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[NOTE: I have had this OC for 4 years. That is why he seems so OP. Enjoy the Profile].


"There is no need for pointless violence. Anything can be solved with Peace."

(Said against Drako, the Chaos Embodiment).

"Emotions control how people act & feel. It also judges one's Life! Do not EVER underestimate my Power!!"

(Sora said when one attempts to joke about his Power without testing him at Full Power).

"Those who have thoroughly mastered their Magic can manipulate their Mana into being a Weapon or concentrated blasts of Energy...and I am one of the only few people who can do so."

(When he battled a Wizard Headmaster at a Mage Tournament).

"I am...the Emotions transformed."

(Said towards Toshiro Hitsugaya when they met).

"I'm a Magician. I'm full of...surprises."
(Said in his spar against Goku).

//Biological Birth Name\\





King of Emotions
Carrier of Light (Wielder of Light)

[Given unto Themselves]
Ultimate Emotion Master


//Biological Age\\
19 (Physically)
2,500+ (Mentally)
1,500+ (Chronologically)

//Biological Height|Biological Weight\\
Five foot three inches (5'3")|One hundred sixty-nine (169) lbs

Nerosan in the Lynxal Star System

//Sex (aka Gender)\\
Genderless (prefers to be Male most of the Time)


Emotional Embodiment

//Date of Birth\\
May 8th, Five hundred seventeen (0517).

Cassidy Classion, the Primordial Goddess of Emotions [(Creator)(Adopted Mother)]
Jayson Jackson Yuuki [(Birth Father)(Deceased)]
Olivia Allison Pearson-Yuuki [(Birth Mother)(Deceased)]
+Rose Spring-Yuuki​​​​​​​​ (Wife)
+Mishka Okami Rose yukki​​ (Daughter)
+Cloe Kyōfu (Adopted daughter)
+Yara (Younger sister)
+Robin​​​​​​​ (Younger Sister)
+smσℓ кαтє (Younger Sister)
+Satsūki Kiryūin (Younger sister)
+Rias Gremory​​​​​​​ (Personal Bodyguard)
+Mari Clouds​​​​​​​​ (Servant)
+Marina B.Starlet​​​​ (Servant)
+時間ブレーカBardock​​​​​​​​ (Older brother)
+Carcorol Hayabusa (Brother-in-Law)

Family Section shall be updated over Time.

+Ryūko Matoi
+Ciel Arumat
+Mizuto Shi Junkyosha, Leader Of The Akatsuki.
+Flandre Scarlet
+Alexander-Clow- Phoenix
(And many more...).

//Canon Appearances\\
Tatsumi (Akame Ga Kill!)
Tsubasa/Saroyan Clone (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles) 
Mikoto Souh (K Project)
Tsuna (Hitman: Reborn!)
Aliaba (Magi)
Fai D. Flowright (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles)
Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls)
Yuki/Hazama Terumi (BlazBlue)
Aladdin (Magi)
King Solomon (Magi)
Scheele (Akame Ga Kill!)
Mine (Akame Ga Kill!)
Ragna the Bloodedge (BlazBlue)
Toneri Ōtsutsuki (Naruto)
Kazuto Kirigaya/Kirito (SAO)
Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail)

//Phobias (Not counted as Weaknesses, since these are Fears)\\
Fear of Losing Loved Ones
Fear of Nightmares
Fear of Animatronics
Agateophobia (Fear of insanity)
Angrophobia (Fear of anger or of becoming angry)
Thanatophobia (Fear of Death)

Nerosan (formerly)
Earth (formerly)
New Earth (formerly)
Remnant City (briefly)
Kingdom of Worlds (currently)

Spending time with Family
Helping others
Treasure hunting
Fighting for the people

//Affiliations (Most are Communities)\\
Kingdom of Worlds (Prime Minister)
Injustice Force (One of the Top Generals)
Ultima Stars (Leader)
M-Army (Second-in-Command)
The Council (Executive Branch)


Sora is a Kind & friendly type of person. He will never abandon a person in need, unless...if they were a bad person. A VERY bad person.

Yuuki is a brave soul, not afraid of diving into dangers head on. He will even face his Fears if it means saving somebody or even something greater.

Yuuki is mainly a funny & energetic guy. He makes more friends than he makes enemies, which can tend to work out in his favor...especially when he possesses one of the MOST dangerous abilities in the World. He can make anybody his ally, even his rivals.

Sora is an EXTREMELY caring Lifeform. He would rather have himself become injured before anybody else.

Sora Yuuki is usually a Free-Minded & Calm Spirit. he rarely gets mad, which it is NOT a good idea to piss him off. Scratch that. DO NOT make him ENRAGED. The one who does so will regret it sooner or later.


[Emotion Manipulation]
Sora is an embodiment of Emotions. As long as Emotions exist, he can live on forever until the Absoule End of Time. This also renders him from being killed in any physical manner.

[Types of Emotions]

Sora can be empowered, induce & manipulate Happiness at will.

Sora can be empowered, induce & manipulate Sadness at will.

Sora can be empowered, induce & manipulate Fear at will.

Sora can be empowered, induce & manipulate Anger & Rage at will.

Sora can be empowered, induce & manipulate Will & Willpower at will.

Sora can be empowered, induce & manipulate Hope at will.

Sora can be empowered, induce & manipulate Love at will.

Sora can be empowered, induce & manipulate Greed at will.

Sora can be empowered, induce & manipulate Passion at will.

Sora can be empowered, induce & manipulate Courage at will.

Sora can be empowered, induce & manipulate Wrath at will.

Sora can be empowered, induce & manipulate Pride at will.

Sora has studied Magic & Elemental abilities under his Adopted Mother, Cassidy Classion. He wants to be a Kind & Strong King, so he learned what he needed in order to be the best King he could be.

(Types of Magic)

Divine Sun God Fire Magic
Sora possesses the Fire Magic of the Primordial Sun God of Egypt, Ra after training under him. They are able to use Solar Fire & most forms of Fire itself. Ever since he became a God, some of his Magic Forms has become Divine, and this is one of them. An extremely Powerful form of Magic which is in a League of its own. When he became a God, the Flames changed from Sun Yellow to a Royal Blue, rendering it an unmatched form of Fire Magic.

Chaos Darkness Magic
Yuuki possesses the ability to Corrupt any Positive Force with his Chaos Darkness Magic. He can control all aspects of Darkness, control Madness & Insanity, and even use their Power to conquer others or even leave their opponents in Ruin. This Magic itself is a Force to be Reckoned with.

Multi-Wind Magic
Sora Yuuki possesses the Wind Magic. But, he created his own version of Wind Magic, unparallel & unmatched. This Multi-Wind Magic grants him the ability to use the Light Winds, Dark Winds, Elemental Winds, & Godly Winds as well. He is the only user of this form of Magic, making him unmatched with this form of Magic.

{Forms of Wind Magic}

¤ Power Wind Magic ¤
Sora can control the normal & strong forms of Wind Magic.

¤ Dark Wind Magic ¤
Sora can control the Dark forces infused with the Wind.

¤ Divine Light Wind Magic ¤
Sora can control the Light forces infused with the Wind.Ever since he became a God, some of his Magic Forms has become Divine, and this is one of them.

¤ Weather Wind Magic ¤
Sora can control the Weather & all of its abilities.

Absolute Divine Light Magic
The Divine Light Magic is Powerful enough to destroy Evil & all forms of Darkness. It can even casts Anti-Negation spells & create Anti-Evil Auras, protecting Sora from all forms of Evil & Darkness. This is a Powerful form of Magic.Ever since he became a God, some of his Magic Forms has become Divine, and this is one of them....but since this one was already Divine to begin with, it reached a new Level of Magic, rendering it ABSOLUTE.

Divine Heavenly Cosmos Magic
The Heavenly Cosmos Magic is a form of Magic that has had since he was 10. It grants the user ALL forms of Cosmic & Heavenly Powers. Ever since he became a God, some of his Magic Forms has become Divine, and this is one of them. A form of Magic that is in a League of its own.

Divine Seven (7) Auras Magic
The Seven Auras Magic are a special form of Magic that anybody can learn. And Sora has mastered all 7 Auras. They correspond with the colors of the Rainbow, and are only as Powerful as its User. Ever since he became a God, some of his Magic Forms has become Divine, and this is one of them.

{More Info: click this Link}

{Types of Auras}

¤ Muladhara (Red) ¤
Deals with physical nature.

¤ Swadhisthana (Orange) ¤
Deals with emotion.

¤ Manipura (Yellow) ¤
Deals with self-energy and willpower.

¤ Anahata (Green) ¤
Deals with psychic healing.

¤ Vishuddha (Blue) ¤
Deals with intelligence.

¤ Anja (Indigo) ¤
Deals with mental communication.

¤ Sahasrara (Violet) ¤
Deals with awareness of illusions and obtaining a higher consciousness.

Soul Energy Magic
Soul Energy Magic is a Powerful & forbidden Art of Magic that only several can use. And even so, their Soul can get injured & possibly die if used too much.

Voidwalker Magic
Sora has the ability to manipulate the Power of Space-Time Manipulation with this Magic & ALL of its aspects.

Divine Spiritual Creation Magic
Sora can create Orbs of Spiritual Energy at will & use them to trap/attack/defend himself from his foes. He can also even use Creation constructs to aid him in Combat. Ever since he became a God, some of his Magic Forms has become Divine, and this is one of them.

Terra Earth Magic
Yuuki uses the Solid Earth to devastating & destructive Magic attacks. He can also use this ability to do *Terraformation*. He is even allowed to manipulate sand, mud, and even molten & space rock.

Divine Life Force Magic
Sora can use his Willpower & Self-Energy Aura into Constructs & Weapons. He can even use it to Power up & enhance his attacks. He is also able to control the Forces of Nature. Ever since he became a God, some of his Magic Forms has become Divine, and this is one of them.

Metal Enhancement Magic
Yuuki can use & touch any form of Metal. What this does is that it envelopes around him. This makes him heavy to lift & takes tremendous force to deal damage upon him, but his Strength & Speed are drastically boosted.

Blizzard Ice Magic
Sora can use the Power of Ice to his advantage to slow down his foes & shield him and his allies. The ice he uses is Ice that is 10 more cold than the snow in Antarctica, only to be melted by Solar Fire, Cosmic Fire, Blue Fire & Phoenix Flames.

Tidal Water Magic
This form of Magic grants the user the ability to channel up Water & use it to drown his enemies & save others. He can also control the Tides of Water, being able to generate Hurricanes, Monsoons & Typhoons, along with destructive Waves.

Musical Sound Magic
This is a rare form of Magic. This grants the user the Power to generate Sound & Music to destroy their opponent & hypnotize them. One technique, called the Death Song is a fatal blow of the Musical Sound Magic.

Multi-Lightning Magic
Just like the Multi-Wind Magic, this grants the user the ability to use Multiple forms of Lightning Magic.

{Forms of Lightning Magic}

¤ Black Lightning Magic ¤
Sora can manipulate the Dark forces of Lightning to his beck & call.

¤ Divine White Lightning Magic ¤
Sora can manipulate the Light forces of Lightning to his command. Ever since he became a God, some of his Magic Forms has become Divine, and this is one of them.

¤ Power Lightning Magic ¤
Sora can use the Thunderstorm Lightning at ease without any restrictions.

¤ Deep Lightning Magic ¤
Sora can manipulate the Deep forces of Lightning to his beck & call, allowing him to use Negative Forces Magic.

¤ Divine Fusion Lightning Magic ¤
Sora can fuse the forces of Lightning to his beck & call, thus creating them into more Powerful forms of Magic. Ever since he became a God, some of his Magic Forms has become Divine, and this is one of them.

Magnetism Magic
Yuuki can magnetize the Power of any Metal, object, Hell, ANYTHING into being a very POWERFUL Magnet. He can use this with his Multi-Lightning Magic to make him a Conducting Magnet. In that state, the more objects he conducts, the more Powerful he becomes.

Zero Space Magic
Sora can manipulate Gravity & Space to his command. He can lessen or even increase the amount of Gravity, create Black & White Holes, create Portals & cross through Dimensions. He can even negate the effects the Space itself so that way space can ACTUALLY become matter. That is where the name, Zero Space came to be.

Summoning Magic
This form of Magic allows Yuuki to summon Mighty & Powerful beasts/monsters to his aid if he needs real Raw/Firepower in a fight.

Sora can only use this to manipulate several different metals, bend & mix elements, create potions & craft Golems.

{Extra Magic}

Mamodo Spells
Sora can use Zatch, Tia, Bravo & Hyde related Mamodo Spells with him in Combat. But, they would usually drain him of his Stamina quickly. But, after harsh enduring training, Terumi has managed to minimize this affect.

{Link to Post to see his Mamodo Spells: click the Link}

Wizard101 Cards
Yuuki can use the Wizard101 Spells that he has in a card capsule pocket that he always keeps handy with him at all times.

Sakura Cards
Sora can use the Power of the Sakura Cards, now since he is deemed the new chosen one. He planned to collect all 53 at first, but he decided to take his Time with it after collecting his first 19 cards....mainly because he loves the cards he has collected so far.

{Link to Post of the Sakura Cards he has collected so far: click this Link}.

Rukh Magoi
Through harsh solo Magic training with +TFS Zarbon (Narshantai), Sora has learned to use the hidden Power of Rukh for only specific more complex and lesser known forms of Magic.

{Link to Post: There ya go}.

{Limitations of his Magic}
Due to his Magic being too immense & Powerful, Sora bears the Eye of Magi. This limits his Magical Powers. But, if he needs real Firepower....he simply take off the ring & his Full Magic potential is revealed.

[Superhuman Condition]
Sora has an extremely advanced Condition that helps him advance through Combat. He may seem like a weak scrawny kid, but he is an extremely Powerful Combatant.

[Yin Yang Manipulation]
Yuuki can manipulate the Positive & Negative Forces of Yin & Yang to empower him & enhance his abilities.


The Sarusano is an extremely Legendary blade crafted by the Emotian Gods. It has been made from Alchemy, Magic, HF Technology, a Dying Star & even Holy Water was added into the mix of it. It was crafted out of an Orichalcum, Gold & Adamantium Alloy. The blade is literally indestructible. It is so Powerful, that only the Royal Emotian family is deemed worthy of wielding it.

[Eye of Magi]
The Eye of Magi is a ring that Yuuki wears. The effects of the Ring is that is restricts/limits/restrains majority of the bearer Magical Power to an extent.

(NOTE: The following Weapons are Weapons he obtained from +Marble DeRosa Clow-Ortega).

[Sword of Infinity]
The Sword of Infinity is a white blade made by the COTO (Creator of the Omniverse), himself. It grants the user Full Access to ALL of their Sealed Powers, but not all at the same time. The user would have to say which Powers he/she wants before withdrawing it, otherwise ALL of the Powers are activated at the same time.

[Scepter of Power]
The Scepter of Power does not really grant the user ANY Power. What it does is that negates ALL Powers & Abilities (to the point where you are Yamcha).

[Cosmic Star Blade]
This blade was used by Marble's dad, Len Doren Clow. This blade can cut through literally anything, for it is made out of Pure Energy protected by a Material called Stacrystallis, thus making it Pure Star Energy. This blade can literally cut through Dimensions & destroy multiple Galaxies at one time if charged enough. When charged up to its full extent, it transforms into the Omni Cosmic Star Blade.

[Twin Cosmic Blades]
These two blades were made by Marble himself. They have differing abilites. The Red one possesses the Power of Destruction while its Green counterpart the Power of Creation.

[Morphing Star]
Marble got this Weapon when he was dating his 2nd ex-wife, +Razor the Wolf​. It has the ability to morph into anything & is constructed out of Pure Darkness, making it invulnerable to Light.

(END OF +Marble DeRosa Clow-Ortega's Weapons)

[Imperial Arms]

[Sealing Wand]
(Link to Page: There ya go).


[NOTE: The Prolouge & Chapters 1-5 have happened over the 4 years. The remaining Chapters have happened over G+].

Born in an unknown Galaxy was where Sora Yuuki was born. Born as a Prince into the infamous Terumi family, it was long....until tragedy struck. His parents died in a War. He was basically parent less with his Galaxy gone into a depression....until Cassidy Classion, the Primordial Goddess of Emotions showed up & took him under her Wing.

(Chapter 1: A Strong & Kind King)
As he was taken under the wing of Cassidy, she asked Sora what kind of King he wished to be. He said that he wished to be a Kind King who could stop pointless violence & maintain peace. He also wanted to be a Strong King so that way everybody knew that he could be more than capable of protecting his Kingdom. Cassidy agreed that every Kingdom needed that kind of King & she started his training in Magic.

(Chapter 2: Becoming a Master Mage)
Cassidy has trained Sora in the most basic of Magic (such as simple summons & Elements) to the most advanced Magic (by having him being trained by Primordials). He soon became a student of the Primordial Sun God Ra. It took him 379 years to Master the Magic he currently learns. He then eventually acquired the Sarusano, the Legendary blade of the Emotian Gods.

(Chapter 3: Restoring Peace)
When another War struck, the Emotians are saddened about the violence & absence of a King. That was....until Sora had returned! He rallied his people into Glorius Battle. The War raged on for 12 years with the Emotians prevailing, but at the cost of many, many lives. Upon winning the War, Sora Yuuki was crowned the new King of Emotions by his people AND by Cassidy, knowing he would be an amazing King & Leader.

(Chapter 4: Journey to Peace)
In the year of 1770, Sora had realized that pointless violence is not always the answer. He decided that there should be peace & tranquility throughout the Omniverse. He left his Kingdom & headed onward to spread peace & harmony throughout the Omniverse. He knew it would be near impossible, but he felt he had to try!!

(Chapter 5: Building a Family)
It has been 2 centuries since he set out on his Journey. The year was currently 1991. Sora started to worry that Peace would never be able able actually happen if he....ya know what I mean. Anyway, after winning an invitation to a Celebrity Cruise, he decided to attend it. This is where he met +Rose Spring-Yuuki​. After they spent alot of Quality Time together & help saving the World from Peril on 4 separate occasions, Sora married Rose in 1998 & they had a daughter the next year named +Mishka Okami Rose yukki​​​​ (who is now 12).

(Chapter 6: Running ANOTHER Kingdom!?)
Sora has had peace & happiness with his Family. Until just recently he received a letter from +Marble DeRosa Clow-Ortega​ that he was handpicked by the Primordial God Child himself to be the new Ruler of the Kingdom of Worlds as Marble went to rest in the Nonexistent Abyss. Yuuki happily accepted the offer, see in it as a new chance to be able to spread peace more often. He is to be crowned King (Prime Minister in Sora's opinion) within the upcoming weeks.

(Chapter 7: Obtaining the Powers of a God)
Upon the Death of +Marble DeRosa Clow-Ortega, his body was sealed inside the Overlord Kai Dimension. But, as peace was happening all throughout the King of Worlds, a Regime force of Warriors known as the InjusitceForce decided to plan an attack on the InjusticeForce. Due to their Leader being +Regime Superman, Sora asked the S.O.K. (created & used by +TFS Zarbon) a favor: To give him some of Marble's Godly Power. The SOK did just that & sealed ALL of Marble's Godly Power inside of a Scroll called the "Harness Scroll". But, there was one catch: If Sora used it right then & there, he would forever be a God, unable to seal the Power back into the Scroll. Sora decided to save that Power for a real emergency. Although, by the Time he returned to the Kingdom the Combatant residents had sent the Regime force back to their Hideout.

(Chapter 8: Training for more Skill)
Several days after the Regime attack, Sora had learned about the Power of the Haki. He wondered how he could unlock his, but only knew one person who would help. His brother +時間ブレーカBardock After his brother gladly accepted to help him, Sora trained for several hours until he finally unlocked the Power of his First Haki (he will have Two). His first Hake is the "Kenbunshoku Haki (aka "The Haki of Color of Observation").

(Chapter 9: Becoming a God myself...once again!! YAHOO!!!)
After given much thought, Sora (aka Marble himself....yeah, Marble killed the original Sora & placed his Soul into this body. He did the same to Sora's wife & daughter and placed his own wife's daughter's souls into those bodies. Complicated as fuck, I know. XD) decided to use the Harness Scroll once more. After opening the Scroll, Sora gained the Limitless Power he had before. But, he did not want all of the Power like this. He wanted to work to gain different Powers. So, he sealed the Powers inside of the Infinity Sword. He also decided to keep his original Twin Star Blades and his Trademark Cosmic Star Blade. He had suprassed the Level of the Titan Gods, but was still not Powerful enough to stand a steady chance against a Supreme God without removing the "Eye of Magi" (which he barely removes, trust me. If he takes that off...his body could die due to the immense Power Spike alone. But, he is an Embodiment, soooooooo...he would not be dead for long. XD).


[Ability Name]
Kenbunshoku Haki

[Ability Description]
*(Link to Post: There).*

[Ability Name]
Spectator, the Third Eye

[Ability Description]
Spectator, the Third Eye is Sora Yuuki's Sixth Sense. It grants him multiple abilities related to Sight and related to the Mind:

It can be used to read an opponent's mind and to use this to predict their next move, greatly increasing the user's battle ability. Despite this, the user must be in peak physical condition to fully make use of this advantage.

The user is able to see things clearly no matter the conditions. This ability was used to search for things and seems to allow the user to have long-ranged vision.

It also seems to have the ability to look through solid objects.

[Future Vision]
By seeing the smallest muscle movements, the user can see what a person will do next. He can also see Future events that will happen within one's Life up to a decade from the present day.

[Illusion Casting]
It casts an illusion that brings the target to their most precious person and shows them before their eyes.

[Telekinetic Powers]
It grants Sora Telekinetic Powers at his disposal. He can also communicate up to 10 people mentally at one Time.


[Imperial Arms Incursio]
*(Link: There).*

[Light Form]
(Link to Post: click this Link).

[Grand Rainbow Ultima]
Grand Rainbow Ultima is a Power/ability that Sora developed for himself. He stops feeling all other emotion except one in order to boost that one feeling to a Godly Level.

Red: Anger/Rage

Orange: Greed

Yellow: Joy/Happiness

Green: Will/Willpower

Blue/Indigo: Hope

Indigo: Passion

Purple: Serenity

Pink: Love

White: Courage

Black: Lust & Envy

Full-On Rainbow: All Emotions

The caster conjures a sun-like sphere of energy that unleashes a barrage of energy bolts against multiple targets simultaneously, as well as revive and buff any allies nearby.

[Super Flare]
The same as Radiance, but different. It instantly revies & buffs up all allies by 1000%. It also allows Yuuki to surpass the Level of Titan God. But, it has a Time Limit. Without enough Solar Power stored in his body, this form cannot even last a full minute. It even boosts the Stats of the user by 2500%.

Sora's Bladedancer form works like this: Yuuki engulfs him in a big and Powerful Aura of Lightning through his body. He becomes immensely fast and powerful, able to use momentum to deal deadly blows.

[Beserker Rampage]
In this state, Yuuki loses all self-control and ignores all pain, as he is consumed by the animalistic killer instinct that he developed during his physical training...which nearly got him killed 3 times.

[Sin Mode]
This is activated when Sora is too stressed or his Anger Levels are too high for him to handle. His personality becomes Dark and his senses are enveloped, allowing him to see faster (better), hear father, smell even better, etc etc. This "Sin Mode" drastically boosts his already insane Power, Speed & Strength...but at a price.

//Martial Arts\\
Mystic Four Bladed Leg Style (MFBLS)


Sora Terumi is a Master Mage & Spell Caster. It took him THREE HUNDRED SEVENTY-NINE (379) years of training to Master all of the Magic he currently possess. Magic is his Forte & his main line of Offensive & Defensive Combat. And even so, he is still learning more forms of Magic (which is his Extra Magic).

Yuuki is the King of his Home Galaxy the Lynxal Star System. The planet he was crowned King is the same Planet he was born from, which is called Nerosan. He has been the King since the year of 907, being the longest Ruler of the Lynxal Galaxy for 1,018 years.

[Prime Minister]
Sora is about to be crowned the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Worlds in the absence of the original King, +Marble DeRosa Clow-Ortega. This means he will be ruling & caring for an ENTIRE Galaxy & a Kindgom that is the Center of accessing ANY World, Realm, Multiverse or Dimension in existence.

Yuuki considers himself a Defender of the People. He battles for the people's side. If there is any ounce of evil that crosses the borderline of Peace & Happiness, Sora will step up to the Front Lines and battle to his last breath, no matter the enemy.

Mastered several Ultimate forms of Magic.
Completed the training of Two Primordial Entities.
Saved his own Kingdom & several other Galaxies in a 12 Year War.
Created the Grand Rainbow Ultima Power Boost Transformations.
Has mastered all of the Mamodo Spells of Tia & Hyde.
Has become the new bearer of the Clow/Sakura Cards.
Stopped a Black Hole by creating a White Hole Shockwave & throwing it inside the Black Hole Vortex.
Obtained the Imperial Arms "Demon Armor: Incursio".
Obtained the Imperial Arms "Roman Artillery: Pumpkin".
Obtained the Imperial Arms "Cutter of Creation: Extase".
Awakened his Haki, the "Kenbenshoku Haki".
Defeated Oryx, The Taken King (yes, this happened in RP).

//Canon characters he defeated\\
+Ryūko Matoi
+TFS Zarbon (Zarbon & Android 17).
Oryx, The Taken King (on a different RP Forum).
Son Goku [(in his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form)(Happened in Hangouts)].


^Sora can use the Wizard101 without a Staff or Wand, but it drains more Mana and is harder to do so with just his hands.
^Sora cannot use the Sakura Cards without the Sealing Wand.
^Yuuki will sometimes use his Life Force when his Mana runs too low, which puts his Life on the line in the most critical of situations.
^After using a Mamodo Spell, he is left wide open for a few seconds in Combat.
^If one of his Emotions goes too high, he will solely stuck in that one emotion for an unpredicted amount of time (Ex: If his Sadness levels are too high, he will be depressed for who knows how long).
^The price that happened with Sora when he uses the Sin Mode is that he loses his Sanity, and only his sister +Yara the Happiness Embodiment can snap him back to normal.
^If Yuuki uses the Super Flare for too long, it will not just render him defeated...but it also leaves him completely Powerless (not Magicless) for 24 Hours.

Wizard of Meh! by Pogo (Normal Theme)

It's Me [(FNAF)(Enraged Theme)]

You Can't Escape [(FNAF)(Sin Mode Theme)]

[Thank you for reading my Profile].
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