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PLEASE NOTE: This Community is NOT a Support Forum.
This Community is about SHARING suggestions, tips, and recommendations to benefit those working on their Google Certification.

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- Share information that is helpful and free (no posting of paid courses or resources)
- Do not violate the certification exam NDA by posting specific answers to questions or revealing exam content.
- Remember that we are here to share with and support our fellow educators.

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Excited to join this community and work toward my level 1 cert with the help of +Miko Wagstaff my fabulous EdVenture tour guide!

I just finished taking the level 1 test, and I passed. I am so excited. Now, on to level 2.

Peace and love,
Paula R.

I am a little concerned that as I go through the Training Course for Level 1 Certification, some items are no longer available. There have been questions in the training involving reading levels in Search (which is not there anymore) and Google Play for Education (which is discontinued I am told). I am worried that there will be questions on the Exam that do not exist anymore or maybe new ones that weren't in the training. I know nothing can be said about what is on the Exam but is this a concern I should take to Google or am I overreacting for nothing?

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Criem jogos EDUCATIVOS sem precisar conhecer de programação e compartilhe no GOOGLE SALA DE AULA, nas Redes sociais de sua preferência e nas Plataformas de EAD que você costuma utilizar. Desenvolvi essa plataforma especialmente para professores e alunos.
Conheça a Rede Social de Conhecimento:
Foi desenvolvido para ajudar a todos os professores e alunos que gostam de games com conteúdos pedagógicos. Crie seu jogo hoje mesmo. É MUITO SIMPLES E GRÁTIS.

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I am creating short (under 2 min) video tutorials on features within the google suite. The goal is to provide focused professional development for people on the go. The first 10 - 15 videos will deal with Google Slides. See below for the first video on Google Slides Q/A feature.

Did anyone set a new years resolution to become a Certified Educator?

I heard that as a Google Certified trainer, Camtasia is free. Any information about who to contact regarding that "perk"?

I just accepted as a google trainer. Got rejected the first time. I'm so pumped and ready to get myself out there to help train teachers and students on the google apps for education........

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Hola a tod@s a lo mejor alguien me puede ayudar con esto.
El día de ayer me inscribí e hice el pago para dar el examen Trainer Skills Assessment - Spanish
Pero al iniciarlo, al parecer hay algún error porque todo lo que me sale es esto (imagen 1)
Le di click a siguiente y me sale esto (imagen 2)
Fin del examen??
​O sólo hay una pregunta o esto es un error, gracias por su ayuda
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