all the ingredients - a great laptop which works :P, maggi for the night (already over .. :D ), a cute little plant to keep you company, a cute speaker, some notepads, a whole lotta code and plans on the wall!..

#thisisthelife ..

I'm getting a new phone!...YAY!!... a brand new OnePlus X..

yea yea.. I know I should've gotten a nexus, but I loved the OnePlus X and it hopefully it should prove to be a great phone for testing my app.

I'm going to start posting some screenshots tomorrow...
The wait begins.. 3 days to beta launch!!

Hey guys, whats up?!!

The app is coming along real well. You can now search and add locations and even save and tag locations which you wish to use later again.

Even exporting the whole route as a GPX file is almost complete!.. once that is ready, you can use that gpx file anywhere in the already existing tens of awesome apps like "My Tracks" by Google.

I'm going to invite all of you to test out the beta by Friday this week. #itscoming :D

The first main-map screen is almost done.. some animations remaining.

Working on the locations listview screen today... figuring out where and how to place the item actions. #UXmatters
You can do a lotta stuff with your location - open it and navigate to it in google maps, save and tag the location, share the location, mark the location as done, delete the point.

This is what I have now, I'm totally open to more feature requests.

Screenshots coming soon...

Hey guys..

I'm building a map-based Android app. It's kinda focussed toward people who travel a lot (sales people, courier guys, delivery guys, cyclists, bike messengers, tourists etc). The app lets you tag a set of locations on the map and see the distance & time between each location, lets you sort your list of places you need to travel to, see elevation/altitude of the route, etc. Basically a organiser for your travel plan to X number of locations or a path.

This post is part of my initial market research, so I wanna know from you guys out there - do you feel there's a need for an app like this? If yes, what features would you like to have in this..

I'm also looking for a name for the app.. it'll be awesome If you have any suggestions. The guy who's name is chosen will be treated to a Corner House ice cream smile emoticon and unlimited access to all features in the app.
Also, please PMIT in people who are in sales who travel, and groups where I can share about my app..
Thank you :)
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